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Technical Brake upgrade for a 39 Standard Coupe

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Tedsgoldmine, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been looking at brake options for an upgrade to the ole drums on all corners of my 39 Ford Standard coupe.
    The coupe is currently running what appear to be 40 hubs with 15" 49-51 Merc rims, the rear widened with reversed centres and standard 15" Merc rims up front which I wish to keep
    From what I have read here, I have a fair idea of what I am seeking but lack a few finer details and specifically, where to go or who to see for the BEST prices and BEST quality.

    I'd like to see the 39 Lincoln drums up back and discs up front that retain the original 5 x 5.5 lugs.
    Under the car I would like a Chassis Engineering adaptor bracket, a 7" booster and a dual master cylinder (and proportioning valve if required). I do not want a remote booster set up.

    Whilst I can find various kits for the drums and discs, with some suppliers in stock, others out of stock, I haven't the feinted idea about what it exactly is I need in the way of a booster type and the correct dual master cylinder to make the combination work as it should.
    ...I note that a Speed Way kit says only for use on disc brake wheels, not drum wheels...I'm not quite clear on what this means exactly.

    All input is greatly appreciated.

    With thanks

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  2. alchemy
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    ALLIANCE MEMBER is the place to look for the disk and master parts. They can give you good advice on proper master sizing for your application. You may need to buy the Lincoln brakes first so you know the bore size and shoe size so they can advise the bore of the master.
  3. duncan
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    Lincoln repro rears, F-100 (53-56) fronts and a D100 dual, drum/drum master cylinder will lock up all 4 wheels. Can't get much better than that and it just looks right. Shoot me a P/M and I'll give you all the part numbers. A commonly available adapter plate puts the Master and your brake pedal assembly together.
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  4. I would go big Lincolns on all 4 corners.

    Discs with floating calipers are not an upgrade they are just different, if you want to go with discs for an upgraded brake setup you want multi piston stationary mount discs. You can do that and don't have to go with modern Brembos or, the like, by going with Hurst Airheart or early twin piston Bendix calipers and have a real upgraded brake.

    That said, I would go with Lincoln drums on all 4 corners, you will be presently surprised at how well they stop your old Ford.

    Not trying to crap in your post toasties here just throwing it out there for the masses to digest.

  5. Gavin,

    It would help to know where, in general, you are located. If you are in Southern California the answer would be
    Richard Lacy at (mail), (web site), (626) 338-2282, (855) 268-0325. That still might be the best answer if you live in Maine or Florida but since I don't live in those areas I can't answer for them. Post your general location and maybe you will get other recommendaions.

    Charlie Stephens
  6. This is what Blue One went with for the brakes on his roadster pickup.

    If anyone is at all interested here is a link to a long thread where we cuss and discuss it but of you roll through you will find pics of his front brakes beautiful. and it would be a genuine upgrade on a '39 or any '30s model hooptie.

  7. Jimmy2car
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    from No. Cal

    Having owned a 39 Std coupe for over 25 years, I can tell you that good shape, well adjusted, 39 brakes are VERY good.
    Ask on the Barn and there are good articles on doing this. It's easy
  8. Thank everyone for their input. I will digest everyone's suggestions and links a little more over the weekend.

    Charlie, I am in Brisbane everything will have to come out with the next shipment I bring out of LA.

    I certainly appreciate how good drums can be and discs are certainly taking it away from"traditional"...I recall my 66 Dodge Phoenix (A 65 Fury in US terms) had drums on all corners and it was smooth... but I just can't get discs out of my head.

    With thanks

  9. Ok, next question, who has the best and cheapest complete 39 Lincoln brakes for sale.

    With thanks

  10. Manager
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  11. Thanks Manager....I see your local too :)

    Question, and I am sure there'll be plenty more...1&3/4" vs 2" brake shoes, should I be aware of anything when ordering?

    With thanks


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