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Blower set up for 292-312 y block

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 56 ford custom, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. I purchased an offy 6x2 manifold for my y block. I think i want a blown y block instead. I dont know exactly what i need, so does anyone know exactly what i need? Any leads where i can get a blower,plate and blower top for a y block?
  2. slepe67
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    most of what I've seen are home-made base plates, then find the blower size you want. I'm looking around for the same thing for my '56 Merc 292. Keep us posted if you find anything.

    In one of the very first "Hot Rod Deluxe" issues, there is a guy with a green 29 Ford PU, with a tractor grille. It's a sweet ride (minus grille) and he has a pic in the mag of how he built his motor plate. I THINK it may have been a Flathead, so, I'm not sure if it'll help.
  3. The Brudwich
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    The Brudwich

  4. So i take it as i wont be setting this one up with a blower.

  5. Yutan Flash
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    Yutan Flash
    from Gretna, NE

    You've got two basic choices: a Roots-type blower like the GM 4/5/671-series chunks you see on top of Hemis and small- and big-block Chebbies, or a centrifugal blower like the factory McCullough/Paxton supercharged '57 Fords/T-bird Y-blocks and Studbuckets and '60s small-block Mustangs. The McCullough/Paxton setup was available for Y-blocks as early as their introduction in '54 (there's an interesting '54 Victoria floating around Omaha with one). There are more-modern incarnations of the Paxton blower floating around, and if you can fab brackets you should be able to mount it. Do a web search to see how the Ford/T-birds setups were put together. You'd need a bonnet fo the top of the 4-bbl, hose to connect the huffer to the carb, remote air cleaner, low-compression pistons/heads, pulleys to drive the blower, etc.
  6. I already have the ecz-g heads so thats not a proplem, I will just need low compression pistons and a descent cam. Id rather go with a blower not a paxton type.
  7. exStreamliner
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  8. Rockmonky
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    from Windsor Co

  9. I think it would be easier for me if someone made me some sort of intake or plate so i could bolt on a blower. Also find a blower and pulleys
  10. daily_driver
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    I was thinking about doing the same thing, just using my old 2 bbl intake and cutting it up. Only have to find a blower to measure up and pattern.
  11. Im going to keep searching
  12. brechlrl
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    from Wisconsin

    Your G heads are not the idea choice for a blown engine. They have the smallest chambers of all Y heads . The 471 head is known as the blower head, was used on 57 blower cars and later trucks and has a larger chamber. For a blower manifold, Yestertech in Minnetonka Mn can fab you one.. His name is Jerry Christenson and he runs a blown 340 inch Y in his drag car
  13. Thanks for the info brechlrl
  14. ybloke
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    from Australia

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  15. gas4blood
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    from Kansas

    Latham made a supercharger for the Y block.
  16. ybloke
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    from Australia

    Ybloke 471 Blower Intake for Yblock Ford with BDS pop-off plate

  17. ybloke
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    from Australia

    Ybloke Drive front snout OD 46 tooth engagement DSC_0972.JPG Yblock Drive front RHS angle1 DSC_0957.JPG Yblock Drive front LHS angle1 DSC_0956.JPG Yblock Drive - front1 DSC_0954.JPG

    Last weekend, after months of finding supplliers and setting specifications.... and waiting for shipments to make there way to Australia.... I was in a position to pull everything together to confirm the yblock drive layout and clearances. I have accumlated lots of useful information and specifications in the process. I have started with an 8 inch snout, single vbelt harmonic balancer set-up (with adapter), 1360mm x 75mm ( 8mm pitch) Gilmer belt. Full drive specs and information is to be shared in this and other forums over time...
    NEXT step to transfer all these goodies to the Yblock on the test stand, then make, adapt and mount all the other necessary stuff to 'flash up' a blown yblock using the Ybloke 471 supercharge manifold
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  18. yblockva
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  19. ybloke
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    from Australia

    Announcing the safe arrival of the Ybloke 4-71 Supercharged 292 Ford Yblock, it LIVES….

    The blown Yblock engine project has brought together a Ford 292 engine, a Ybloke 4-71 Supercharger Intake Manifold, a reconditioned GM4-71 Supercharger, a custom 8” snout and drive coupler, a ‘The Blower Shop’ swing tensioner, overdriven 50:46 tooth Gilmer pulleys (8mm pitch) a 170 tooth Gilmer belt (1360mm), a custom harmonic balancer adapter coupling and a 4-71 to 4BBL adapter plate. This combination together with a 750cfm Edelbrock 4BBL carby, home made zoomies, re-curved truck distributor and a vintage JAP (gravity feed) fuel tank completes the package.

    Check out the youtube video my son Lee shot last weekend with a GoPro after dressing up the blown y-block with a few more shiny bits than the image below has on it...
    Please leave a like on which ever page you access the video...

    go to and search for: Ford y block 4/71 supercharged YBLOKE blower manifold
    goto my facebook page 'Ford Y Block - Ybloke Lindsay Shoemark (please leave a like)

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  20. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

  21. Blue One
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    Blue One
    from Alberta

    I like, nothing as sweet a Y Block music. :)

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