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Hot Rods Cheap 301 combo

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Speed Gems, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. flux capacitor
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    flux capacitor

    For inspiration purposes here's a real deal gm service block 302 69z warranty engine it's got 67-68 trw gm .030 pistons......slightly different dome configuration compared to 69 Pistons. image.jpg Check out the size of her lumps! Wow! This pic needs to be moved to the trophy girl thread......
    image.jpg Pie shaped flange "1178" casting distinctive to large main 302 cranks. Pie shape present for small or large mains 302's / 283 perfectly round.
    Nos 302 trw pistons 67/68 domes & some of those thick Large journal to small mains from clevite bearings, of which I was too afraid to use. I bought this stuff 30 years ago when I was almost 14. I've always been a 69 z nut & have a deep love for the 302's. I've had lumps like the ones in top pic tickling 8000 many a weekends in late 80s. Boy do these little engines love to buzz.....Fun, fun, fun! As time passes I've become partial to stove bolts..... A different but destinctive kind of buzz. Keep with the small journal theme all over I do recommend sir! Flux
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  2. indyjps
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    L99 265 is a 1 piece rear main seal, I'm sure there's an adapter or machining process, just another obstacle.
  3. To build this properly and period correct you need:

    62-67 SMALL JOURNAL 327 block
    58-66 FACTORY FORGED STEEL 283 crank
    SMALL JOURNAL 327 rods
    Find a set of good used or old stock pistons for a 302
    Duntov 30 30 camshaft can be early or late style but as long as its a noisy solid mech
    SHORT water pump with the alternator on the proper side
    461 or 291 Camel Hump heads with NO ACCESSORY bolt holes
    Pertronix ignitor in the stock POINTS distributor
    I don't think this is too expensive. A set of heads costs about $400 to rebuild with screw in studs and guideplates and a rebuild. If you have a decent without a lot of taper block just hone it out and use it. The hardest part or most expensive would be the pistons.
  4. dan c
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    dan c

    isn't a 302 and a 301 chevy basically the same bore/stroke combination?
  5. Engine man
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    Engine man
    from Wisconsin

    There are still small block chevy engines available there? Racers have grabbed everything around here. Salvage yards get more than that for a junk motor.
  6. oldolds
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    Here are price sheets for two yards local to me. There are enough pre 90 trucks and vans here to get a a motor or two. That being said once or twice a year the core buyers come thru ant clean it out of all the "hot" motors, all the v-8's, whatever is good in the Honda, Toyota, type vehicles.
  7. Yes, short answer.

    Chevy built 302s & hot Rodders build 301s and way before chevy.
    Hot rodders started messing with 301 early on, many would bore a 283 block to a 4 inch bore and keep the 283 crank equal 301 cubes. Others would take a 327 block and switch a 283 crank into it, also 301. later chevy came out with the "302" which is a 301 cubic inch engine used for trans am racing, 4 inch bore and 3 inch stroke.

    Smokey and duntov built the first 307 (3.25 stroke crank in a 283 block) way back in 1955 and kicked ass with it
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  8. sunbeam
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    I buy a lot of parts from a business that supplys cores to rebuilders 10 years ago the place was full of 350 chevys last time I was there they had 2.
  9. Rebuilders stock what's needed, right?

    2001 was the last year SBC was used from the factory in trucks and vans.
    Those are 14 years old now and most of the last ones not already scrapped are ready to become washing machines.

    They gotta figure their competition is a brand new crate engine.

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