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Technical best budget interiors ever!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 59IMPALER, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. The name of the company is "Custom Interiors". A lot of thought went into that one. Last time I checked, they had no web page, just a phone number and an address. Total Old School.. They're the company that has made JC Whitney's seat covers since 1948, so they have patterns for every American car ever made. The fit and quality is very good. This is an old price list, but I think that a front and rear set can be bought for $300. I ordered extra flat, and also pleated material, and made door panels with 1/4" plywood. Call, and they will send you a price list 800-423-6053. DSC03503.JPG DSC03849.JPG DSC03851.JPG DSC03852.JPG DSC03853.JPG DSC03854.JPG
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  2. Yep....this place is great and the product is very nice
  3. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    Thanks for info
  4. :cool:

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  5. fordor41
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    We've had C.I. in our '41 for about 18yrs. First set got a bit worn and reordered new covers front and rear. Received new and were a different color (ordered same color)so redid the whole interior to match.
    We went with rolled material on the door panels. Originals were heat sealed but new material was sewn. A bitch to work with as when we cut the material the stitching came loose. Had to cut the material and quickly run it thru a sewing machine to keep the stitching in place. Now stitching is breaking on front seat bottoms. Their original covers were definetely better.
  6. Had no idea they were sewn now. That sucks, cause my 13 yr old heat sealed set is wearing like iron.
  7. Hmm I'm still gonna call and get an updated price sheet and info pack. I thought these guys got bought by Labaron Bonney, glad to see they are still around
  8. 40StudeDude
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    If the "Automotive Interiors" shown is in Long Beach, CA, I can vouch for them. I just had them make a vinyl headliner for my '52 Willys...they had the original patterns and all I did was supply the correct color vinyl to them and they sewed up a perfect headliner...and got it in two weeks...!!!

  9. Fat47
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    Using the internet for "Custom Interiors" and the phone number on the original post comes up with an outfit in Belchertown, MA. There is another company in California so Roger must have used them..
  10. Thore
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    Nice, thanks for the information.
  11. Phillips
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    Hey Roger how's that Willys coming along?

    Going back on topic, the 800 number listed matches LeBaron Bonney, and the catalog still lists the heat sealed pleated material as available.
  12. 40StudeDude
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    It's ready to be painted and we're interviewing painters right now...!!! It's been blocked twice and in order to get a good paint job, there's not a bit of glass in it....I have a new windshield coming for it and I have new gaskets for front and rear...hopefully we'll get paint on it in the next few weeks....Below is the third and final primer...

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  13. Hi Impaler,

    that interior looks great!
    I've been looking for a not too expensive interior for my caddy for a while.
    It's unfortunate that they don't have a homepage. How do you order from them?
    I am from europe and English is not my mother-tongue, so ordering a full interior for my car via the telephone is a no-go.
  14. CME1
    Joined: Aug 10, 2010
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    Hi 59Impaler . The seat covers on your '53 Chevy look great! And you did an excellent job on the door panels'. Really look's pro shop installed.
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  15. Well....I'm afraid I was right and lebaron Bonney did buy them, and if that's the case I don't think you getting those prices or the about 300 bucks anymore. They do the ez boy interiors they advertise in many of the magazines.
    I just put together a interior for my 61 Sunliner on their website and it was $675.00....not expensive considering I did the custom option....but not $300.00 either
  16. $1100.00 for front and rear seat like the original post..
  17. I called them today, and they are sending me a new price sheet. The guy said that the heat pleated sets are they're cheapest, and that they are $250-$300 for front and rear. He said the cheap covers were going to be generic, and that it would take a good upholstery guy to make them fit. WTF? My set fit like a glove. He also said that LeBaron Bonney had bought "Automotive interiors", and THAT is a different company altogether than CI. I bought a headliner from Automotive Interiors before, different address and phone number than CI. The L-B guy told me he had never HEARD of CI. He said they only bought PART of AI/CI and that AI/CI was still in business making vintage replacement seat covers. I'm going to write a letter to the CI address that's on my 2003 price list, and get to the bottom of this.
  18. Hey, thanks a lot. Most people don't know that I spent about $650 on my whole interior!
  19. Awesome...this thread just got my "maybe some new seat covers and door panels " blood flowing...and it can flow for under gets a little thicker at 1000.
  20. My 2003 price list says CI's address is Indian Orchard, MA.
  21. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Thanks looks nice for on the budget.
    For me on the budget we snagged some seats out of a 76 Cad. The rear even clipped in on the bottom.
    I put this in my 65 chevelle.
  22. fordor41
    Joined: Jul 2, 2008
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    When I bought my last set, I got two or maybe three different companies answering the phone.Evidently there are more than one company doing the work.
  23. fordor41
    Joined: Jul 2, 2008
    Posts: 945


    ya, when I bought my last interior I got a couple companies answering the same phone no.
  24. That's kind of odd
  25. Tune_UP
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    from colorado

    Any update on this? Im gonna call tomorrow for a price list just wanna see if its still the same company running the show.
  26. young'n'poor
    Joined: Jan 26, 2006
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    from Anoka. MN

    yea did anyone ever get to the bottom of this?
  27. I believe that Auto Custom Carpets may be the top company and the rest are under it. Stock Interiors in MA is where I placed a recent carpet order over the phone (I had a few questions) and they told me the carpet would come in an ACC box, which came out of Birmingham Alabama. Still super service, I had my carpet kit in 3 days.

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