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Technical Best source for rebuilt Muncie M20?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by bobss396, May 6, 2018.

  1. I posted this separate from my blown up M20 post. I could grab an eBay special for around $1200 or so, which can be a pig in a poke. One lunatic on there, his ads state one thing in the header, the description is for something else. No warm and fuzzy there.

    I've seen some from places like Riverside Gear, Midwest Muncies for around $1800 with new cases and internals. Not a bad deal since I want to get the car back together sooner than later. I'll deal with the broken one at my leisure.

    Does anyone know of a source that is pretty good from experience? I looked at the alliance vendors here first, no dice. Thanks!
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    For that kind of money I would buy a Nash 5 speed. Just my opinion . If I could sell my muncie for that kind of money I would have one in a heartbeat.
  3. JimSibley
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    T and b transmissions in Washington state has a great reputation, good prices and they ship
  4. I bet the member on here in Ohio, ritterdavid, would know. He is consistently placing ads in the classifieds with Muncie and Hurst parts for sale. He must know some connections in that regard. I would send him a PM and see if he might have a suggestion.:)................Don.
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  5. Ericnova72
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    AutoGear, in Syracuse,'s their parts that nearly all the 4 speed vendors are using to build new boxes.
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  6. wvenfield
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    I just did a quick search and on a Corvette site I saw someone suggest contacting a Larry Fischer of D and L transmissions on Long Island. (where it notes you are).

    I would call. 631-351-4837
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  7. ROADSTER1927
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    Daves 4 speeds in milwaukee is a good guy and will treat you fair.
  8. mcsfabrication
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    BBC (Bontempo Brothers Competition) in Linden N.J.. They're 15 minutes from the Gothels Bridge. 908-826-6336 They're really good, and reasonably priced. Either go through yours, or sell you one outright.
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  9. I talked with my brother earlier, he used to work with Larry at Grumman, 20 years ago. Larry used to do Muncies on the side back then. He is in Huntington, not far from me. I'll call him tomorrow. Next up is Auto Gear as they're in NY and I like their M20 write up. is another, can do me one in 2 to 2.5 weeks.
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  10. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    You would think I got a commision since I'm always touting the Richmond Super T-10.
    Still, the best deal going if you look at the big picture.
    In stock, great gear selection, high torque handling capability.
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  11. And the prices are pretty good on them. Is the mounting at the tailshaft the same as a Muncie? I'd also have to spring for a clutch disc and driveshaft yoke. My speedo cable is partially burned from the exhaust, the T10 location is on the passenger side. So my 63" cable needs to be 68" or 72".

    I printed the T10 mounting envelope, so I can compare it to what I have on the M20. If I'm willing to change parts, the M22 wide ratio is on the table too.
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  12. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    Here's a couple shots.
    Overall length from belhousing to end of splines.
    Super T-10: 22&3/4"
    Muncie: 22&1/4"
    Belhousing to C/L of crossmember.
    Super T-10: 14&1/4"
    Muncie: 14&3/8"
    The shifter mounts farther forward on this Muncie so the handle comes thru the console opening correctly on my 67 Nova.

    20180507_083849.jpg 20180507_084419.jpg
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  13. Thanks, this is a big help. I don't think I'm going the T10 route since I have to change a lot of things over. I have a call into someone local, waiting to hear back. Been doing research during the day on the T10 myself. I've been in contact with Auto Gear and they assure me that their M20 is pretty stout. They can have me one on the way later in the week, if my local source doesn't come through.
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  14. egads
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    My son has an Auto gear in his ot 68 Camaro that goes on drag week , He pound's on that poor thing and it's held up so far.
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  15. EnglishJon
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    If it doesn't work-out with Larry, Brian Higgins formerly of S-K Speed in Lindenhurst would be a good source, Although he's retired from S-K, he has a shop off Edison Ave in West Babylon. S-K should have a phone number for him.
  16. rd martin
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    rd martin
    from indiana

    i have a guy hear in indiana thats rebuilt over 5ooo muncies , he just did mine, has trans in stock, rebuilt ready to go. pm me if you want number. and very resonable, and they work!
  17. Kerrynzl
    Joined: Jun 20, 2010
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    THIS ^^^^^

    I've dealt with them from the other side of the world.
    Buy one of their M22 gearsets [ you can option them with M20 input spline and/or Wide ratio ]
    And rebuilt it yourself

    Muncies and ST10's are simple boxes to rebuild.
    You can download an assembly/disassembly manual that'll help you step by step.

