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Car ads that say; buy it now or it goes to the crusher

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Gary 4T950 Chevy Guy, Feb 18, 2011.

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    I haul decent cars to the crusher on a regular basis. To be honest most car guys are a$$holes. I won't put up with their B.S. just to save some parts.
    Years ago I had a 1950's more door that was complete but ugly. I ask on the Hamb if anyone needed anything off of it. I got 5 replies. I could only help 4 of them,I took the parts off, shipped them . NOT one person ever contacted me and said "I got the parts how much do I owe you". Nope no-one even offered to pay for the shipping.
    I have since then always said ,haul em to the crusher.
  2. Fenders
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    Not true in Massachusetts. See Mass. general laws chapter 90 section 7N.

    Best way to sell a used vehicle (hot rod etc) here in Mass. is to give a bill of sale (and keep a copy signed by both parties) listing the problems (if none, make some up) and stating "Therefore this vehicle is NOT sold for the immediate personal or family use of the buyer."

    Notice the last sentence of section 7N:

    Section 7N. Notwithstanding any disclaimer of warranty, a motor vehicle contract of sale may be voided by the buyer if the motor vehicle fails to pass, within seven days from the date of such sale, the periodic staggered inspection at an inspection station licensed pursuant to section seven W; provided, that the defects which are the reasons for the failure to issue a certificate of inspection were not caused by the abusive or negligent operation of the motor vehicle or by damage resulting from an accident or collision occurring after the date of the sale; and provided, further, that the cost of repairs necessary to permit the issuance of a certificate of inspection exceeds ten per cent of the purchase price of the motor vehicle.
    In order to void a motor vehicle sale under this section the buyer shall, within fourteen days from the date of sale, notify the seller of his intention to do so, deliver the motor vehicle to the seller, provide the seller with a written statement signed by an authorized agent of such inspection station stating the reasons why the motor vehicle failed to pass the safety or combined safety and emissions inspection and an estimate of the cost of necessary repairs. The buyer shall be entitled to a refund of his purchase price unless the buyer and seller agree in writing that the seller may make the necessary repairs at his own cost and expense within a reasonable period of time thereafter. This section shall apply only to motor vehicles purchased for the immediate personal or family use of the buyer.

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  3. Arkansas dont have a inspection requirement. the car I sold had good brakes all the lights worked ect. It just quit running now he says it needs a new fuel pump& compueter, he lives 40 miles frm me. If it didnt make it home Yes he has a legitimate gripe. But he drove it a thousand miles before he had trouble. OldWolf

  4. I always add "Sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with NO warrantees of ANY kind, either expressed or implied, nor written or verbal, period. Buyer accepts all responsibility for the vehicle from this time/date on..." and put not only the sale date, but also the time. Sign TWO copies and ensure the buyer signs both, too. Buyer gets one, you get one, and it's done.

    It is a sue-happy world we live in, and you have to protect yourself.
  5. i see alot of cars listed on here that id love to get but almost all of them are in cali, oregon, arizona etc so if i bought one for a couple hundred and then have to put another 1000 in it to get it here then a great deal aint so great anymore (the big let down of the internet)
  6. kwmpa
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    from Pa

    Here's the deal I've run into everybody wants to buy what you have for like 3/4 of your asking price then get pissed if you don't come down to their price like I'm going to loose thousands of dollars so you can get a deal I usually price my stuff $100 or $200 what I paid for it. I basically gave up on selling certain stuff nothing but tire kickers and people with no money if you don't have cash in hand don't bother
  7. Sonny48
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    from Mo.

    Don't you know....their going to "fix it up" one of these days.
    Yeah right
  8. Sonny48
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    from Mo.

    I learned a valuable lesson a couple of months ago. I knew where a 26 Model T coupe had been setting in a garage for about 30 yrs. It set inside, no rust , looked like he drove it in and parked it...very nice to say the least. One day I hear it's for I go over and talk to the guy and he said he had been offerd $2500 for it. I said I'll give you $5000 for it. He said he hadn't had it for sale very long and he wanted to see what kind of offers he would get on it. I told him...I understand, and gave him my phone# and ask him if he got a better offer,would he please contact me and give me a chance to make a counter offer. He said he would. Well about two weeks later I stopped by to see how the deal was working out for him. He told me some guy came by and offered him $5250 for it and he took it. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this.
  9. Fenders
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    That is a disclaimer of warranty and won't work in Massachusetts. The first sentence of MGL ch 90 s 7N says "Notwithstanding any disclaimer of warranty, a motor vehicle contract of sale may be voided by the buyer if the motor vehicle fails to pass, within seven days from the date of such sale, the periodic staggered inspection at an inspection station ..."

    See my post #63 above...
  10. lordairgtar
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    One question. For those of you who would rather not deal with people trying to talk you down and just sending it to the scrapper, How much of an asshat were you to the previous seller trying to get a deal when you bought that car in the first place?
  11. jaygryph
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    from oregon

    I've run ads that say I'm going to scrap it, and I've scrapped them before. I have had the last few cars up for under scrap price, just trying to find homes for them. 51 shoebox ford ambulance rolling shell for $300, 51 plymouth coupe parts car for $300, 87 grand marquis with a good running EFI302 for $500. Nobody came to look after a month or two on craigslist. Scrap bin is here now and some of these are going away. I'll part em out, but there are reasons to say it's going to scrap.

