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Car Clubs--Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Wicked Tin, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. roosters hot rods
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    roosters hot rods

    well i think that car clubs are good..its what you and friends put into the club..everybody is different and all have a different taste of cars or style.grouping together as a club is great if everybody is on the same level..our club is very interesting we have a lot of different tallent,some are metal guys some are engine and drive train and some are body guys..its great when we get together and work so much can get done in a short time..i wish we did it more because its fun..
    as for anybody wanting to be in a club...all i can say its what you and your friends make of it...clubs are not about dues and t-shirts with a plaque on a car...its the brotherhood....rooster
  2. amen to that!!!
  3. What he said... :D

    You gotta take responsibility of the club and have a responsibility to the other members in it. If you are friends, that responsibility is already there. If you aren't friends, and you don't care about the other members or the club, you probably shouldn't be in that club.

    My talent? Don't you have to do something more than once to be considered talented at it? If so, I am talented at make fuel lines... :mad: Grrr.
  4. A lot of my friends are 1%er bikers so I have the same mentality that if you are gonna join with a club you must be sure that you know what you are getting into,there are a lot of c.c. out there that want to be like the 1%er clubs with probate times and dues and all the stuff that m.c. clubs and thats fine,but your commitment should be for life,probate time is good,you get to know the club and what they are about and see if you fit in or not,personally I like the 1%er mentality cause more times than not it is a legitimate commitment that people give for good or bad and everything in between to the club and thats the way it should be.
  5. Don Lyon
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    Don Lyon

    All what you make it. Been in 'bike clubs and car clubs and made a lot of good friends. When I lived in 'Vegas our club put on a night car show that went over really big. The women did all the "loot gathering" which was stuff to be raffled off during the evening.They got good stuff, up to a set of tires from a local dealer. BUT, like anything else, it has its problems. Always a "trophy hound" in the group,or a "power parker", but its gonna happen. Best group I ever hung with was the LasVegas Cruisin Assoc. Non- denominational, informal, lots of fun,no elected officers, allways a good time.
  6. hankabilly13
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    My friends and I talk about starting a club all the time and it really comes down to it actually helping or hurting what we are doing. I like the fact that we get together and work on cars and build shit and go to shows and forming a club will probably add a layer of political bullshit to all of this. If I was racing, I can see having a race team, but forming a club just to have a club isnt what I want. If I was to join a club or start a club, I would join one were the president, treasure, and what not were voted on. that way it keeps fresh Ideas and things keep changing. the last club I was involved with had the guy that started it dictating what we were going to do year after year and it sucked. it was his deal and no one had input. I am sure there is a lot of great clubs out there, but since my last experience, I juet prefer to do things with friends...

  7. Wicked Tin
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    Wicked Tin

    Thanks everyone for your input, I appreciated the honesty.
  8. kingfishhotrods
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    I like clubs that Dont take it very serious. when you start having elected oficials and and have words in you title like, classic and street rodders. this is where i loose interest. our club is fun and goofy.

    minister of propaganda
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    from LOMITA

    Amen to that!!! you tought me alot of shit this weekend. thanks for the helping hand bro and caant wait for this week to tear shit up again!!!

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