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Technical Build a 327 out of a 350?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by JROD_31Hiboy, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Hackerbilt
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    Hmmm...well, if you have an actual LT-1 350 its the last of the really good smallblocks and not the garden variety smogger 350's so commonly swapped in the later 70's. I'd grab one of those over a 327 too! Keep in mind though...ALL 350's now are "LT-1" or "Corvette" matter what they were originally pulled from. :D LOL
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  2. Been there and done that in my circle track days. Local track had a 355 cubic inch limit but didn't specify how you had to get there. Large journal 327 crank with bearing spacers in a 400 block .030 over comes out to about 353 IIRC. Revs like a chainsaw.
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  3. sunbeam
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    Another plus seams the long rod motors will tolerate more conpression
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  4. Rick & Jan
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    Rick & Jan

    I used an 010 4 bolt block, stock 4 in. bore, 327 large journal crank, 5.7 rods, NOS 10.25 TRW pistons, 350H.P. cam, roller chain and gears, 186 casting 2.02 heads and 750 Holley on a Holley Street Dominator intake. Makes a nice little Street Engine!
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  5. Fordors
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    In 1974 I went to the Chevy Shop in Chicago, they stocked OEM Chevy parts, speed equipment and did machine work. Remembering how a friends L-79 Nova ran I was looking for a new 327/350 short block, but it was out of stock. Bob, the owner, told me that he didn’t have any ‘70 LT-1 short blocks in stock either but Nickey Chevrolet did. He said go to Nickey and buy one, always go for the cubes and never look back unless you are building for a specific class.
    I would build a small journal 327 if I could find one locally but I see no advantage to de-stroking a 350 with a 307 crank.
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  6. southcross2631
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    My old Faded Memories Ply/Willys coupe ran a .060 over 350 4 bolt block with an Eagle crank and rods with 12.5 to 1 forged pistons. Crane solid roller and a tunnel ram.
    It turned 8200 rpms every pass for 2 seasons with a bearing check and new valve springs in the off season.
    What's the issue . We turned a large journal 302 with aluminum rods 8800 and replaced the rods after 150 passes. Then sold the rods to bracket racers.

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