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CHEAP and Great Alternative Coil Springs '49 thru '59 Ford and Merc

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Fairlane Dave, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Couple of shots with the CC850 springs... too low for my car.
    42-010.JPG 42-011.JPG
  2. ThatMerc64
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    I am looking to pick up a '54 4 door Monterey. Just so I understand, its the Aerostare springs in the front and 3 inch blocks on the leaf springs? I haven't actually seen the suspension on one of these yet ha. Just doing some research. Thanks
  3. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    56 stock and AeroStars. 103_0909.JPG
  4. Crisman Strunk
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    Crisman Strunk

    My Dad has had a 51 Ford Custom for over a decade now but problems with his hip makes it hard for him to work the clutch so I have possession of it right now. He has kept everything pretty much stock but I've talked him into letting me customize it a bit as long as I don't get too radical. ;) I was looking at lowering it when I came across this thread. I've read through it all and have a little information overload. To make sure I've gotten stuff straight:

    I'm going to use coil springs from a 90 Aerostar with Monroe PN 5821 shocks up front. I'm wanting to use lowering blocks for the back. I was thinking about a 3" lowering block but suspect it might be best to see how much the front setup lowers it before deciding as I want the car to be level. If that works out, what shocks have you guys used for the back?

    Also, the steel wheels currently on it are 15 X 7s so I was going to put 15 X 7 Torque Thrusts on it. I was debating what size tires would work with those wheels after lowering it or will I need smaller size wheels?

    Great community. I've read a lot of threads here over the years but never joined.
  5. hans mercman
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    hans mercman
    from Texas

    55 Merc w/Aerostar springs. Havent touched the back yet. Shes sitting real low im almost scared to drop the rear its hard enough to clear the angle of the driveway already


    The second pic is about 6 months after new springs, think it dropped another inch from top photo to bottom
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  6. John Macchia
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    John Macchia

    I have a 1950 mercury with a 350 Chevy engine. I installed the Aerostar coils and the Monroe shocks, the stance is great! On a smooth road it’s great but on a slightly bumpy road the car is real bouncey Any suggestions?
  7. hans mercman
    Joined: Oct 14, 2014
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    hans mercman
    from Texas

    Was it bouncy before the spring/shock swap? bouncy usually means shocks...but sounds like you installed brand new ones?
  8. Kato Kings
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    Kato Kings
    from Minnesota

    Anyone know if the aerostar springs will work on a 57 lincoln capri?
  9. Ive got Aerostars upfront and I lowered the rear on my 54’ this weekend with 2” blocks on really sagged springs, which I believe has equated to about 3 1/2”-4" from stock. Now I’ve got horrible noises at takeoff and under load. I only drove it around the block.....I live in the mountains, and when coming uphill it was horrible unless I let off the gas. It actually was hitting the end of one of the back seat, center seatbelt bolts on the first attempt. I ground that down and sprayed fresh black paint on the tunnel and drive shaft and tried again. Its not hitting anymore...just horrible popping like noise under load. I think its that my driveline angle is on the brink of binding the u joint at rest. So, under torque (load) the axle wraps on the soft springs and raised height (further out from the fulcrum now) and the u joint is in a bind, or its hitting the tunnel and I'm not seeing it. I also wonder if strapping the leaf spring pack would lessen the axle wrap, if it is the case.I would measure the angles to correct, but obviously the pinion and trans angles havent changed, they are only further from each other in altitude causing the drive shaft to be at a more extreme angle. Wish I had a GoPro camera that I could put under the car! lol. My Wife told me "You made it look cooler and undriveable for now....good job, Babe" Anyway, here’s some pics....cause we all love pics. Any shared experience with a healthy drop would be appreciated. I'll be jacking with it again this weekend. front now.jpg rear now.jpg
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  10. dmoz
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    from Texas

    I'm taking the plunge..going with the aerostars on my 1950 Merc...had to disassemble everything to get it cleaned appears this thing was buried a sand dune for some time.. the aerostars are about 3-4" shorter than the stock coils.. IMG_20201006_162504_423.jpeg

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