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Best way to move and Air Compressor?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by MrBelvedere2, May 28, 2010.

  1. MrBelvedere2
    Joined: Jan 13, 2009
    Posts: 189

    from Davis, CA

    Well pretty much this is what's going on. I am going to move across town to a house vs. the duplex I am at right now. I have an 80 gallon Ingersoll Rand 2 stage air compressor. It was a bitch to unload it from the truck. Now I am scratching my head trying to figure out the best way to load it into the truck, and move it, keeping it upright. Only lifting tools I have is a floor jack and my engine hoist..Any creative ideas out there from people that might have had to do the same thing?
  2. dalesnyder
    Joined: Feb 6, 2008
    Posts: 399


    Can you lay it on its side and roll it like a drum?
  3. 49ratfink
    Joined: Feb 8, 2004
    Posts: 17,798

    from California

    if I ever have to move mine I'm going to take the pump off.
  4. choppwatchagot
    Joined: Apr 18, 2010
    Posts: 166


    just get a couple freands and pick tha fucker up it only hurts for a min lol

  5. How about a refrigerator dolly, you know the ones with the built in straps and the little tank treads on the back for going up stairs? Put two of the compressor's feet on the dolly, strap that sucker in and go.
  6. Mr48chev
    Joined: Dec 28, 2007
    Posts: 27,328


    Pick it up and set it in the back of the truck with the cherrypicker and tie it down with some decent ratchet tie down straps.
  7. KoolKat-57
    Joined: Feb 22, 2010
    Posts: 2,964

    from Dublin, OH

    Try to get or make a small shipping pallet. Bolt it to the pallet. You can now use an appliance hand truck or even a regular heavyduty hand truck, and secure it to the hand truck, ramp it up into the truck and secure with rachet straps. Reverse procedure at the house!
    Good luck, and get someone to help you!
  8. Hot Rods Ta Hell
    Joined: Apr 20, 2008
    Posts: 4,084

    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    Make a ramp from a couple of long 2x8's and have a buddy help roll it into your truck.
    Aside from that, you can rent a small Penske box truck that comes with an electric lift gate. I used one to bring home a car body recently and the weekday rate was really cheap.
  9. G V Gordon
    Joined: Oct 29, 2002
    Posts: 5,691

    G V Gordon
    from Enid OK

    find someone with low trailer, lots easier to load a foot high than three foot high.
  10. tow truck
    pro. movers
    pay and be done with it

    can't do everything yourself save money on something else

    if it helps small dia pipe will work as rollers lay a half dozen under some 6 foot long wood runner skids on the feet and3- 4 guys walk it accross town heck it will make the evening news

    we moved a 10x10 storage shed this way two miles
    Last edited: May 28, 2010
  11. Pir8Darryl
    Joined: Jan 9, 2008
    Posts: 2,488


    Rent a Penske moving truck with a lift gate
  12. Rickybop
    Joined: May 23, 2008
    Posts: 6,573

    from Michigan

    49RatFink has the right idea if you just have to do it yourself for no money. Remove the pump and motor with the aid of your engine-hoist. Move the motor and pump separate from the tank. Then you can lay the tank down without oil in the pump getting into where you don't want it.
  13. Ebbsspeed
    Joined: Nov 11, 2005
    Posts: 5,106


    That's what I did. Mine is an 80 gallon upright, with an old (ie, heavy)kellogg 2-stage head and an equally heavy duty 364T frame 240 volt 5HP motor. I took the motor and the head off with my engine hoist, then was able to handle the tank by myself on a 2-wheeled cart. No way would I try to even lean that thing over with fewer than 2 GOOD helpers. It hugely top heavy, the head and motor probably go near 300 LBS.
  14. MEDDLER1
    Joined: Jun 1, 2006
    Posts: 1,593


    What you need is an air compressor installer to move it. Maybe you know of one. Hell he might even drive through davis daily.........LOL. Man just call me and we can get it done you should know better by now.
  15. Salty
    Joined: Jul 24, 2006
    Posts: 2,259

    from Florida

    I'd be willing to bet you need an oil change anyway....and 30wt aint gonna break the bank.

    Drain oil, back pickup to edge of compressor, you and buddy lay it at an angle on the gate and both of ya manhandle it in the back whilst transitioning from angle to flat.

    get it out the same way and refill with oil....

    I've moved 2 60's and 1 80 this way and it's worked fine...leverage is your friend.
  16. 35mastr
    Joined: Oct 26, 2007
    Posts: 1,899

    from Norcal

    Drain the oil. Use some straps and pick it up so it is laying sideways. Back your truck in while its still on the picker, Easier than bringing the picker to the truck. Lower it into the truck still laying on its side and tie it off and your done. Just do this in reverse order when you get it to the new place. I weigh 150# and do this kind of moving euipment all by myself. Just take your time and you will be fine.
  17. Spaceboy
    Joined: Apr 2, 2010
    Posts: 6

    from TN

    I bet I have that same compressor. Took four of us to unload it and it was bolted to a skid. Worked the skid to the end of the tailgate and leaned it way over to the ground, pulled truck up then uprighted compressor. I'm sure you could reverse that to get it in. If you added skis of sorts to the skid you could probably do it even easier.
  18. fiftyv8
    Joined: Mar 11, 2007
    Posts: 5,098

    from CO & WA

    Maybe a couple of pic's would help get better advice.

    If it is so darn heavy break it down by removing the motor and the compressor items.
  19. Merlin
    Joined: Apr 9, 2005
    Posts: 2,546

    from Inman, SC

    Best way to do it IMO.
  20. Steves32
    Joined: Aug 28, 2007
    Posts: 1,280

    from So Cal

    I moved mine from the shop to home that way. Drain the oil & lay it down in your truck.
  21. Antny
    Joined: Aug 19, 2009
    Posts: 1,071

    from Noo Yawk

    I had to move mine (80 gallon IR), from the bottom of my long, windy, and inclined driveway (where the delivery truck dropped it off while I wasn't home, ugh), up to my garage. I removed the compressor, and tied the storage tank to my snow plow! Lifted the plow and drove it up the driveway to the garage. Re-assembled the compressor, and voila, done. Having a truck with a plow certainly came in handy that day. :)
  22. Automotive Stud
    Joined: Sep 26, 2004
    Posts: 4,089

    Automotive Stud

    When I bought mine they put it upright in my truck with a forklift. When I got home I backed into the garage, put a comealong on the ceiling, hoisted it up, and drove out from under it. Worked great.
  23. chopt49
    Joined: Jul 5, 2006
    Posts: 945


    just got my 80 gal upright brought down from Reno. Guy had it strapped to a dolly and he just leaned it in and stood it up to load, we did the reverse to unload. I will be moving soon and plan to just strap to my dolly and roll her up the ramp into the moving van.

    But then again I may just pay someone to move the SOB. :)


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