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"CARS"- the movie

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 36 ROKIT, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. I have a question, not being a NASCAR fan I dont know. Who is the green car supposed to be?
  2. Chick Hicks?


    I'm guessing Dale Earnhardt...from the mustache, and driving tactics ;)
  3. kmajka
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    The green car is not any specific driver. The car represents generic stock cars from the 1980's. I think the number 86 is supposed to allude to the year Pixar was created or something like that, but I am not sure.
  4. Earnhardt would be my guess too...they have made a couple of cool "shorts" starring Mater that are pretty cool too
  5. pwschuh
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    Yea, Chick Hicks is not supposed to be anybody in particular, although may people assume Senior because of the stache and the driving style. Although I think it's kind of an insult to Senior to think that...
  6. Ok, thanks guys. I thought that it would be as Richard Petty was obvious!
  7. if ya look at the mountians behind the old wheel hotel...the mountians are the caddilac ranch in texas,plus some mountian tops are hood ornaments
  8. i kinda thought Alan Kulwiki
  9. All this talk about the movie and nothing is mentioned about all the cool neon signs in town. With the great link to the "real" cool signs ,I know you guys pay attention to this stuff. My personal favorite is the "Oil Pan" sign for what may have been a bar. I would like to recreate it for my garage some day.
  10. kmajka
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    A car based on Alan Kulwiki would have been a nice tribute to him. Having said that, Kulwiki was far too nice of a guy to have them base a character like that on him. I would also think a car based on him would have resembled his famed 7 "Underbird".
  11. noboD
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    There's tons of subtle stuff. Ever notice Fillmore's gotee, his front license plate? It took me about 20 times watching to find Elvis.
  12. poprodder
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    from uk

    "done wot in his cup?" classic.
  13. Archie
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  14. blown49
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    Member Emeritus

    OI think it was Mr. Excite and here's what's left of the thread; most of the pic's gone.
  15. Doc, Richard Petty is "The King" (always was, always will be) - the Petty blue Superbird just like he drove in '70. The green car is, in addition to as stated above a kinda compilation of several drivers from the 80s, could be Cale Yarborough - he was tough!, or maybe the Silver Fox- David Pearson, "Jaws" Darrell Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt, or Buddy Baker. I think it typified the redneck good ol' boy reputation NASCAR and many of its fans and drivers had back then. A great movie, eh?

    Ol' Ironhead didn't get his nickname by being' Mr NiceGuy on the track in the 80s. And he wasn't 7 time champ just for being Mr Goodwrench either. I think the Intimidator would consider comparing Chick Hicks' driving style to his as a compliment. He seemed to thrive on criticism. CARS did it right, and I betcha ol' Dale's got one of his trademark sh** eatin' grins on his face when he watches it too!
  16. HERES SOME FROM THE OLD PAGE, wonder if MrExcite is still around on here

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  17. BiggMike
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    Owen Wlson was Lightning McQueen. I loved that movie as well mostly in AWE of all the details.

  18. Quote:
    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset">Originally Posted by meatball [​IMG]
    i kinda thought Alan Kulwiki

    Yes, Alan Kulwicki was a mechanical engineer and a pretty "clean" driver. Perhaps CARS 2 will tribute him (remember the "golden comb award" Alan got in '92 from Bill Elliott? Kulwicki carried a comb in his racecar and wouldn't exit without combing his hair first), and some of the Alabama Gang that we lost in the 90s - Davey Allison and Neil Bonnett especially. Lots of great material out there for a sequel.
  19. twochops
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    Here's one that I did of my 53 Mercury while waiting my
    turn for Mr. Excite to do one. TwoChops

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  20. phukinartie
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  21. L110Mike
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    from North OC

    for a while, they had "Mater" or however you spell it on display at California Adventure Land, in the Condor Flats area. To keep people away, they had large oil drums with ropes. Here is a picture of the top of one oil drum.

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  22. Mad Mark
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    Mad Mark

    In case anyone missed it, here's the trivia link to the movie on
    Tons of neat little tidbit facts.
    A buddy of mine used to get a magazine on Route 66 and they had a whole issue dedicated to the movie. A bunch of the writers, directors, etc. took a road trip of the old Route 66 to get ideas for the movie. The brainstorm for "Mater" came from an old International tow truck in Galena, Kansas.
  23. My boys 3.5 and 1.5 just got into this movie. Since I see this movie every other day I am pretty impressed with the faithful details put into various cars.
  24. What are they gonna do without Paul Newman in the sequel? No one can replace him.
  25. If I'm not duplicating a response , Dave Deal did all the characters for the movie . The Porsche female was originally a Mustang convertible with a pony tail but was replaced with the 911 in the final version . Dave was my neighbor in California and showed me all the original sketches . As I recall , it was about 3 years from the time he started working on it til the movie came out . The producer and others were fans of Dave's from their younger years from building his Monogram model car kits , which is why they picked him to do the concepts .
  26. landseaandair
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    from phoenix

    I'm sure someone has already mentioned it but how come R. Lee Ermey wasn't cast as Sarge. It just seems like the obvious choice.
  27. rare32
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    this is an awesome flick...
    as pointed out the detail is excellent, I think things like the bugs shaped like VW beetles and I think flowers shaped like caddy tail lights.
    Our car club did a family night and about 30 of us went to the cinemas to see it...funny night. Imagine a bunch of 20 hot rodders going to the flicks to see a car movie.

    We did the same for Worlds fastest Indian, there was only 4 other people in the cinema, they probaly thought they were going to have a quite night at the movies.... it wasnt quiet!!

    2011 for the sequel, so my kids will be 14 and 12, I'll still be taking them to see it!
  28. GTS225
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    I must be getting a bit emotional as I get older. I've watched this film three times now, and each time I tear up a bit when Lightning sees Doc do that lap out on the dirt. I can't help but think, "Here is a moment in history that took place before I was born, that I get to see re-enacted, even if it's in animation".
    Makes me feel just a bit humble, and very lucky.

    Many kudos to the entire team that put the film together.

  29. Kerry67
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