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Folks Of Interest Bruce Fisher's wife's son hurt in accident in Florida

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by bobss396, Mar 30, 2018.

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  1. Most of my cognitive issues were from being kept in the coma for almost 5 days. It takes a while to run that crap out of your system. The longer you're on it, I imagine makes for a longer recovery. I did not dream while I was out, no recall of anything. When I was brought out of the coma, it felt like I was floating in some large body of water with little waves lapping around me. The water was warm, like I was in a big lake.
  2. Gray Ford
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    Gray Ford
    from Illinois

    It sounds like Robert is improving every day ...That's GREAT news !! Our thoughts & Prayers are with him daily....
  3. TagMan
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    The road back will take some time. Frustrating for those that are waiting for him to "arrive", but I can only imagine the frustration for Robert as he's going through it.

    Bear with him - the journey back may well be long and arduous, but between the prayers, medical people, his family and his desire to get back, he'll get there.
  4. Deuces
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    from Michigan

    Yeah! What he^^^^^said...:)
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  5. Good Thursday morning to you all. Yesterday Robert was able to take his 1 st shower. While in the shower the bandaid came off coveing the hole where the trake was and some water got in to it and he start coughing but was able to control it. When the when trying to dress him and put the mittens he had a melt down and Teresa said it turned in to a full brawl with the nurses and her trying to calm him down. They had to sedated him again. I know this will be a long term healing process I know but I worry about the stress its taking on my wife. Still haven't heard anything from the rehab. center up here yet. Last night I only got to talk to Teresa for a few minutes be cause she told me Robert had gotten up again and was heading down the hall with no clothes on. LOL. Bruce.
  6. Bruce, you already know this will take a long time and it will also take a toll on all involved, not just your wife. My wife gave end of life care to; her first stepfather, husband, stepmother, my mother, her mother and father. It does take it's toll but she would not let any of them be in a nursing home after she worked for awhile in one. She was a licensed aid and she since is retired and deserves to be. Every one takes a little bit from you but they are appreciative in the end and in her end she will be rewarded. You and your wife will both be rewarded for what you are doing too. Not by any monetary gain but the satisfaction that you did all you could do to comfort and aid the less fortunate. Prayers still flowing from the hills of WV.
  7. Bruce, Robert will have some good days and some not as good. I hope the good ones are more frequent than the not so good as time passes on. You are all still in my thoughts and prayers. Stay positive!
  8. War Horse.I worked in a nursing home here in the foot hills of the smokey Mountians for 11 years , Teresa worked there15 years{after her dad had a stroke in Flordia we drove down for a week till we felt sure he was O.K.}1st day back at work and Teresa came home at lunch time .I asked what happened ? They had fired her after 15 years there so we know nursing homes.Bruce.
  9. I haven't talked to Teresa today yet but I saw{on face book} where there came up at 11P.M. Last night and diecided to move Robert to another floor of the hospital. At 11 oclock at night??? Boy Teresa was really pissed and said she was going to raise hell this morning because Robert didn't go back to sleep. I will wait till she cools off and call her tonight.Bruce.
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  10. 40Standard
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    from Indy

    baby steps man, baby steps
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  11. edcodesign
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    Daily prayers sent for total healing.
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  12. Good Friday morning to you all. I talked to Teresa last night. She said they were going to discharge Robert in 2 days.I don't know yet how he is coming back up here yet. I don't think Teresa has found a rehab up here for him yet either.She said she is going to be bringing him to our house. I am glad but I am not sure we can handle him at this point with out meds. Thanks to you all. Bruce.
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  13. NashRodMan
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    Ugh. Bruce, I'm sure you already know this but he needs to go to a rehab. Having him at the house will be a huge impact on you guys. But, you do what you have to do! We are here for you to vent if you need to or whatever else you need.
  14. Petejoe
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    from Zoar, Ohio

