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Can anyone read the hieroglyphics on my pinion gear?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BurntOutOldMechanic, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Dude,
    I got me a set of Summit Racin' (SUM-740801) 3:55 gears for my 8" Ford third member.
    I'm pretty sure these are Richmond Excel ring n' pinion gears that're hencho in India.
    Here's what I can't figgger out:


    The top number (509) is the serial number of the gear set cuz' it matches the number on da' ring gear.

    The second row is where it's gittin' kinda' fuzzy-like.
    It looks like C/O/1-182 followed by a +0 on the third row'a numbers.

    The instructions that come with the gear set said the pinion depth (for these 8 & 9" Ford gears) is measured from the face on the end of the pilot shaft (on the ass-end of the pinion) to the axle/carrier center line, not from the face on the front of the pinion gear next ta' the bearing.

    After takin' some perliminary measurements with a .020 shim 'tween the pinion hosing and the differentail housing, I came up with a measurement of 1.192 from the face of the pinion pilot shaft to the centerline of the carrier.

    So here's what I'm thinkin' these electro-penciled scribbles mean:

    C/D 1-182 + O


    Centerline Differential (to pilot shaft face) 1.182 + O

    That would kinda' jibe with me preliminary measurements......

    Are ya' confused?

    I sure am....confused, that is....

    Can ya'll help a brotha' out. Huh?

    No cracks about 8" Ford rears please- it'll be plenty fror my 2300lb car that might make a hunnert' n' eighty horses on a good day....

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  2. seb fontana
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    seb fontana
    from ct

    Remove .020 shim and replace with .010 shim...check pattern..
  3. Rear axle housings are NOT cut or split for the carrier caps exactly in half at the parting lines. This dimension like the instructions are telling you is 1.182" from the CENTERLINE of your axle carrier.

    They are also telling you NOT from the face of the front of the pinion gear, and NOT from the parting lines where the caps meet, but from the axle/carrier CENTERLINE. You will need a " pinion depth tool " for this or be a very sharp machinist with some good precision measurement equipment.

    If you are confident in your 1.192" dimension, as stated use a .010" thinner shim and you should be then able to check your pattern. TR
  4. Rex_A_Lott
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    I've never built that exact rearend, but I have used Richmond and I believe the CD refers to " Checking Depth" as you guessed.

  5. Calling my buddy from Richmond, hold on.....................:D
  6. Yes, on the actual Richmond parts they would be etched with CD and the dimension. This dimension is the " Checking Distance " from the face of the pinion to the center of the ring gear. Your parts came with CL for the " Centerline " dimension. Now like I said in the first post, do NOT measure from or use a straight edge across the parting lines, this will not give a true dimension as the case is Line Bored after the caps are cut and the parting line is NOT true Centerline. He said you could be off by as much as .050"

    Now as far as checking the pattern, he reminded me to first correct the pinion depth and then the backlash BEFORE checking the pattern. I hope that helps and best of luck, TR
  7. This ain't my first rodeo:

    I understand how to measure to find the centerline of my carrier- it's the difference in the heigth of my cap mating surface to the bearing bore minus half the measurement of OD of the bearing race; this is the bearing cap offset .

    That difference has to be subtracted from the pinion depth measurement.

    I get that part. I really do.

    I appreciate everyone for chimin' in.


    I'm not askin' how to set up my rear.

    I'm not askin' about how many shims or how ta' read a pattern.

    I get it. I've done it/ doin' it.

    I'm just not sure what I'm seein' in the way of numbers on the end of my pinion.......
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  8. So's I got up real early like n' called the tech support people from where I bought my gears.
    Dude, they was sayin' them numbers was in MILLIMETERS (101.182mm) 'an I'd have'ta devide that number by by 25. sumptin' an' then measure from the face at the pinion gear n' not the ass enda' the pilot shaft....

    Dude, they was given' me a headache with all that math....

    So's I phoned Richmond Gear up an' the dude said "Yeah man, nobody kin' read them numbers, but if'n yer thinkin' it says CD 1.182, that prolly what it is, mostly cuz the nominal pinion depth measurement fer' them gears is 1.187 on a 8" Ford rear, if'n yer measurin' from the end'a the pilot shaft."

    Dude had'a worse accent then me. Seriously, I could barely unnerstand him.

    Anyhow, that mystery is pretty much cleared up now an' I took my pinion depth measurement (after makin' up the difference for bearing cap offset, Mr. Slide Rule) an I know where ta' go, shim-wise, that is.


    I'm gonna' have me some eggs now an go see da' Nats whoop up on SF this mornin'.

    Happy 4th, ya'll.

  9. 296 V8
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    296 V8
    from Nor~Cal


    C/D 1-182 + O ----- Don’t tell the wife how much you paid

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