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History Bug Seasoning

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by J.Ukrop, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. J.Ukrop
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    J.Ukrop submitted a new blog post:

    Bug Seasoning


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  2. lowrd
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    I just reread the broken tailbone story in #2, what a great adventure for a 16 year old! Now with GPS and cell phones, some of the chance encounters one might happen upon have been eliminated, making for a rather uneventful long distance trip. In 2003 I went to Bonneville and met two guys in a chopped 32 Ford who had driven out from Cinncinatti , the whole distance without any windows! Both had funny stories about bug encounters at speed while wearing goggles for protection.
  3. jnaki
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    Hey J,
    So Cal always has bug season in the spring and summer. A lot of times, the bees go crazy and fly everywhere, usually making a splat on the windshields of every car. The bad thing is that honey is not good, if left on the paint to dry and harden. Luckily, growing up in the Westside of Long Beach allowed us to be near some industrial areas and there happened to be one of those low cost $.10 or $.25 cents, high powered spray booths just down the street on PCH.

    So, if the bugs attack, the spray hose gets them right off in an instant. But, those spray booth places are harder to find in this economy, with land prices being what they are. So, a quick spray of something like Chemical Brother’s Detailer, Meguiars, Mother’s and even Turtle Wax brands of detail spray, do an excellent job of cleaning the painted surfaces. Something in each of the sprays gets directly to the hardened “stuff” and leaves a nice surface without any scratches. (Use a clean cloth, too...)

    The windows need something like Glass Plus or Streak Free Cleaner, as long as it is ammonia free. For some the old timers, the tried and true Windex works well. They even sell ammonia free versions for the finicky cleaners.
    “Ammonia is a common – and extremely harsh – cleaning additive that can accelerate the degenerative process even faster.”

    “You’ll notice mirrors with “black edge”. This is the result of the edges being exposed to moisture, oils, or chemicals that have corrupted the edge and separated either the layers from the glass, or the layers from one another. It is particularly pronounced in mirrors that use copper (which is the majority of mirrors on the market) due to the oxidation process of that copper layer once corrupted.”

    Here is a post about HAMB’s Deescott’s adventures (@Deescott) at the recent Santa Barbara drags held last month, as reported by LBCD. Great photos from both postings!

    Hey D,
    The event is over, praises have been given and here is one take on a So Cal happening. LBCD's coverage is pretty outstanding. It was like being there in person. That is the point of a great thread. KUDOS... Talk about getting right into the middle of things in So Cal. We have all been hit with a massive amount of “suicide butterflies” in the recent weeks. Your coupe shows the extent of the situation. That Model A grille is the perfect place to stop those pesky winged creatures.
    We were used to the seasonal Monarch Butterflies attacking our front windows and the front of every car in So Cal, yearly. But, this time, it is not a Monarch. Your driving trip to Santa Barbara, participation, and drive home, fills the story to the limit. It is a total “drive the hot rod” scenario. Good on you! Nice photos…
    Right on the beach: E. Cabrillo Blvd. in Santa Barbara


    Sometimes, the residue comes off simply with a car wash, but for the daily clean up, those quick clean Meguiar’s type cleaner sprays do the best job. There is something in that wax/cleaner that just dissolves the residue.

    So, a mark of So Cal driving is orange/yellow and splats on the windshield/grille.
    Southern California is experiencing a burst of butterflies...

    “The black-and-orange insects that suddenly seem to be everywhere in Southern California aren’t Monarchs and they aren’t moths. They are called Painted Ladies, and these butterflies are migrating by the millions across the state. The migration is nothing new. Painted Ladies set off from their wintering grounds in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of Southeastern California as winter gives way to Spring."

    "They travel roughly the same path every year, flying Northwest to Sacramento en route to Oregon, Washington and beyond. (They’ve been spotted as far north as Alaska.)What’s unusual this year is the number of 2- to 3-inch butterflies making the journey. Scientists say there haven’t been this many Painted Ladies traversing the state since 2005, when the population climbed to about 1 billion.”

    “The annual migration has the butterflies migrating North where they can feast and find ample food without being boxed out by the rest of the herd. But this year’s seems to be particularly large.”

    “It’s just a large one moving out of the desert, and with how wet it was this winter, they’ve had more to lay their eggs on, and there’s been an explosion. They’re moving to somewhere where’s there not as much competition. It’s just that there’s a huge amount. In 2005 there was a huge one and in 2006 there was a La Niña and El Niño, and last year there was hardly anything.”

    "The large migration in Southern California starts in Northern Mexican deserts and travels thousands of miles. The Worldwide Painted Lady Migration project collects data and tracks the butterflies around the world.”

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  4. bschwoeble
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    Love the "T". Only two things were thought of when building a Hot Rod back then. That would be light body and horsepower.
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  5. BLAKE
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  6. robracer1
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    Hey you western guys have a sissy bug season, Google pictures of lovebuys on cars from Florida.
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  7. stinson
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    from alabama

    What a funky t, whitewall front tires and knobby rears. Business up front party in the rear?
  8. lumpy 63
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    lumpy 63

    Yeah? just wait till you drive through a bee swarm in the hills of San Diego with the windows open:eek:
  9. Are you sure they were from Cincinnati? it sounds like Rusty Streamline and Bonneville Bob from Georgia, that's when they were there in a chopped Deuce with no glass. HRP



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