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CARTooNS..Who Grew up with them?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Mai Ki-Ki, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. [​IMG]

    Found my old stash of CARtoons mgs yesterday...when did they start and when did they finish??

    ..anyone else use them to learn all about rods and cars? I did from the age of about 10.

    ...Hell i saved all my money for CARtoons and Tapes back then.

    MAIKI [​IMG]

  2. [ QUOTE ]
    ..Hell i saved all my money for CARtoons and Tapes back then.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    8 tracks, no doubt! [​IMG] I grew up in the 70's reading cartoons. I had big dreams of becoming an artist for them...then I realized I had one little problem...I don't draw cars very well. [​IMG] Wish I still had my old mags, but they got trashed when I moved out and left them behind.
  3. Nah Cassettes! Was mid to late 80's...lived in Eugene, OR for a bit....

  4. first issue was in 1959 , i loved them in 60's , didn't care much for the later ones

  5. ..anyone have pics from the 60's ones....same strips like krass and bernie...?

    MAIKI [​IMG]
  6. Mutt
    Joined: Feb 6, 2003
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  7. i have all of them from the first ones up to mid 70's...krass and bernie where not in the 60's....they had UNK and the Varmits

    drag cartoons is still my favorite!

    there is a cartoons website that has all issuses of them plus hot rod cartoons too, but i've lost the address..i'll do a google search
  8. Those iron-ons didn't work that well but the mag was good. I got a signed copy of "How to draw cars" from Trosley thats pretty cool!
  9. 4 things happened on my 10th yeaar of breathin 1 got a COX dune buggy for xmass,(remeber them? neighbor moved in with a 57 chevy stock car and a A cpe, bought my first model kit cause 2 kits for the price of one seemed a great deal (still is ) Fiat double dragster kit w that Nancy like rail Job ,(just got the repop off ebay) and I discoverd CARtoons /Dragtoons- still remember them and can still those 40 fords ,anglias and willys cars doin STREET wheelies, WOW, KOOOOOeL! Girls came later (not much)
  10. Here's a couple of pix of my issues:first one is the second edition dated 1960,the second one is summer 1961,and the third fall 1961.These are all in the small format(5x7).
  11. #3

    Pete Millar was one of the main reasons I got into pinstriping on cars back in the 50's.One of the first jobs I ever did on a car was a plagiarized cartoon of Pete's on a friends 55 Buick.
    I talked with him about it a year or so before he passed away and he was a most gracious person.I was very saddened by his death.
    One of the hight lights though was I received a phone call from his daughter Robin one night thanking me for painting a memorial to him on my 55 Safari.She had seen pics of the car and the tribute was right above my phone number.This coming February 28th will be the first anniversary of his untimely passing.Rest in Peace Pete!

    Ray Smith
  12. Thanks safariknut!

    Awesome to see those covers...i never really realised that the magazine went back that far...assumed it was started in the late 70's or something....
    Damn now i want to get my hands on some old ones...
  13. ESnacky6
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    I have alot of those magazines... CarToons rules..!!!

  14. A lot of people don't know that he was a real drag racer w a fuel cpe? ( front engine rail w a Bantam ? body )or what ever they called em then.Have a pic of the car somewhere.
  15. here is number one from 1959
  16. Radshit
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
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    I can't remember how many times...

    I sat on the porcelain throne reading CARToons...and forgot why I was there in the first place....
    ...and having my mom yell at me for being in there too long....
  17. autocol
    Joined: Jul 11, 2002
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    [ QUOTE ]
    ...lived in Eugene, OR for a bit....


    [/ QUOTE ]

    you WHAT!? so did i!

    what year/s were you there? i was there in '93 and did 9th grade at south eugene high...

    why the hell did you choose eugene!? [​IMG]
  18. Spike!
    Joined: Nov 22, 2001
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    Heres a George Trosley sighting from the Hot Rod Hoe Down last Fall.

  19. recycler
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    Wow. Great to see those old covers. I didn't know they went that far back either. I blame Cartoons for my habit of building cars that look freakish and are impractical. My first notions of what a hot rod is came from Cartoons in the late 70's when I was just a wee lad. Ahhh memories.... Every time I go to a mag stand in a groceriy store I think about 'em and wish one day one would be there again. My life would be full circle [​IMG]
    Thanks Brad
  20. straykatkustoms
    Joined: Oct 30, 2001
    Posts: 15,079


    Hey Mai Ki-Ki,

    When I was around 10 years old my uncle gave me a box of the old CARtoon comics
    and I fell in love with them. This was the thing that got me into cars and drawing.
    I was really into the Super Hero Comic books (Captain America)and CARtoons was
    something that could keep my attention. They also had another Comic book called "Drag?"
    that was really kool. I will try to dig them out sometime this weekend
    and post some covers.

    Happy Trails,

  21. [ QUOTE ]
    A lot of people don't know that he was a real drag racer w a fuel cpe? ( front engine rail w a Bantam ? body )or what ever they called em then.Have a pic of the car somewhere.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    That would be "Gangreen" I believe Mike and I think it was a Fiat Topolino body cut drastically down.Saw it in pictures but never in person.I believe Pete was affiliated with a couple of drag cars back then.The memories slowly fade as we get (shudder)older........
  22. Smokin Joe
    Joined: Mar 19, 2002
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    Smokin Joe

    Pete's car was the infamous "Chicken Coop" It's in Europe now. [​IMG]
  23. yep found it "chicken koop"

    Attached Files:

  24. Wow, Thanks guys some cool pics and info there...

    Lived there in 1987, my dad is a acedmic/scientist/professor, he took long service leave there to werk with some guys in Eugene and Down in Berkley (cal.)

    Crazyily small world eh!

    MAIKI [​IMG]
  25. autocol
    Joined: Jul 11, 2002
    Posts: 589


    [ QUOTE ]
    my dad is a acedmic/scientist/professor...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    man that's wierd. the mother of the family i lived with in eugene was a professor also. they moved here so she could work at melbourne uni, and when they moved back i went with 'em...

    there's some coincidence for you...

    i've never seen or heard of those cartoon books, but damn they look cool!
  26. brjnelson
    Joined: Oct 13, 2002
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    I growed up with my dad's collection of car rags, I remember finding 2 issues of CarToons. Dad said they came free with a subcription to Hot Rod in the 60's. I still think of the way that a chopped 34 sedan delivery looked in a cartoons story of the "Ghost Rod". Chopped low, no fenders, spindlemounts and a raked grill. I still want to build one like that after all thease years.
    On the back cover of a CarToons issue, there were fake decals to cut out, my fave was a Moon eyes that said "Soon Equipt, presently stock"

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