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Projects Belly Tank Build, NZ.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 26 T Ford RPU, May 3, 2021.

  1. Trying some positioning of the pump and tap. JW
  2. No, I don’t have a project… well sort of.

    I’d still like to do a roadster like I wanted to do with the old ’36 Chev parts I had, but all those parts went when I moved to a smaller place in Whangarei. I’m slowly gathering parts again and thinking about a ’23 T track roadster. Missed out on a couple of deals last year… long story.

    So if you know of any cheap T bucket bodies, around $200, let me know. I’d prefer to get something old to re-do rather than a new one. I’ve got a turtle deck so far along with a few other bits and pieces.

    I’m thinking four cylinder so perhaps I could do a Willys powered track roadster :)

    You’re doing great work on the belly tank.

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  3. Thanks again, Glen and i like your vision and a stock Jeep motor (L head) is 63 hp std, will keep an eye open for you. JW
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  5. I Like it, i have thought about something like that for the Grand Daughter.....Cool. JW
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  6. Was going to pull the roll cage apart again as i got something very wrong, the 2'' per side for maximum lateral helmet clearance is helmet to cage not to the near solid regulation "padding". Then i decided that i can't be bothered and i will modify the cages helmet rail instead, i am concerned of the fact i may not fit in it if i do rework it, its tight getting in and out as is. I was hoping to get the cage tucked in and maybe a bit lower, i haven't completely said no to it but its a lot of work with all new materials.
    On another topic i am starting the marking out for the template for the fire wall.
    I want to try it at two events in February and may not by then be up to Bonneville standards but will meet and exceed our safety, i will then continue to SCTA specs but will do as much as i can between now and then. I will be starting the fire suppression system soon and will be fitting dry powder of a size twice the minimum and not sure of what to use up front as some of what is recommended is only available ''here'' to the Army!! Progress pics soon i hope. JW
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  7. Needed a distraction from the roll cage so i found the piece of 5/16 x 3'' plate i cut a year ago that i was going to make a new manifold flange so i marked it out, made some holes and next start designing a new intake and exhaust, carb will be a Holley 350 2 bbl.
    Been thinking about the roll cage a lot the last few days and i have decided that i will take it apart and get some more tube and start the roll cage from scratch.....THIRD TIME LUCKY and if that gets F&*ked up then i will put it all away and do something else...maybe. JW
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  8. chopnchaneled
    Joined: Oct 21, 2004
    Posts: 1,425

    from Buford Ga.

    Hang in there, If it was easy anybody could do it !!
  9. I hope it all goes well.

    As a matter of interest, what would one of those old Willys engines cost these days?

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  10. Thanks and it will go well.....i know it will. As for a Jeep motor i got mine for free so i don't know as i can't recall seeing one for sale. JW
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  11. Removed the roll cage today and all going well i will start the new one tomorrow, Re doing this stuff really makes you loose interest in the project and makes needle work very attractive.:( JW
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  12. JamieUC
    Joined: Jul 8, 2013
    Posts: 163

    from Swansea UK

    Oooh I feel for ya, redoing the roll cage again has gotta be a big progress zapper, especially as I know just how much work is involved. Its definitely tough complying to SCTA rules when your in a different country without the help of a few knowledgeable Bonneville veteran.
    Hang in there it'll all be worth it when your speeding down the sand/salt!
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  13. Thanks, Jamie. Bending the main hoops is very hard with my bender but i have a plan... will see over the next couple days. As for getting it to Bonneville, it is still my dream but with the way things are in the world i cant see that happening but if i get to do some running here that will be cool too, but it will be built to salt spec just in case. The firewall is on hold till the roll cage is sorted and i am starting lots of small projects on it so i know things will fit so i don't try putting two things in the same place further on. Some positive progress soon. JW
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  14. spanners
    Joined: Feb 24, 2009
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    Keep at it. There's always the salt at Lake Gardiner which I've heard is in better condition than Bonneville, just a lot harder, ie primitive, to get to.
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  15. Finished up the new manifold flange. The exhaust and intake tubes will all be 1 3/8'' O/D. I hope to have the carb just above the engine. More on this very soon.:) JW
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  16. Did more measuring and made some MDF templates. Tried the back hoop and was spot on and the front one just needs to be shaped better around the body. The height of the cage has come down about 1 1/2''. JW[​IMG]
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  17. When i cut the body to fit over the cage i kept the bits i cut out incase i needed to put some back so the bits in the pic with the tape will be glassed back in and i will adjust the front hoop pattern to give more room in the lower part to aid entry/exit. JW
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  18. You are reading too much into that rule. It is less than2" per side clearance. So, you can have 1 7/8" on each side from padding to helmet. There are some cages that are several inches wider than the helmet but the head restraints are within the 2" rule. Section 3.A.3 of the rulebook

    Look at the cage in Speed Demon
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  19. Thanks, Trent, that was how i read it first but it seemed to much and the cage was looking like an ''oil rig''. With me wanting to have a full canopy it was going to start looking fugly so with a cage redesign to have as little clearance as practical (3/4''-1'') i could get the top down and pull the sides in...if i hadn't changed it now i would have hated it. I have the fairing for the top and would really like it to flow as close to that as possible with minimal mods, i was starting to see a swore thumb kind of thing. JW
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  20. ok cool, just wanted to be sure
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  21. Made a start on the exhaust, it will be a simple thing much like a straight zoomie. I have also started the new back hoop for the cage and hope to have something positive to show by the end of the weekend. JW
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  22. Yesterday i took the tube to a gate making place that i worked at 25 years ago and bent the top of the rear hoop, today i started to do the other bends on it....first bend and disaster, i left the next size up former in my bender and it folded it....Oh shit....will try again on Monday:(:oops:o_O JW
  23. I wasn't going to show my error of not checking what former was in the bender but here it is, i was looking forward to having this hoop done yesterday...maybe soon. JW
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  24. spanners
    Joined: Feb 24, 2009
    Posts: 1,675


    I feel your pain. When I did the cage for my HAMBster I bought one full length of tube but had to buy a second one because I made so many blunders. As a fabricator I make a really good truck driver.
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  25. Bearing Burner
    Joined: Mar 2, 2009
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    Bearing Burner
    from W. MA

    aon our lakester we solved the firewall problem by welding a 2" flange to rollbar suports and then bolting a flat panel to the flange and then sealing the joint with fireproof sealant.
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  26. Got a replacement cage hoop and have started the bending, it is further along than in the photo and so far all is going well and hope to have the whole cage basically done by the end of the weekend. JW
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  27. Also go my Holley 350 cfm 2bbl carb for the Tank today, it came with the air cleaner that i was going to move on at a swap meet but it will now be going on my 327 that i have kicking around. Cost me $380 NZ for both, these carbs are over 1K here now new, this is a good clean low use item. JW
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  28. Got the back hoop done, just needs a bit of leveling. I hope to be able to put some more of the body
    back in the cutout. Moving forward again. JW
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  29. I need to take about an 1/8'' off the bottom on the left side to square it up. The front hoop is half done. JW
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