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Projects Car Club Plaque mounting bracket question.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rob-redm, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. So I did a little search and nothing really came up.. So getting ready for Goodguys here in Puyallup... I have a couple of cool plaques, and want to run one on my 36 3w... I've see guys mount them up on the front license bumper bracket and on the rear... I guess I could just use a reproduction front or rear license bracket from Drake or other supplier... I like the idea of on the rear.. under the left taillight assy... What have you all done in the past... not going to do the chain thing .. My 36 does not have a rear trunk spare , and runs a old Airstream type license light and bracket... But I did notice the left taillight housing has the clear lens for the license plate light.. if I can get mounted right. I think it would be cool to shine the light down on the plaque(maybe not enough space).. Let see what some one you all have done to run a plaque on your ride.. Thank you ! bolts.jpg
  2. I got a piece of aluminum and used 3M attachment tape to backside of bumper and the plate
  3. thanks for the reply... if any one has pictures of the plaques on their rides post them.
    really want to stick with a steel bracket..
  4. gearheadbill
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    Here a couple...just took them. First 3 are 35 sedan, last 2 are 36 roadster. I used a stock front lic. plate bracket on the 35, the 36 homemade. Both on the front though. I got nothing on the rear of any cars. 20180715_190632_resized.jpg 20180715_190646_resized.jpg 20180715_190703_resized.jpg 20180715_190728_resized.jpg 20180715_190738_resized.jpg
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  5. [​IMG]
    Just took a regular plate bracket, narrowed it to width, and mounted on the right tail light stand. A little more work than that but not much.
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  6. It was thick aluminum..I polished it..the attachment tape is nice because there’s no holes to drill
  7. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    Had them in the back window on the package tray in my day; also hanging them from "Jack" chain under the back bumper.
  8. Thank you GearHeadBill, That's was I kind of had planned... may need to look at me little pages... having it up front is growing on me..
  9. Thank you Russ B
  10. I did the back window thing on my 62 Merc hardtop.. chain going to stay away from … don't want to drag the plaque since its a original... keep them coming.. thanks again for sharing these
  11. ENUF 41
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    ENUF 41

    Flat aluminum plate sandwiched between tail light and bracket, button head S/S allen bolts 20161111_123632_resized.jpg
  12. ordered front and rear license plate from Drake's today... see what I may or may not like the look of... if anyone else has something post them up... I appreciate all the ideas that everyone has posted.. Thank you !
  13. I was going to order a stock truck rear bracket and flip to see if it would work correctly...
  14. thanks , that looks really clean... going to use regular mounting hardware.. button heads may look a bit to new.
  15. I've seen guys take a sheet of stainless steel and cut it the size of the plaque and with a circle at the top that mimics the way the factory under taillight brackets mount. They polished the side facing the front of the car, sandwiched the SS between the stanchion and taillight and used adhesive to "glue" the plaque to the rear of the SS.

    Ever seen the 3D Midwest Deuces plaques? Saw a guy that basically took the plaque, mounted it face down on a milling machine and made passes with an end mill till all the "pieces" (text and Deuce front end) fell off. Then he glued them to a piece of polished SS like I described above. Looked pissah!
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  16. interesting , I would really like see what that looks like..
  17. so I bought Drake's front and rear license plate brackets... going to try the rear one first and see how it goes. Not sure if I want to run it on the front.. but will see... should have done poll plaque front or rear ? lol Have a great Friday guys !
  18. Deuce Daddy Don
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    Deuce Daddy Don

  19. looks nice, that's a thought.. will try my Drake rear bracket tonight.. If I like it will post a pic... Thanks for all the replies !
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  20. so I modified a Drake's rear license plate bracket... reinforced with some aluminum flat stock were the plaque is mounted through the Drake metal bracket... happy with the results.. car club plaque.jpg
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  21. Back in the day, didn't they just hang them from the back with chrome chain?
  22. Yes that was a popular thing to do...local hardware store chain or what ever could be had... Not sure about chrome chain.. I 've had a few original plaques with just plain brass or metal small links chain still attached...
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  23. Bullet Nose
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    Bullet Nose

    Hi Don,

    Haven't seen you for some time now. Do you still come south in the winter?

    Hope all is well with you,

  24. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    Now I want one! The only problem is I wouldn't want to belong to a car club that would have me for a member.
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  25. Deuce Daddy Don
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    Deuce Daddy Don

    At 85, I made my last trip to So Cal last June for the LAR show, left my roadster at my son's new garage & flew home. That way I can fly down each year & make the short drive to Pomona LAR show, then bring it back to my son's garage & fly back home.

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