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Bonneville 2011 Roll Call

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hans' Rod & Cycle, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Made it home yesterday.....Saw a few old Hambers and a few new.First time on salt and yes we ended up finding a motel room after the destruction of tents and pop ups.
    Total miles traveled in the Panel from my shop door to shop door 3975. She ran flawless only trouble lost a eletric fan in Iowa thanks to it quitting next to a parts store. 1 hour and a fan change and we back on our way.
    Great Times and Great event I will be back.

    My favorite shot of the weekend of my rig.....
    pic of wind storm prior to down pour at the bend:mad:


  2. Shoe, sorry I missed you guys!
  3. We had a great time, met a few people to put faces to names, did pretty much what we went out to do now just have to get the truck ready for Elmo. Can I just quit my job so I can work on my stuff.

    Thanks for all the help Tman, you make a great PR man and straper inner. :D
  4. dragrcr50
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    we made it throught tech , wind and rain, and had a blast driver got three licenses and didnt break anything lookin forward to next time..

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  5. Ohooo. I have a title!:D
  6. Congratulations Sam! Sorry we did not catch up to each other this trip. We put a rod through the cases and packed it in. There is always next year.
  7. GARY?
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    Made it home alive. Fun trip as expected. Bailed out early this year. Met awesome folks along the way.

    Tman, we will meet somewhere, sometime.

    TriumphTerror, I saw you out there all mudded up. Sorry, I didn't push.

    mctim64, I saw your trucks and smiled. Beauties.

    JustinB, That's why you should run a flatty. I'm joking of course. Hats off to all the thrashers like you out there.

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  8. Rusty Junk Ranch
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    Rusty Junk Ranch

    Well, after a month of thrashing on the car, we finally made it up there Saturday. Breezed through tech Sunday. Made some adjustments on Monday & had 3 great runs on Tuesday.:)


    I called my buddy Paul N. from the end of the track , who said it would blow on the first run.


    I will post more info on my thread " The Road to Bonneville" about the rest of the trip.
  9. GARY?
    Joined: Aug 15, 2005
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    Way to go Rockey! The car looks first rate!!
    Sorry, I never introduced myself. You guys looked pretty busy out there.
  10. It was good to finally meet you and you and you too.

    Sorry I missed you.

    After a rollicking 'boys own' adventure to get there, Gary & the crew got the car thru tech an onto the track on Sunday arvo.

    In mile 3 about about 2 mph above the record the engine rattled badly. Dropped a valve and all the coolant came out the exhaust pipes. So they packed up and headed home.

    I feel for them, but as 'the boss' ssaid, "That's motor racing".
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2011
  11. 38FLATTIE
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    from Colorado

    Rockey, very cool roadster!

    On Tuesday, you were across from us in the staging lanes/waiting lines. Here's a pic I snapped while we were waiting.

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  12. WOW!!!!
    We got there around 3 on Monday. Walked the pits and just jung around until 6.
    We were back at 6 a.m. Tuesday to watch the record runs and the sunrise. Hung around the short course starting line for 4 hours. I was truely impressed by the engineering on everyones ride. Thanks to everyone there.
  13. It was a pleasure Carps!
  14. Hey TMan, really enjoyed the time yakking with you and Charlie, and man did that wind do a job on your tent! Hope you had a great ride back home, "keep em between the whites".................Carl
  15. Same here carl! The drive home was great. Ran well good tailwind and found a new way outta SLC that didnt go stright up!

    And I am looking at pickup campers after that storm! I lost my two favorite pairs of wool socks in that tent!
  16. Buick59
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    from in a house

    Shit Tman, I left my tent behind.
  17. Damn Buick 59 I should'a had you take some pics of the ICT loved what you did with Tims ride bitchin photo's man........................
    actually TMan left his also as there wasn't much left of it useful........
  18. Rusty Junk Ranch
    Joined: Dec 13, 2006
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    Rusty Junk Ranch

    Its non-stop when you run a car, but always happy to talk,see you next year !
  19. Rusty Junk Ranch
    Joined: Dec 13, 2006
    Posts: 776

    Rusty Junk Ranch

    Thanks for the pic, sorry I didnt see you, Ive watched your build. I like Cad's & I used to own a 38
    chevy convertible !
  20. got room for a passenger? i'm still down to go! hit me up man-
    john brown
    (925) 917-0776 see that this was last years post lol....anyway..i mean for this year
  21. FARMER! THIS IS LAST YEARS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p
  22. fonti
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    as time goes by...

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