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BEGGING FOR HELP on clutch kit for oddball 194 Chevy!!!!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by STAGE III, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Okay I am about to lose my freaking mind here. Have had 5 parts guys all with over 40 years experience looking for this $#@&^*@! thing and STILL NO CLUTCH KIT TO GO IN THIS MF'er!

    Application 1966 MF'in 4 door Chevelle Malibu.194 straight six 1bbl with granny shift 3 speed. 153 tooth flywheel, 9 1/8" clutch, 9 1/4" backing plate 10 spline.

    Have shipped in 4 freakin kits and every damn one of them ends up having a 10" backing plate. Flywheel is a single pattern so cannot bolt up a 10" on it.Only flywheel available from Napa is like a 166 or 168 tooth so will not work with my starter.

    This morning I got the closest kit yet.Older parts man said it reminded him of the 235 Chevy clutch kit (think he said the 235 engine) anyhow that clutch was the first correct one I have seen since starting this F'ing project , even the backing plate was the correct 9 1/4" BUT the mounting holes were 3/8" on the new one and are 5/16" on the old one AND after marking and rotating to all positions the F'ing mounting holes of the two backing plates didn't line up (close but close doesn't get ) considered using just the clutch but my backing plate was so worn out that is a no go.

    If anyone has run into this crap and figured it out it should be someone here.Putting this clutch in to sell the car was going to make the house payment and there it sits on the jack stands a second day with no clutch kit in sight for it (and my Jeep is still broke down at parts store,brand new starter crapped out, yeh cry me a river! I know).

    Can anyone help on this POS or think of something short of major high dollar transmission changes etc to get this bitch sold?

    82k actual miles and original drivetrain (at least for now)

    Thanks in advance for ANY help
  2. ask the parts house who rebuilds their clutch setups locally and head there and have them rebuild the one you have! they can do 99% of them without ordering any special parts. if my local guy can do one for a 32 chevy in 2 days turnaround a 66 with 194 is comman as a housefly.
  3. my 67 Biscayne w/250 six hat a teeny clutch like yours does....except my flywheel was drilled for a 10 inch clutch plate also...I just bought the larger size parts and they bolted right in !....maybe you can locate a 250 six cylinder stick flywheel for cheap ....problem solved.

  4. oldolds
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    As I remember all the car 4 and 6 cyl Chevys were 9 inch at that time period. Trucks might have had the 10 inch on a 6. I would try the oldest parts house local to you. If not try a Nova Specialist.
  5. 6-bangertim
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    from California

    I'd try a clutch for the 153 - 4-banger. I would guess the factory used the 153 flywheel, as they didn't have the correct one available - just slapped one on with the clutch assembly to keep the engine moving down the line. Saw this shit before on a late-70's Monza V-6. WTF???

    Find a local clutch rebuilder to match up what you have - or rebuild it.

    Good Luck, Tim
  6. ...or have the flywheel drilled for the bigger pattern, this is a job any decent machine shop can tackle... better if you know someone in a machine shop.

    The bigger 153 T flywheel is a way cheaper option and will bolt right in.

  7. bohica2xo
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    from Las Vegas

  8. Carolina Clutch & Brake in Hickory, 800-374-2212
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    Thank you for all the suggestions.All good stuff.Called NPG(thanks Carl) and got Derrick to pull one out of the box and confirm all the dimensions and it is on the way.

    Going to check that 4 cylinder clutch suggestion also.This car was tagged for a v-8 but had a 6 banger special ordered so might have caused some issues on the line and got that clutch to keep things rolling as you suggested.

    Anyhow parts on the way and have allot of other good options now.Even got the ole wagoneer fired up and
    back and home. Thanks for the help
  10. whiskerz
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    from Ga.

    Atlanta Clutch exchange . He has built several odd clutches when we were racing odd cars
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    Thanks for all the help guys. Kit came in yesterday from National Parts Depot.They have had it for years and was only one but CORRECT one. Is a reman from a company called Arrow Automotive or White Auto Parts for anyone who runs into this same problem and tracks down this thread later on.I attempted to find either one of these companies but had no luck, just the same here are some numbers for cross referance though.

    Arrow Automotive Clutch kit CA-1611 or C0863-5

    9 1/8"

    Thanks again Carl, we had looked at NPG and missed it but you put us right on it, so thanks man.

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