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Hot Rods Bringing my 39 back to life

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Nailhead Jason, May 8, 2016.

  1. Got the running boards covered tonight. The glue should be set all the way by tomorrow and I can get them installed first then the front fenders can go back on. Getting close to running out of big parts left to put back on!!!

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  2. It was difficult getting that "like" button to engage.:D;)..........Just messin' with you,Jason. Very proud of you for all of the persistence you've exhibited. Keep pushing forward...........Don.
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  3. I was able to get this thing together in time for the Old North State invitational, and am pleased to say, she runs straight up and down the road, and looks pretty dam good if I do say so myself. Ill put some pics up this evening documenting the thrash that got this together in time. But for now is a picture taken after Old North State near Winston Salem before hoping onto the freeway to head back to Concord for some much needed sleep. She runs cool, she runs fast, and rides smooth! I can believe how good it all works together!

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  4. Pretty nice being able to back in in the garage finally. 20190930_202728.jpg
  5. teach'm
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    from Tucson, AZ

    Congrats on getting the sedan running @Nailhead Jason, the car looks great!!

  6. Stogy
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    Nice Hotrod @Nailhead Jason...shared compliments on your Mobile Milestone...
  7. Little back tracking but, to get to Old North State, I had just run out of time and had to tow the 39 down to my good buddy @hotrodderhaag 's shop and get the lights all wired up. We worked late into the night and then went to work on Josh's roadster to get it together. Good times for sure. Having pretty much run on fumes for the last few weeks, the 39 still wasn't running right but 10 min with @hotrodderhaag looking at it, he reminded me about the proper firing order on it, and it ran perfect. finally called it around 230 in the morn, to get some sleep before the show. 20190927_131136.jpg 20190928_014109.jpg
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  8. We missed all the cool morning cruise stuff for Old North State, like driving around Bowman Grey race track, but we had to get some sleep. Made it to the show, and the car did great. Brought my Older son Jake with as my co pilot, Between working late into the night at the hangar and then going to the show, he is 100% hooked on the early ford stuff. And well I got to have a kick ass weekend with my son and that's the best part.

    20190928_122412.jpg 20190928_151838.jpg
  9. once the show was over we went over to the after party at @Hurley50 place for some killer BBQ and shoot the breeze some more. Matt and his wife put together a hell of nice time after the show and we always look forward to it.

    20190928_191856.jpg 20190928_201947.jpg
  10. With The Old North State Invitational all wrapped up, we crashed at my good buddy Del's house and headed back in the morning. Now I had to get all the little adjustments I could wrapped up before we headed to TROG the next weekend.
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  11. the Trip up to TROG was an eventful one, got hemmed up with work crap on Friday morning and didn't get on the road till almost 2pm. Then the toll boths to go over the Annapolis bay bridge were all messed up and caused about a 15 mile back up that took a couple hours to get through....then we actually got stuck behind a freaking Homecoming parade in a little town in Delaware on the way to the ferry. Luckily we just made the last Ferry of the day at 7:45. We didn't land and get to the hotel till almost 10:00 so we missed all the swap meet stuff, just had a couple beers and called it a night. 20191004_200831.jpg
  12. TROG was a blast! got to hang out with all my buddies I don't get to see all the time, got to see some racing, got to meet some new friends. just a great time. Already looking forward to next year.

    20191005_155624.jpg 20191006_135056 (1).jpg 20191005_231929.jpg 20191006_144150.jpg
  13. Had a little incident on the beach a broke one of the hubs some how.....but all is good, going to pick up some new Ford hubs and a complete 3:78 geared 39 banjo this weekend to make all the needed repairs. 20191007_081900.jpg
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  14. made it back home and gonna go though all the rear hubs and probably either rebuild the banjo in in or swap it out with another good one as the axle shaft on the affected hub has a pretty boogered up keyway in it... Lots left to do, like upholstery and weather striping and on and on.....But, for the first time since 1977 this car is back on the road!!
  15. nunattax
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    air gun damage ?
  16. I think it was a combination of a new aftermarket hub and an axle with a worn out keyway. Picking up some original ford parts this weekend to get it back together.
  17. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    Ha... 'old guy, probably in his 50s'...
    Great thread, lots of good info, (Thanks for head gasket part number! Needed that!)
    Also, good call on the torque tube seal...That one went unnoticed by most for years.

    "I know You 'Riders' gonna miss me when I'm gone..." (notes from an old guy)
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  18. Waiting patiently to get its hub replaced. Gonna attempt to change it out on sat. 20191014_171744.jpg
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