    . Sure hope you guys are able to find a good rehab. Robert needs that.
    It will wear you both out if you have to handle this on your own.
  15. Nashman this till we can find a rehab that we can put him in here in East T.N. for at least for 3 months. I love Robert like my own son but it will be putting a strain on both Teresa and me. I am getting the spare bed room ready for him washing everything back there{that's how I got the title of HOUSE BITCH from Teresa} LOL. Mean while it was raining yesterday I got our garden plants in. This morning I got a load of mulch so everything wont dry out like last year. The old Dodge erned its keep this morning . LOL. Bruce. 002.JPG
  16. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    boy, bringing him home sounds like a major undertaking - hallway fit wheel chair, have hospital bed, etc? imagine that you have tried The University of Tennessee Medical Center for a referral to a rehab center in your general part of the world. even transporting in a car, or special medical van, will be a big challenge - imagine gardening is a way to calm down your world a little. when he gets into a rehab center/ professional home you will both need at least a mini-vacation
  17. Geez, awful nice of them to give you a whole two days notice of Robert's discharge. NOT!! It might be different if you lived in the area, but just how are you supposed to make arrangements to get him to another state in that short time? Where is that patient advocate when you need them?? I realize that he's going to another state and not even one adjacent to FL, so you'll probably get the song and dance about they have no knowledge/info to provide you regarding transporting Robert or of any rehab facilities in your area. Nonetheless, I still wud think that someone there wud have knowledge of transportation options, as well as access to a rehab facility referral service.
  18. Chavezk21
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    Glad he is doing better. My prayers are for you and Teresa once he is home, that together you will be able to help with his recovery. My hopes are that once he is there in a familiar environment he will heal faster. continued prayers and best wishes!
  19. v8flat44
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    Bruce & family, haven't followed you 4 a while, but am SO GLAD FOR THE PROGRESS. Keeping the prayers going...God is good! mike
  20. If you feel he is not ready to leave, talk with the social worker and patient advocate. Use the term "walkie-talkie", which is a person who is ready for discharge. It doesn't sound to me like Robert is ready to fly the coop just yet. But now he may be at the limit of a car insurance policy and the hospital has got the itch to give him the boot. If you appeal his release, it will buy some time for him to improve or have a place open close to you. Most social workers know the game and they will be straight shooters and tell you what's what.
  21. Bruce, I just saw this thread tonight, 4-27-2018.
    It is my hope that Robert heals fully.
    It is my hope you and Teresa take one step at a time, as well ....... you must be well enough to support one another.
    Bruce, am I recalling correctly in thinking Robert played a big part fighting the fires in Gatlinburg, when the mountain was burning up ?
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  22. bobg, that was his younger brother Justin.{he s in the national guard and just left Friday for Ca. for a months worth of more training} Thanks Bruce. 006.JPG
  23. Good Sat. morning to you all.I talked to Teresa last night. Robert has made huge inprovements this week. I was very surprised when she put me on the phone with him and we talked. I asked him if he was ready to help me work on my old cars. He said he was hopping so.He doesn't need a walker any more and goes to the bathroom on his on. I am picking them up at the airport Monday evening. We are going to keep him just intill we get the o.k at U.T hospital for him to get in there for rehab. He says after that he wants to return to Flordia .Thanks and you all have a good weekend. Bruce.
  24. BJR
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    WOW Bruce, what an amazing improvement in the last 3 days. I would like to credit "The power of the Hamb", but I think a much higher power was involved in his healing. Still hoping for a complete recovery for Robert. Brian
  25. Great news Bruce!
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  26. ROADSTER1927
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    WOW great news! I wish you all the best! Gary:)
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  27. belair
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    Bruce-warhorseracing's post and your reply are important. You all have some knowledge of the incredible emotional expense of being a care-giver, but don't forget it as you care for Robert. Be sure to explore (talk to a chaplain with CPE training) SELF-CARE and how you engage it. This will be a long row to hoe, and everyone involved needs to know how to take care of everyone involved, not just Robert. God bless you all as you go forward to meet this challenge.
  28. I think the H.A.M.B. has helped all of us here. Teresa is just over welemed by the support of all of you here..Thanks again Bruce.
  29. Bruce, as Belair says, take care of yourselves. When Deb's dad passed away last April I was already scheduled to retire at the end of June. prior to that she had my mother here then her mom then dad, Fell out of the bathtub dislocating her elbow and tearing her rotator cuff surgery after recovering then having her gall bladder out. When I was retired we took a week and flew out to Las Vegas and just bummed around and had fun. Renting Polaris three wheelers and going up into the mountains was a highlight. Running the twisty mountain roads was a blast, running the Interstate 15 at 70 MPH was not as in the valley at 100 plus degrees was like being inside a clothes dryer. Got to take in two NHRA events which were Deb's first which she loves and the Bristol NASCAR race. This year she is travelling with her church I am the local Cubmaster, we are going to two more NHRA events and the NASCAR race this Fall in Martinsville. Point here is when all s said and done take time for yourselves.
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