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Technical Can a Flathead get oil in the radiator?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hombres ruin, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. hombres ruin
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    hombres ruin

    hi guys . Need some advice . I have a 41 coupe ,original Flathead v8 19,000 original miles. I did a full overhaul , new rad, plugs, coil,distributer, plug wires , ignition switch etc. original heads and manifold. Here’s the thing I have been getting what looks like oil or casting sand under the cap after longer trips. I drained the rad and no oil was present. I had original water pumps lubricated by the engine oil , the pump head on the drivers side had a lot of play in it and the motor mounts had oil on it that must of accumulated from the pump . This wasn’t happening on the other side. I figured that the bushings were shot and allowing small traces of oil into the rad. I changed to new sealed bearing water pumps but I only drained the rad and never drained the block. I am still getting oily residue small amounts under the cap . I am not losing water from the rad, I have no coolant in the oil, I did a combustion gas test for the radiator and it was negative. I don’t over heat and no smoke or water from the tail pipe. I use distilled water and water wetter , there is some scale looking stuff in the water the dissolves when I touch it, I can se the rows and the water looks semi clear. Am I dealing with residual oil in the block from the old pumps and maybe old coolant that wasn’t all the way drained and casting sand sludge ? I can’t find anything anywhere about a Flathead getting oil in the rad only through bad worn water pumps , which I believe I had. Pics enclosed . It’s small amounts , no foaming at all. The ride runs cool and and perfect all day

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    My guess is residual oil and dirt from the failed pump.

    O/T Volkswagen had an issue where the trans cooler would split and leak atf into the cooling system and contaminte the system.

    We would fix the issue and run a flush through the system without the thermostat to clean it out sometimes would have to replace the overflow bottle if it was really oily.
    I know it’s not the same but close to your issue and it was a pain to get it spotless of oil
  3. oldsman41
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    If you are really concerned about the radiator pull it out and take to a radiator shop and have them hot tank it that should clean it up. Hopefully you wont get any more residue in it. I never had a problem with my flatty but you got me thinking its time to eyeball my pumps.

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