    Don't be scared of a manual trans......there are less parts in them than an engine
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  18. Thanks. I was in S & K last week and inquired about their transmission service... no dice. I even asked if they knew anyone in the area. Nope. Guess I talked to the wrong person. I did see something in a Yelp review that mentioned a shop on Otis, so that must be it. I work off Wellwood, the shop is 5 minutes away and I have the busted M20 in my trunk, going for a ride at lunch time.

    Larry Fischer called me back last night, he says he's retired but still works out of his Huntington shop. I'm supposed to call him later to see if he's going to be there. If this drags on much longer I may as well grab the AG M20, Nathan says he can have one in the mail in a couple of days.

    Speedo cable question. My speedo mount is on the driver's side the AG box has it on the passenger side. My current cable is 63", how would a 68" cable do? I think it should make it. The next size up I can find is 72".
  19. EnglishJon
    Joined: Oct 27, 2009
    Posts: 39


    Did your lunch time excursion reveal anything? If not I'll try to find Brian for you, I haven't seen him since he left S-K so I have to catch up with him anyway. I used to work for Paul at Autodyne/, so he should know where to find Brian too.
  20. Got stuck at work.. no field trip. But I will take a look to see if there is a shop on Otis. Dropped the box off with Larry after work. Super nice guy and we decided to have him bore the case for a 1" pin. He will use a used mid plate as my 7/8" pin was most likely spinning in the case. It will get a 2.52 input shaft and counter gear. I told him to use new pieces if he has to. But I have great confidence that it will be fixed right.
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  21. F&J
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    But I have great confidence that you will still behave like an 18 year old.:oops:
  22. I may go easy on it for the first day... actually will follow the break in instructions if I get any. Make a mental note not to hammer on it too badly if I'm far from home.

    I had blown up a 3-speed truck box close to home, limped it home in 3rd. Box shook like a maracas when we took it out.
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  23. whiteknuckle
    Joined: Feb 6, 2007
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    from Dryden, NY

    You may want to give these guys a call. I've heard good things about them from a friend who has made purchases.

    Attached Files:

  24. Yup, already have been in contact with Nathan, he was a big help. If I buy a new one, it will be from them. Larry from D&L (where my box is) deals with them quite a bit.

    I have good confidence that my existing M20 can be fixed up. It was quiet as a church mouse, shifted up and down with no complaint. The major problem was probably the loose countershaft pin allowing the main shaft and the countershaft gears to spread apart. The rest of it looked pretty good.
  25. I cruised by where Higgins supposedly has his shop, looks like 90% of the buildings have no shingle outside.

    BUT... I got my M20 back yesterday from Larry and he did a great job on it. New Italian cluster gear, a newer used 2.52 input shaft to match. One of the sliders was bad, so was 3rd gear and my reverse idler needed a trip to the dentist.

    The box at some previous time was assembled with JUNK parts from other boxes. He moved the cluster pin up closer to the main shaft by .004, backlash is now correct in all gears. Lots of other new parts as well. I'll take pictures of the bad parts when I get a chance. Rainy here today, I'm working outside so I have to wait for a break and let it dry up a bit.
  26. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
    Posts: 13,201

    from oregon

    Good to hear it could be saved Bob.
    Now the problem is with that Italian gearset, the car will want to pull into every pizza joint you pass!
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  27. MAD MIKE
    Joined: Aug 1, 2009
    Posts: 450

    from 94577

    Late to the game here, I enjoy Paul Cangialosi( informative videos on YouTube(GearWorldTV). It doesn't hurt he makes new Muncies and the proper midplate for T5s so you don't have to worry about destroying 3rd gear under spirited driving.
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  28. Thanks guys, I can eat (NY..) pizza every day. Got it back together, needed a shifter bushing kit, 2 were broken. I'm not easy on my equipment. Nice and quiet, shifts up and down nicely. I probably have 15 pounds of broken parts from my old one.

    5speeds was on my short list if I was going with a new box. Mine is a mix of good old parts and new parts.
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