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History Bring Back the 60s Wacky Show Rodz?

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Jive-Bomber, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Well, I hate both but this is a good point. 'Shock rods' brought to everyman, no longer requiring chrome, outrageous paint or even much in the way of workmanship...
  2. They are out there if you look, may not have a coffin or a toilet seat, but it's radical and still a driver!
    Remember though for a lot of people seeing a real nice classic hot rod is a pretty rare thing these days. Have a look in the background of the photos at the old shows, the "regular" hot rods, like a 40 Ford with chrome reversed wheels would stand out today compared with a time when I guess there were still a lot of 40's on the road. Paradise-Road-Galaxian-7-copy.jpg Paradise-Road-Galaxian-25-copy.jpg
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    Speaking of these ridiculous "Rat Rods" things, I wonder what their insurance company thinks they are insuring?
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  4. Bluedot
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    I'd rather see one hotrod or custom of even mediocre quality going down the road than a hundred megabuck shiny show cars sitting in a show. I appreciate the talent that it takes to make a good show car, but for me that does not hold the magic of an old car doing what it is supposed to do.
    But I'll also add that what I like best about this hobby is the freedom for a builder to do it his (or her) way, unlike the antique restoration hobby, where you have no choices, no chance for any creativity. There it's either right or it's wrong.
  5. some were really great ( Uncertain-T for one) .. some really bad...
    but hey it was different times for sure
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  6. So many of these cars that get posted in threads like this are obviously from beyond the HAMB 1965 cut off.
    Why should that be allowed here?
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  7. hotrodjack33
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    Cracks me up that a pic of nicely built Deuce with 20" rims would immediately get axed, but a V8 Baby Carriage will pass muster here:rolleyes:

    Incidentally, wouldn't those straight piped wake up the baby:eek:
  8. chevy57dude
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    It got outta hand at the end, Tim Leary style.
    But as a kid at the shows looking at it all, it hooked me.
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  9. WillyKJr
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    from Blackstone

    I was a fan. Until I wasn't. I think the issue with these rods ever coming back into fashion is that many of today's "builders" can only work in billet with multi-axis mills or 3D printers. Most good fabricators wouldn't want to go there.
  10. Chrome rat rods. Just missing the skulls and barbed wire. I'm sure the sawmill express could use some old saw blades and barbed wire.

    All you really need is a few junk shops and a hot glue gun.
  11. 56sedandelivery
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    Member Emeritus

    One of the things I really liked (loved) about the OP's posted "T", was the really SHORT wheel base. Add the tall "T" to the mix and it just catches my eye. One car no one posted about is another car I like, I "think" was called the "Boot Hill Express"; hot rod wagon style Hearse with a coffin inside. Most of these were just show cars, but what a street car they'd make. Some things may need to be changed to a better functioning thing, but that's easy enough. How many versions of the Munster's Drag-u-la have been made? same deal. I am Butch/56sedandelivery.
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  12. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    Haven't seen the Pink Freak in a minute. But I like it.

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  13. chevy57dude
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    The influence surfaces from time to time.
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  14. Greg Rogers
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    Greg Rogers

    I think we change as we mature. I also loved all those wild show cars as a 13 year old, but would probably dismiss them as silly if not discusting if similar were to be made today. It just makes us what we are old codgers!
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  15. Ned Ludd
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    Ned Ludd

    Nobody has linked to the other recent thread on this topic?

    That last one is called the Elegant Farmer. That is a Lancia V4 hanging off the back of it. It was designed by Willard Wayne. I had no idea that it existed in full scale.

    I've tried my hand at that idiom, in 1:25:
    Paddy Wagon 14 crop.jpg Paddy Wagon 09 crop.jpg

    Paddy Wagon 03 crop.jpg

    I have a fondness for the sillier kind of show rod, but I'll admit that a lot of them don't translate very well into 1:1 scale. But they don't need to; they're just as cool in 1:25, or even just on paper.
  16. Torchie
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    I refer to this era of customs/show cars as the The "Model Car"era as it seems that many of these were built to become model car kits. LOL
    There is still people out there building cars that are really show cars only. Making body molds ala Roth.
    Radical chops on T's, etc. They just don't seem to get much press any more.
    Its all a big circle. Their time will come around again.
  17. Gearhead Graphics
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    Gearhead Graphics
    from Denver Co

    As said, bringing back the "fad" would have a totally different flavor today than back then.
    Today most builders would want to load it with crazy tech, machined aluminum 3d prints and huge wheels, but thats the current "fad" too.
    As a kid I was too late for the heyday of these things, but I loved finding them in books and magazines. Useless and impractical, but pushing the box of what can you add a motor and wheels to.
    I got to see boot hill express in person once, what a trip!
    This thread keeps sending me back to seeing that, and making me look at the pile of parts ive stashed for future builds and wondering if maybe a show rod out there build is what I want to do next.... probably not... but there's a feeling to putting to life something a kid would want to build a model car of.
  18. Butch -

    You do realize that the "OP" (@Jive-Bomber Jay) actually referred to & posted a pic of the BootHill Express in his TJJ Blog that started this H.A.M.B. thread:

    TJJ Blog 1-26-2021.JPG
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  19. denis4x4
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    from Colorado

    The Boothill Express and the Red Baron are on display at the American Museum of Speed at Speedway Motors
  20. ramblin dan
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    ramblin dan

  21. Gahrajmahal
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    If you grew up with these in the 60’s as I did, seeing them on tv, in print and at the yearly indoor car shows you can have an appreciation for them. My first job working at the local van conversion shop was an extension of this of sorts. My closest build like this was a hearse with a custom interior, multiple removable sunroofs and an extensive rack system on the roof. The owner had a monkey that he would travel around with. I did loads of custom candy paint work that mimicked these outrageous custom creations. It all was just a bunch of fun!
  22. NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo...................!
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  23. I worked at Scott Guildners' custom car shop when we restored this one - The Invader twin engine all aluminum body show car. It was Americas Most Beautiful Roadster 2 years in a row.

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  24. dumprat
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    from b.c.

    I actually like the Roth built cars, that and Uncertain T seem to have the most driveable vibe.

    I think the reason you don't see many of these cars built is the fact you will spend five years and 40G to build something that you can physically drive. That being said I am currently scrounging parts for a seriously 60's be C cab T. I don't care if I ever drive it. It's more of an art project than an actual road driveable vehicle.
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  25. stpaulsdealmaker
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    Even if u don't like this style ,you have to appreciate the man's imagination and skill, the workmanship is like their cars, "out of this world"
  26. Jacksmith
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    Uugghhh! I s'pose it's all a matter of taste... Beauty, art & sanity are all a matter of perspective...
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  27. gsnort
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    Differences of opinions are what make the world go around.
  28. dumprat
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    from b.c.

    I often wonder if the guys who hate show cars and far out 60's style are just restoration guys hiding here in our midst.

    You know the same guys who bitch if you ditch the fenders or chop a car.
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  29. Jacksmith
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    I don't hate show cars, just don't love the wacky styles... I do appreciate the work and imagination that was involved to create them. That's the beauty of this thread... to each their own. I don't own a single stock (O.E.M.) car or truck. Keep 'em comin', this is a fun topic!
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  30. D-Ozzie
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