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Art & Inspiration Chevy dealership found in downtown riverside ca. With original signage ~ pictures

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by axle, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Stopped by it this morning. Really looking sad know. All that remains is the front wall with new construction behind it. Only the left half still has it's Ghost writing left behind. It is quickly being consumed by new paint that will forever cover history. :(
  2. 1950ChevySuburban
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    from Tucson AZ

  3. AG F/C
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    AG F/C

    On the DeAnza building it looks like they had chopped the top of the facade off to fit the new lower profile. Sad really. :(
  4. 50adrod
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    from Louisiana

    old buildings are like old cars, they have character that is not seen today.
  5. texastramp
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    That's so damn sad!!!
  6. 38 Hump
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    38 Hump

    My grandfather worked in that building for DeAnza as a mechanic during the early 50's. The mechanics all worked along the North wall that ran West to East with the entrance off Market. Hard to remember exactly...I'm getting pretty old myself.
  7. Cyclone Kevin
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    Cyclone Kevin
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    Johnny Gee was telling me about this thread last week, so I did a search and found it. After looking at the pics, it does seem that the building was altered at some point in its existence.

    There are many buildings like that around So-Cal, but they need a voice in order to preserve their existence. This facade has/had much character that define its individuality. This alone could be called out in order to start a landmark designation.

    I know that what after JG stated that not much is left, so this could always be researched and perhaps a plaque could be placed on site that described what use to be. Perhaps even neon could be put the facade calling out it's original lettering and logo and maybe start a trend in adaptive reuse.
  8. What would have been better than a Plaque and you said it already. They should have left or restored the letter that was there. What would be more perfect. It's a parking stucture go up behind it. Automotive Sign and Parking I think would have worked well together. Then the plaque could be smaller and have to say less.
  9. toml24
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    Send your photos to the Riverside area newspapers. This is a human interest story. An editor just might like the nostalgia aspect. Also, send them to historical groups in the Riverside area.
  10. SoCalChevy54
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    Kool find axle....

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