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Event Coverage Bonneville in 1966

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jive-Bomber, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Bonneville in 1966


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  2. As a photographer of Bonneville, sometime I wonder if my images have become 'The Same old Same Old'.
    But with these 'new' images from a hero of mine, who I got to know because of our calendar, added to my inspiration folder maybe I can breathe a little new life to my shot angles.
    I noticed at lease one shot was taken at the Wendover Airport tarmac where all cars were inspected before heading out to the salt for pit location and set-up.
    I think it was in 93 was about the last time for the Airport, and I remember climbing a rickety wooden ladder that was attached to the outside of one of the building. It was only 50 years old! And I was holding a large format film camera, so I did it one handed,,, silly photographer.
    Thanks for bring together another great group of vintage shots, one day someone might find my vintage stuff.
    And for those that missed the BEST SpeedWeek ever, you have two last chances for the season. World of Speed is on now and World Finals is approaching. And if you have a vehicle get 'er there!!! who know what next years salt will bring. And maybe Pottee will return to reclaim fastest speed for the year,, it too late for the Hot Rod Trophy. And maybe Flash Point will give him a run for his money.
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  3. RichFox
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    Yes the cars of 66 were cool. But at Bonneville the cars of 18 are pretty much just as cool. We, on the other hand, have aged some. Here is a picture of one of my favorites that is quite like a car than may have run in 66. With an owner who also may have run in 66. Only now it's faster. Also 39206354_922467501295600_3351246299692269568_n.jpg o, right now you could be at Bonneville enjoying the World of Speed meet. Many of the same cars as SpeedWeek and also street legal classes that HAMB guys always seem to want but don't seem to take advantage of as often as they might.
  4. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    Nice photo of Lester pushing the rules as he always does.....Man did that Studie haul the male.
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  5. Burny
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    She has a great eye. Excellent shots!
  6. flathead60
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    from NH

  7. Stogy
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    @Jive-Bomber...Thanks for the series of pics from another great Photographer. I was stunned by the images posted by @jpierce that were captured by his Late Mother. I was equally stunned to find out about his connection to AK his late Stepfather. A truly interesting, personable man and of course a fellow Hamber...

    I must say I really am in awe of the great connections to the World of Hotrod/Custom/Race that keep on surfacing here. The Hamb continues to offer incredible Historic Reference and Rock Solid Material.
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  8. @Jive-Bomber Jay -

    Thanks for the link to Jeff (@jpierce) Pierce's 1963-1966 Bonneville Pics threads! ... His (late) mother was really a fantastic photographer!

    Eric "Rick" Rickman (Nov 22, 1918 - Jan 24, 2009) was also a fantastic photographer ... a real gentleman (I first met him in the late '70s) ... and he played a very important part of documenting the history of Hot Rodding.

    A 69-year-old Mr. Rickman appears in this snapshot I took of the Swamp Rat #33 'liner at the 40th Bonneville Nationals in 1988:

    Swamp Rat 33 - 40th B'ville Nats - 1988 001 (by Todd Olson).jpg
    Ace HRM photog Eric Rickman passes some words of wisdom onto @Rich Venza (black Isky hat) while Don Garlits
    waits patiently in the drivers seat. Rod Kempkis holds the canopy open and listens in on the conversation.

    NOTE: Garlits got into the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club with a two-way average speed of 217.947 MPH (in XF/GS trim) ... as did Don Kehr with a 213.438 MPH average (in XF/FS trim).
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  9. Jim Hassad
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    Jim Hassad

    @flathead60, the memorable part of your photo, for me, with the 901 'liner is the iconic Bob Higbee in his prime. I had the privilege of knowing him from 1953 (I was 4) through the Don Vesco motorcycle LSR record years (Mid '70's). He personalized everyone's run down the salt with either a safety tug on your shoulder harness, or in my case with my motorcycle, checking if your visor was snapped tight. Thanks for the memories.
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  10. I would be interested in the back story of these streamliners, that would never pass tech now, Who? Motors? Class?
    I think one is in the Casino Hotel.
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