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Art & Inspiration BID SOON!! Steel Stampede Art Auction to benefit Veterans Memorial

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Animal, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Fast Friends's 4th Annual Steel Stampede Car Show and Gearhead Festival will be held Saturday, July 29, 2017 in Monte Vista, Colorado. This event is a fund-raiser for the Faith Hinkley Veterans Memorial Park, a memorial honoring all war dead from the San Luis Valley, from all wars and conflicts.

    There will be live music all day, an "Outlaw" Pinewood Derby and Matchbox/Hot Wheel races, and many giveaways and drawings.

    This year will also include an art auction patterned after the wildly successful art auctions sponsored by Fast Friends at their swap meets of a few years ago. Many HAMB artists and craftsmen donated their wares to raise funds for families of terminally-ill children in the San Luis Valley, an economically deprived area in southern Colorado.

    Fast Friends is well aware that artists are constantly asked for donations, having artists in their membership. We strive to ensure that any and all donations receive fair bids, and all proceeds will go to the veterans memorial construction fund.

    We will also take advance bids, with the cutoff at 5 pm MDT) on July 28. I will post items available for bid on this thread as they come in.

    As I said, we know artists are constantly barraged with requests, and many times receive no acknowledgement of any sort. We will send a certificate of gratitude, as well as a t-shirt specifically designed for art donors, to any and all artists deigning to help us out in this worthy cause.

    Please mention this auction to your automotive artist friends and acquaintances so that we might enable this veterans memorial to be finished in a timely manner, honoring those of all ages, genders, races, and religions who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect their friends, family, and country.

    Thank you,
    Larry "Animal" Garner
    Director, Fast Friends
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  2. bump up.......
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  3. Animal - Thanks for the personal message and invite to contribute to the art auction. I'm a bit unsure about attending the dirt drags this year due to very tight finances and minimal time off available since I changed jobs in December. I would still be very interested in contributing to the auction. If I am able to make it to Monte Vista this year, for the Dirt Drags or Steel Stampede & Gearhead Festival, I will let you know a make a point to look for you at the event(s).

    I have some framed pieces that I'll have a look through and post preview images here to see if they are fitting for the auction. Thanks again for the invite to participate. I've always enjoyed my visits to the valley, both for the car events and for the three schools that I did engineering work on in Center, Moffat, and Hooper/Mosca. I've met many wonderful folks in the area and would gladly do what I can to contribute to the worthy cause.

    Mike Rogers
    Driven Imagery
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  4. Thanks, Mike! I sincerely appreciate your help...and the Valley kids are all happy about all the new schools!

  5. Thanks for the message, I'm in.
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  6. Thanks, Jeff! We really appreciate the support.
  7. ...count me in also,...
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  8. Thanks, Bro!
  9. e1956v
    Joined: Sep 29, 2009
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    Alliance Vendor

    rustyl's artwork is awesome and will be a great addition to the auction.
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  10. Yeah, I really do love Rusty1's stuff..... I see you're from Colorado... you should come down and check out the show if you can. It's a fun day!
  11. e1956v
    Joined: Sep 29, 2009
    Posts: 1,760

    Alliance Vendor

    Sounds like a good time I will see if I can make it.
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  12. Bring your friends! :D
  13. ...thanks for the nice comments...
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  14. Can't wait to see some of the art work. There is some serious talent on this site.
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  15. ...sending you something this week
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  16. Thanks, Sam! We really appreciate it.
  17. georgeg
    Joined: Nov 18, 2008
    Posts: 186

    from Il

    Just saw your message. I would be happy to contribute!
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  18. Thanks, georgeg! We really appreciate it. :)
  19. Some art has started showing up, and more is on the way! Anyone wanting to help out with this great cause is encouraged to contact me (Animal) and we'll get things figured out. I'm painting some signs on a country store/café in my little town, and am/have been pretty busy so I haven't spent too much time on this thread, but I'll get pics posted soon and as more come in, for those who want to place bids. Thanks again to all the artists who have pledged to help, and to those who decide to join in! :)
  20. I need to collect some more donations that showed up while I was out of town, then I'll take some pics and post them, either today or tomorrow. Anyone interested in being involved with this cause is encouraged to either donate auction items or bid on the items offered. Pictures soon, I promise!
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  22. I got called out to help a friend with potato planting (the joys of retirement) and haven't had any time at all until today. We're waiting for the weather. I'll take pics today and get them posted asap. My apologies... the call was a surprise and I left the house thirty minutes later, have been running since then.
  23. Sam Boelens woodart.jpg Here is the piece we received from Rusty1...34' x 11" Woodart drawing coated with 2 coats of varnish, ready for your man cave! Sorry for the shadows... I'm not much of a photographer. :)
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
  24. Jokem59 donated three examples of his killer laser-cut 3D artwork... a 15" x 12" classic "Lone Wolf" in four colors , a 24" x 10" red and silver "Thunderbird V8" insignia, and a 24" x 6" black and silver "Custom" badge, ready to adorn any wall or flat surface you need artwork for.
    Joe Kemme Wolf.JPG Joe Kemme Thunderbird V8.JPG Joe Kemme Custom.JPG
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
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  25. Mark A donated three 17" x 14" prints... Haulin' Parts, Flying Tiger, and Local Speed Demon, ready for the frame of your choice.
    Mark Arnold Haulin' Parts.jpg Mark Arnold Flying Tiger.jpg
    Mark Arnold Local Speed Demon.jpg
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  26. 2NDCHANCE donated a pair of killer pieces... a painting of "Poison" on a full-sized wheel cover, and the Indian artwork on half of a 22" saw blade.
    Gary Morris Poison.JPG Gary Morris Indian Saw Blade.JPG
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  27. Robber graciously donated an original, 1 of 1 print for the auction, a 11" x 14" piece, framed, with the pertinent data on the back certifying this as a one-off, original piece of art, just for the Steel Stampede. You collectors are going to want to get your bids in for this one! "Orange Cream Smoothie"

    Rob Benson Orange Cream Smoothie 1of1.jpg
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  28. Here's another original piece of art, framed and ready to hang. This is not a print, but the original artwork by Ron Brown. He calls it "Stang" and it is an 8" x 11" piece, Ink and Copic markers.

    Ron Brown Mustang.jpg
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  29. That's what we have so far... but we have lots more pledged for delivery before the event on July 29 (still seven weeks from now!). Remember, you can contact me with a bid for the maximum amount you will pay for any item. We will have a person bid for you up to that amount. If it goes for less than your max bid, you only pay the amount needed to win the item. We will take bids up to noon MDT on Friday, the 28th. Please support this worthy cause and take home killer artwork from some very talented artists. :D

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