    I tried, nobody bought, I have to deal with them now.

    in fact if you wanna see me slice up a 48 ford F6, here's the video.

    Need parts? I'd be happy to find them new homes.
  12. falcongeorge
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    from BC

    Whack! Outta the park!:D
  13. I think I just might take "my" Ford for a ride next time I have a pick-up box full of aluminum to take in for scrap. It would be fun in a sadistic sort of way to get pictures of it on the scrap scale. Then I could say I rescued it from the crusher.

    Last time I needed to clear out some cars I set my price a few dollars higher than scrap. Stated in the add my storage was up such and such a date. Had all kinds of retards inquiring. One requested a history report, another wanted to do me a favor and haul it away for free, 50% of them offered half sight unseen, 49% inquired just in case it was a classic miss-described in the add (like the 30,000 mile Corvette described as a 53 chevrolet) not to mention all the equiries about the cars not for sale that they saw in the background of pictures, what a hassle. In the end, the vehicles were gone by the date specified. The buyers were happy, the seller didn't have to spend any gas money to haul them away, and the cars got a repreive from the crusher. Every one was happy except for the retards. They are all still retards.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2011
  14. I understand both sides of that coin.

    I've had cars that have sat 2-8 years before I messed with them. One I was gathering all the parts for almost 2 years. Several were before the internet so swap meet parts, yards and JC Whitney were the only options, and some of those parts were really hard to come by around here. A few have been deals where easier projects have come along, pushing them to the back burner. However, eventually they are all either put on the road, or passed along to someone who will put them on the road.

    What I don't understand is the car hoarder. Good projects are really hard to find around here....especially complete ones. I know of a guy that has about 50 cars on his property. All quality cars, some rare and no junk. He only makes about 30k a year.....but says that he's gonna restore them all. BS.....none of his family are car folks so when he goes, he is quite old, they are gonna get crushed anyway. He has turned everyone away over the years, trailer behind the truck, cash in hand and high offers too. Now the county is on him, as they were on all the yards about 10 years ago......and guess where they are headed....the crusher. Sad really. Only one real yard around here with ANYTHING over 15 years old and it is very small.

    I don't understand how a guy that supposedly loves those cars, doesn't want to see them go on to another owner to possibly see the road again. I like seeing a few of my old ones around from time to time. And seeing some of the kids faces, when they come pick up a father/son project is priceless.
  15. Great advice.......
    With the economy we're in now good deals are starting to pop up all over the place. It really pays to have a few bucks set aside....because money talks. I've seen a few cars/trucks lately that were newer 80s stuff (not really what I'm looking for) but were great deals...even at the full asking price.
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    The current state of finacial affairs in our society makes every buyer think that every sale is a fire sale. Some are and they're priced so low you miss em. The rest who may need to sell at the very highest price get frustrated at the lack of action or low offers on the action they get. It's a tough spot to be in sometimes but if you have shit to sell or are in the market to buy you simply put up with it and buy/sell/pass. I really don't care how many look and low-ball anything I have for sale. My price is my price but always open to sincere offers or realistic trades. I guess i don't know why some of this is so hard for some to grasp. Someone I know wouldn't respond to inquiries on an item for sale on evilbay. "Why don't they just buy it and leave me alone?" was the discussion. "Uh, yeah ok..." was my response. Did it really require and answer? Don't want the "hassel"? Keep it. I've had 3 no-shows on a few items I have for sale right now. To that I think to myself "what's new? Happens all the time." and that's a sad fact of life. Someone who's for real will step up when the time's right for them. If not I keep it. Now that may sound a bit independent and maybe a tad smug too. If it does you're probably one of the no-show types or low-ballers. I happen to prefer reality.
  17. Harms Way
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    Harms Way

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  18. Thats a durn good question. Most of the vehicles we have where bought at auction. If Im trying to buy from a individual I usually ask them If they know how much they want for it. If they ask I will make a offer. If they want too much I tell them I think I will pass. I have bought and sold a few hundred vehicles in the last 40 years. The older guys where respectful and good to their word. Most that come by are bargian hunting tire kicking time waster,s or thieves. Very few serious buyers with cash& a trailer. Nowadays we get a bunch of drooling scrappers offering to clean the place up. Im pretty shure with the $4.oo diesel fuel price my job is gonna peter out soon. Ill spend the next year seperating and selling the collection for scrap. Sadly the scrap man is the man with the most cash and he dont care about the condition. I put a few on Ebay for $200.oo starting bid no reserve much less than scrap price not one single bid. Good or bad right or wrong its just the way thing are. OldWolf
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    from IL

    I got my '51 Dodge that way, my uncle was at his buddy's house one day,and his neighbor comes over and says he's gonna scrap the car. Well $300 later (about the going scrap rate at the time) and another one rescued from the shredder.
  20. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  21. 1934coupe
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    Let me play that person that wants X number of dollars for something "or I'll scrap it" well I'm trying to stay afloat here in NY and I have taken this stuff to swap meet after swap meet. Anyone who bought from me and knows me will tell you they got a good deal. Well at some point I can't take it any more, it's easier going to the scrap yard than having some gold chain make a buck off your good deal. I'm sick of it and I'm broke. I bought a 4 speed hydro from a friend for $100. another aquaintence of mine has one sitting in his garage for years, how much I ask; "well I gotta look it up and see what its worth, they're rare you know" probably 3-5 hundred. Well stuff it up your ass buddy.


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