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Building a Chevy 302 with (only) 10:1 Compression ratio

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by surfmurf, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Benno, do you find that your getting any recession on the valve seats running with the panther piss?
  2. No but my neighbors do complain about my exhaust smell. :D

    I figure eventually I will have to either install hard seats or snag a set of later 305 heads. I think with the later heads and shim gaskets I can get my compression up to about 9:1.

    Well that ought to muddy up the waters a bit. By the way if R&C calls its a 283. :D
  3. restojon
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    !!!WARNING!!! Watch out for Badger pistons that are 283 +.125 bore... I know you said you are .030 more, but just wanted to warn everyone. I built one of these for a roundy-rounder about 10 years ago and the pistons were made with the wrong tops and interfered with the valves,,, made lots of little pieces from my big ones when it got up over 7500 rpm. They were suppose to pull them out of stock, but be careful.
  4. Quench IS very important! Tighten the quench and you don't give it time to detonate....this works! jmho...
  5. Never saw a holster quite like that! Or should I say those?! I am thinking of runing 3-2 barrels. Would that be 3 of those - ah - holsters? I'm confused.
  6. PnB = Already got a good price on the Rotating Assembly, just not the pistons I need yet to be able whittle them down to the 10:1. I musta been submerged way too long - I have NEVER heard of Autolight Carbs before. Yep, I missed it on Quench. One of the fellas earlier said what U said about Quench and I'd just forgotten. Basically - the air-space left above the piston at TDC - right? The JE #202890 pistons look like my ticket (per Traditions Racing's HAMB info) to 10:1 in the 302 and my Shop owner/local brain still thinks we can do it with a 302. My '55 Pickup, per OEM, is 325# heavier than my '69 Camaro Z. BUT I have a fiberglass '93 bed on it so I may have lost some fat off her 'but-tocks' (as Forrest Gump would say). Looking forward to what Autolights can do. If all goes together as planned, Youze Guys (that's northern for Yaw'll) WILL get some credit. Q = Are Autolights bigger than Rochester Gs? Does anyone know if the Holley 2300s, a 350 CFM and a 500 CFM carb, are applicable to a 3-2 setup OR only for 1-2 bbl on a circle track racer (the Air Cleaner throat looks BIG)?

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