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Built For Speed JJ Editorial of 4 oct.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by AV8-Rider, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. AV8-Rider
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    Built For Speed Stray Cats Editorial. !!!!!

    This was fun to read.

    It may sound dumb, but I could have written this myself. (Almost spooky) .........and I willl



    Back around 1981 - 82 I was already into 50's rock and cars (I'm born 69 do the math).

    One day at the local library I found that you could loan Music casettes. Among them I found one with A band called The Stray Cats. Cool looking guys.
    Brought it home and my head snapped. This was my 50's music but with more sting. I loved it.
    Rushed to the local record store, just to be met by a strange sarcastic smile and "sorry son"..we got the soundtrack from Grease if you like..........he he he ????.........:(:(Yack

    I guy at school had a double deck casette player so I had it copied.


    On a school trip to Gothenburg (large town in Sweden) when going to High School I found Rant'n Rave when looking for 50's music.
    HALLELUJA the cover :):):). Cars like that where totaly absent in mags over here at that time.

    When I later in 1986 bought a compilation LP with Elvis's Sun recordings, my pals at school realy thought I was going nuts. They listened to Depeche Mode - and other gay synth sounds like Erasure and that shit.
    " Dude, your born 30 years to late:rolleyes:" that was the description I got in the high school newspapers presentation of graduating class of 1988.

    I knew shit about Hot Rods then. Nothing more than what I learned by seeing American Grafitti a zillion of times.

    Beeing a poor college student in 1989 I bought an 1959 Opel Kapitän. A 4-door sedan resembling a 1955 Chevy with a 58 Chev roofline (neg C pilar angle-- will dig up some pics later)
    Happy days and I could dream of Van Nuys ....

    Years go by with love for US cars - and Rockabilly music.

    Then around 97 - 98 My urge for Hot Rods began to be STRONG.
    Not until the year 2000 I was able to buy the first project. A running stock 30 A Pick Up.
    Never got to cut it up since a 28 roadster and other incidents crossed my path.

    Just after buying the PU I was introduced to this fella baptised Clas (that's klazurfer to you guys), by a mutual friend....
    Clas dropped by the garage to give some hints on the PU demolition. Clas has been into this hobby since 1980 or something I guess. He's a bit older than me :D.....but still looking young and strong :D

    Thanks for letting me have your extra copy of The little pages "HOT RODS from 1951" that autumn night in 2000,Clas......made a world of difference. PU had to go, roadster on the way in..... a pure 40's Hot Rod had to be way.

    Today me and Clas are good friends and each build our own 40's roadtser in a mutual garage.

    Have done a looot of reading since then and what a Source the HAMB has been since I listed in 2002. WOW :):):)

    For you not noticing I live in NORWAY !!!!!

    This is not a geografical thing. It's a wibe that spreads from man to man like the flu.

    The greatest hobby once you get it under the skin.

    We owe it to a lot of men from 1900 up until today. SHOW GRATTITUDE and place cred where cred is due.
    I'll help the spread.
    I need the pilgrimage to the dry lakes. . . .can barely stand the attraction

    THANKS Bob Bleed and Ryan FOR BRINGING UP 1000 GOOD MEMORIES :):):):):):):


    PS ........and I still listen to my Stray Cats records from time to time
  2. 40StudeDude
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