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Best car related experience

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by porknbeaner, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. 51 mercules
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    51 mercules

    Last week I talked to the original owner of my 51 merc Phil Sauer.He was the owner of my merc when it appeared in Car Craft in 1957.He told me Dean Jeffries did the body work and Von Dutch striped the dash.
  2. Oldhenry1
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    That's a loaded question.
  3. AllthenamesIpickaretaken
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    I cant even to begin to explain my best experience related to a car as just about everything in my life has revolved around cars , The Car/Women experiences were probably my favorite as there were many of both with many many different cool cars over the years..

    the best memories probably come from the crashes ..... starting with the streetracing accident when my uncle crashed his 68 Nova SS when I was 13 and they pulled me out of the car while it was on fire on its roof settled on an electric fence in a farmers field, Yea I almost died but it sure was a memorable moment in my life....
    then the Chevy monza I totalled myself when I was 16,

    totalled a 68 Charger when I was 17 didnt get hurt but sure miss that car,

    driving down the road in a boring early 80s Z28 and notice a super nice 72 Cuda getting on the highway 10 minutes later the guy in the Cuda didnt hit the brakes when we were getting off the highway and totalled that boring Camaro and the first thing I said to the girl next to me was I sure hope he didnt wreck that nice Cuda to bad,

    a few years later I was beating on my own 70 340 Cuda on a local freeway underpass when the cheap glass fuel filter came apart and the car turned into a ball of fire at 70+ causing me to jump out while it was still skidding to a stop ,

    then my all time favorite yet depressing accident was the time I was leaving the local bar as Happy hour started because I didnt want to drink do to the fact I was driving an orig 70 440-6 ,4spd 70 Roadrunner , well I made it about a quarter mile down the road and T-bone a full size Ford wagon that ran a red light which then gets T-boned by a new Dodge truck on the other side... Yep the guy driving the Wagon was extremely drunk and when the Cops asked what happened I explained I was just leaving the bar to avoid something like this and the guy in the Dodge truck was actually headed to the Bar I just left... The cop Laughed and said I hate to say this but it seems as though you should have had that drink after all.... LOL me and the feller in the Dodge truck immediately went back to that bar after our wrecked cars were hauled off though...

    yea I have had a lot of fun with cars over the years and its amazing that I even still have the ability to type some of the mishaps .....
  4. Bigchuck
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    from Austin, TX

    Wow. Note to self: Never let this guy borrow a car, or get into one with him.:D

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