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Car hits bumps in the road and tries to rocket off the road. Normal for classics?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by StukaBomber55, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. 40FordGuy
    Joined: Mar 24, 2008
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    Ditto alignment..... If everything is "zero'd", it will be very unstable. The caster / camber and toe "angles" are there to act "against" each other slightly, which keeps it on track. Take it to a known good alignment shop; Well worth the cost.

  2. And if the front looks ok, check the back.

    The rear axle can steer, if components are worn bad enough.
  3. StukaBomber55
    Joined: Jul 26, 2012
    Posts: 115


    Awesome. I'll get on this in the am. I spent the day tuning up my daily driver.

    How many pumps of grease should each fitting get? If old grease oozes from the joint is that bad?

    I'm thuroghly enjoying this whole process and learning the interactions between components guys. If I cannot remedy this ASAP I'll be bringing her to a shop Definetly.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  4. plym_46
    Joined: Sep 8, 2005
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    from central NY

    Put in enough new grease to force some old grease out of the boot or till it comes out some where along the where the parts come together, then wipe it off. If you can't get any in, you might need to loosen the check ball in the zerk with a piece of mechanics wire. If the joint still doesn't take grease heat it up with a heat gun or similar. Just try not to melt the boots if there present at the joint.

    I believe there are also 1 or 2 fittings at the outer ends of the A arms.
  5. A vibration dampner. It hooks to the tie rod. That will fix the problem. You can buy one at Speedway Motors.

    " Real hot rods don't have fenders "
  6. Rusty O'Toole
    Joined: Sep 17, 2006
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    Rusty O'Toole

    "How many pumps of grease should each fitting get? If old grease oozes from the joint is that bad?"

    Starting with 1962 Fords, cars have sealed ball joints and sealed tie rod ends. When you grease them, just give the joint enough grease to plump up the rubber seal. Do not pressurize too much or you will blow the seal open. If it is already plump and not flat you can skip that one.

    On older cars, and on newer ones with blown seals, pump enough to drive out the old dirty grease until you see fresh grease coming out.

    If a fitting won't take grease, install a new fitting. If it still won't take grease you can heat it up with a torch and try again. Assuming the seal is shot, which it will be or it would take grease. Sometimes they take grease real slow, keep the pressure on and the grease will get in there. Next lube job it should be freed up.

    With good seals you only need to grease every 30000 miles, if the seals are blown every oil change. Keep them lubed and they never wear out.
  7. Pops1532
    Joined: Jun 19, 2011
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    from Illinois

    Frozen or stiff kingpins will cause the exact problem the OP described. I've had a couple of Ford trucks that had that problem...never knew which way they'd dart when you hit a bump. Didn't take many miles of that to motivate me to fix the problem.
  8. StukaBomber55
    Joined: Jul 26, 2012
    Posts: 115


    ^ how do I go about determining if the culprit is the king pins?
  9. Bad Eye Bill
    Joined: Sep 1, 2010
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    Bad Eye Bill
    from NB Canada

    Jack the front wheels clear and support the car, remove tie rod ends from steering knuckles and see if you can swing the wheels right to left freely.
  10. woodbutcher
    Joined: Apr 25, 2012
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    :)Something else that has not been mentioned(if it relevant).See if the alignment shop that you choose can do a 4 wheel alignment.
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
  11. larry k
    Joined: Feb 23, 2009
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    larry k

    put your can in neutral ,push up & down hard on the hood,watch the steering wheel ! if it moves lt & rt,? your car is bump steering when it hits a bump in the road :eek: im guessing it has been lowered some ?????

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