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Bending Perspex...???? HOW HOT?>>>>>

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Mai Ki-Ki, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Just rying to make some new clear lenses for my indicators...
    just need a simple smooth 180degree bend...But How hot does the plastic need to get to bend...???

    Hairdryer didnt werk (didnt think so...)
    Paint stripper or oven required?

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  2. stealthcruiser
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    try a piece in the oven about 250 degrees to start with(that would be fahrenheit for you metric types),and inch it up about 25 degrees at the time(scrap piece for practice)
  3. Kools...

    Um this is supposed to be in a NON-USED FOR COOKIN' oven right? Cos atm i only have the one at home...


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  4. mikes51
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    "The zone adjacent to the heated zone must be kept at a temperature of about 70°C for extruded sheets and 80°C for cast sheets to minimise stresses due to temperature differences. "
    how to bend plex


  5. Try an industrial grade heat gun.Much hotter than a hairdryer but be careful to keep it a distance from the plastic as too much heat will cause it to bubble.Best way is to lay the plastic over a tube of the diameter you want the lens to be and gradually apply heat.The plastic should conform to the shape readily.
  6. FEDER
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    Ive used boiling water to bend plastic before it worked fine---FEDER
  7. Bending 3mm Sheet.

    Thanks for the info...

    Hmm...two days to sort it out...



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