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Projects Bought another car

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by warhorseracing, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. right side.jpg Yesterday went to meet with Chappy 444 and look at his fathers car that he was building when he passed away unexpectedly. Chappy is a class act for those of you that don't know him and representative of everyone else that I have met from this site. His description of the car was honest and after me and the wife driving four hours I was not disappointed. Not real sure what direction I am going yet with the car, 1951 Ford Custom two door, but it will be shiny, not flat, not chopped, shaved, decked, etc. The Flathead started and purred like a kitten, this in 18 Degree weather and the car still being 6 Volt which it will stay along with the 3 speed column shift trans. Two new Hurst floor shifters are included but I may just keep the column shift. All of the parts that his Father accumulated to complete this car were included in the sale so only new interior, if I decide to re-do it all and maybe both front and rear bumpers will need purchased. I am currently clearing a space in my garage for the car, hopefully this Friday it will be here and will begin in earnest in the Spring after I get my Wife's 1962 Falcon painted. His father has already completed the body work and with some minor massaging to smooth it out will hopefully road ready by sometime this coming Summer. Really you could slap the lights in it better tires and drive it now but it deserves better.
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  2. NashRodMan
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    Nice project! Cant wait to see it done since I like shoeboxes. Good luck.
  3. Nice score.I hope she turns out the way you want it to. Bruce.
  4. brady1929
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    from Mesa, Az

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  5. Great! Now I can stop looking at that ad and wishing I was closer to WV. My 1st car was a 50 tudor [Crestliner] and I had almost no $$$ to build it. I'd love to build another as a mild custom some day.
    BTW, I deleted the ad as per custom.
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  6. After talking at length with Chappy yesterday Bruce I am more motivated to complete the car in his Dad's image to a point. His dad was going to flat black the car, not my taste so the paint will be shiny. Very possibly the original color which is a light pale bluish gray, or black, the car is already very straight. Engine wise, it will get the two carb intake put on that he bought for his Dad two years ago at Christmas and stay 6 Volt. As far as the new Hurst floor shifter is concerned I am on the fence as the current three on the tree works well, we shall see.
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  7. Thank you Sir. When I start cleaning it out I intend to begin a photo documentary file, to see the current condition and any changes that are being made. I will most likely start it here also to keep everyone up to date.
  8. 0nedon
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    Good luck and have fun with it, another one saved
  9. Good looking car,like Rocky I too want a shoebox Ford in the future. HRP
  10. This is the third that I have looked at; first one was too much money, second one was discovered to have floor, rocker, and body mount issues. This one is solid.
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  11. warhorsesracing , good on it either way decide to go with her.I sure she is going to look NICE! Bruce.
  12. I will try my best. When I paint the wife's Falcon I will post it also. It will have to look good as it was bought from a professional body man that lost his storage for it.
  13. woodbutcher
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    :D Looks like you got a great deal there.Please post updates as you are able.
  14. Those 2 door sedans don't really look good until you chop them a little to get the proportions right.......just sayin'...
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  15. I got the car and parts home tonight and will get it off the trailer in the morning. Met with Chappy 444 in Washington Pa. and did our little relay thing there. I will take pictures tomorrow and post.
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  16. Congratulations. A shoebox ford is on my future list as well

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  17. Here are some pictures of the car on the trailer then on the ground waiting for me to take back the U-Haul and put it inside. 51 on the trailer close r.jpg 51 on the trailer close r.jpg 106_0043.JPG
  18. Donuts & Peelouts
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    Donuts & Peelouts
    from , CA

    Anytime another HAMBer get a new project it's a celebration!!!
    Cheers friend!

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  19. Peanut 1959
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    Peanut 1959

    IMHO, getting a new project isn't quite as exciting as seeing progress or completion of a project!

    Yeah, yeah, I can't have one without the other!
  20. Wow, good looking shoebox! And if it's as solid as she looks that's a heck of a find! You mentioned a shiny coat in perhaps a similar blue to original. That has been a favourite colour of mine and you might consider checking out the recent VW beetle colour - Denim Blue; it's a very close shade to that early '50s blue many Fords and GMs used..

    I'm liking your plans.
  21. Trust me, 31 Degrees this morning when I started undoing the restraints and setting the ramps. When I got in, pulled the choke, pumped the gas twice, hit the starter and it took right off. OK electric fuel pump but still 6 volt. 106_0044.JPG

    I was celebrating.
  22. 1951_ford_custom_2___door_sedan_v8_std___shift_1_lgw.jpg
    Found pictures on the web below and I think this will be the vision.
  23. Left side sanded and dents massaged out, got down to the rocker. 106_0059.JPG Found bondo under the flat black paint planned for the car by the previous owner. Ground it out, almost 3/4 inches of it covering beat in pinholes. Has been cut out now to have new metal welded in then metal finished to complete this side before going to the next and final side. 106_0058.JPG
    It is only about 3 X 10" but when patches were welded in the front lower fender why? Now you know why I don't like flat paint jobs and this one will be shiny.
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  24. War horse I know fixing those rockers can be a bitch. Take your time like I did and weld in patches. God knows I did enough of them. LOL. Bruce. HPIM1840.JPG
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  25. Yea I have too Bruce but it is the only way to properly do them. Cutting that section out was a brief reminder of what else lays ahead with the hot cherries falling on my fore arms. My floor doesn't look as bad as you have there but I have done worse ones than that. Did you get your new wagon yet?
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  26. Well here are the first patches being welded in. These ones tacked till the others are done, four small ones in the front rocker just below the door.


    Behind the door is a different story altogether. Some kind of aluminum mesh was pop riveted then body putty filled, all gone now and will take one big patch.

    106_0069.JPG A shot of the back and front of the "patch".


    I could of replaced the entire rocker below the door but had good metal to weld to and this also keeps it more original metal. Surprisingly the inner rocker is in good shape with the exception just behind the door which will get new metal welded in too.
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  27. Hombre
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    Great looking car. One day I would like very much to have one of those old Fords. I am not much for painting anything Blue, but that picture you posted of the finished Blue car is just the best, so now I would have to say great color choice. Good luck and keep us posted.
  28. Glacier Blue is the color and my local NAPA will mix it, single stage acrylic enamel. Along with the intake upgrade, Ofenhauser two carb and some other upgrades should be a good cruiser. Mileage states just over 80,000 which may be correct. Doesn't smoke and starts right up with plenty of power for a 100 HP flat head.
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  29. Warhorse.It should be here Sat if everything goes to plan and I don't get flooded in again.Thanks Bruce.
  30. Please let everyone here know when you get it Sir.

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