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Technical Brake kit: E.C.I. vs. Speedway ?? UPDATE

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hotrodA, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. 2OLD2FAST
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    from illinois

    You had to go and spoil it with facts , didn't you LOL...
  2. Tman
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    I have had hundreds of name brand and Speedway parts in my own hands over the years. Many times a customer brought in Speedway parts that they wanted installed. Most of the time the name brand piece had to be ordered because of issues with the Speedway part. OR, if the part could be made to work the customer ended up paying for an afternoon worth of labor to make it work RIGHT. Brake kits and pedals were the #1 culprit
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  3. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    I don't think ol' Blaise had discovered disc brakes yet!:D
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  4. Maybe, we’ll see.
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  5. fordor41
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    Exactly, but he's the "expert"!
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  6. Installed both brand F-150 rotor/GM caliper kits; a Speedway kit on a '40 and a ECI kit on a '33. These were both ordered as complete kits and both installed OK. Didn't really notice the difference in caliper bracket thickness and the seals in the Speedway kit fit their spacers as the ECI supplied seals fit their spacers.

    Guess maybe the 3/8" brackets could give you more piece of mind over 5/16".

    Best part of both kits is that they don't move the wheel mount surface outboard.

    Both need to be used with original spindles with integral steering arms.

    Wheel clearance is tight; but the bumps and tight spots on the calipers are easily ground as needed.

    Guess maybe I've had better luck with Speedway stuff than others from the other comments.
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  7. fordor41
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    I installed Speedway disc on my '41. Bolts to mount the caliper bracket were too short to go thru the spindle and bracket. instructions said the stock dust cap would fit the disc. wrong. was Mopar disc so had to go to a junkyard and search mopars until I found the correct cap
  8. pnevells
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    I have used Speedway braided steel brake lines, front axle, and suspension and steering parts for years on our altered with no issues, car has hundreds of wheelie launches ,nothing ever broke or bent. we inspect it after every event ,but i would trust them and they are good to work with shaker2019bsd13.jpg
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