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Art & Inspiration "Before I die,I want to.......(car related only PLEASE!)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Bad Bob, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Roger Walling
    Joined: Sep 26, 2010
    Posts: 1,144

    Roger Walling

    Just before I die I would like to see all of my cars in the hands of pople that would appreciat and drive them .
    Joined: May 4, 2004
    Posts: 26


    Have a proper place to keep all of my rides clean and safe from the elements
    Build a mild Kustom 65 Riviera
    Climb Pike's Peak in my deceased brother's 5.0
    Finish my 33 Chevy 5 window
    Pass my love of cars onto my kids
    Ask for forgiveness of my sins and repent - hoping there are cars in heaven!
  3. biscaynes
    Joined: Mar 16, 2008
    Posts: 1,648


    own a 2dr post '55 chev :)
  4. Just Jarrod
    Joined: Apr 15, 2011
    Posts: 29

    Just Jarrod

    My list is too long, but it would start with getting my dad's '58 Apache (stepside) back on the road. I'd love to work on it with him before he dies. It's been in the garage (humbly storing xmas decorations) since about 1980. Growing up as a kid, I always dreamed of seeing that thing running, and probably credit my interest in old rides to having to look at that thing sit pathetically for 30 years. The "story" is my dad's dad bought it new and my dad learned to drive in it. If that's true, it's a good family history story I'd love to keep alive.
  5. banditomerc
    Joined: Dec 18, 2005
    Posts: 2,265


    As it pertains to my car stuff.I would like to finally finish a car 100%....usually someone will want it more ($$$)before it gets finished,or i get bored with it,Though I'm a sucker for dead presidents
    Joined: Jul 18, 2011
    Posts: 17

    from Needles

    Get to Drive, ride, or own a real 1964 Ford Thunderbolt, and then try to make it faster.
  7. midnightrider78
    Joined: Oct 24, 2006
    Posts: 1,017


    Before I die, I want to...

    1. Pilot a front engine dragster. I don't really expect this to happen, but it is fun to dream.

    2. Own 1 or more "factory race cars"(1963&1/2 427 Galaxie, early 1960s Pontiac Super Duty cars, Max Wedge Dodge or Plymouth). I don't necessarily mean cars that were campaigned, but the just ones that are correct and not clones. I'm a stickler for originality and correctness on these types of cars.

    3. Stumble onto a really special "barn find." I've had some "barn finds" in the past but nothing really unique of significant. It's been mostly Model As, Impalas, late '40s early '50s Chevrolets. I would love to be the lucky guy who finds a well known '50s/'60s drag or show car or a one of only a very small # known to exist.
  8. Be the first person to get to a barn find.
    Attend Indy 500
    I guess Bonny
    Most of all to teach a young person the "how to's" of the hobby/sport
  9. OahuEli
    Joined: Dec 27, 2008
    Posts: 5,046

    from Hawaii

    Build a blown Cammer and put it in something like a '56 ford Crown Vic.
  10. NortonG
    Joined: Dec 26, 2003
    Posts: 2,117

    Member Emeritus

    Get my name in the 200MPH club!
    That's a big one for me.
  11. warren1328
    Joined: May 20, 2006
    Posts: 74


    Shag Jennifer a car.
  12. Before I die I wanna come over to the US and meet some of you guys and hang a while, share a beer or two and talk cars and shit, and ease back in a comfy chair on someone's verandah watching the summer sun fade over the horizon, and then maybe a long cruise in a rod or a sled just to lap up the miles, going nowhere in particular.
  13. Big Jon
    Joined: Apr 20, 2008
    Posts: 146

    Big Jon

    go to bonneville then a HAMB meet and greet,

    oh yea wouldn't mind finishing a couple of cars
  14. Cowtown Speed Shop
    Joined: Sep 26, 2010
    Posts: 1,182

    Cowtown Speed Shop
    from KC

    Drive my chopped 5 window across country to bonneville, Run the shit out of it, cruise on down to cali and hang out with the kennedy Bro's, Vern and keith tardel, bobby walden, jim jacobs (shit this list could go on and on) oh yeah and check out kiwi kevs place. Then cruise back this way stopping at many other hotrod guys places along the way.....
  15. Hdonlybob
    Joined: Feb 1, 2005
    Posts: 3,922


    Finish my current project to my satisfaction...then enjoy it !!
  16. Get to race my vintage dirt modified which is 75% finished, visit the guys down in Oz and watch my great grand kids grow up!
  17. 5window
    Joined: Jan 29, 2005
    Posts: 7,880


  18. 28chevrat
    Joined: Oct 11, 2005
    Posts: 322


    Build a Model A 31 Coupe
    32 Five window
    32 3 window
    36 3 window
    Lots of customs
    finish my roadster
    Hang out with all my friends while building these and have a few beers doing it.
  19. hotrod fozzie
    Joined: Sep 16, 2006
    Posts: 175

    hotrod fozzie

    1) speed weeks at bonneville

    2) hot rod power tour

    3) woodward ave. Cruise

    4) pas robles show

    5) grand national roadster show

    6) go to gene winfield metal working class

    7) meet & chat with billy gibbons about cars
  20. Domn8r
    Joined: Apr 15, 2006
    Posts: 172

    from Helena, MO

    1. Finish my 48 Chevy Coupe
    2. Travel Route 66 in it
    3. Locate and build a 1953 Studebaker P.U. (like the one that got away from me when I was 16, haunted me ever since)
  21. autobilly
    Joined: May 23, 2007
    Posts: 3,094


    Come on down Hank!
  22. druids62
    Joined: Oct 1, 2009
    Posts: 188


    Go for a ride in BadBob's Merc!
  23. Rustytoolss
    Joined: Jul 27, 2009
    Posts: 251


    Build a Phantom Tin Woodie 2DR, drive it to the west coast for that large woodie show out there.
    Drive a TOP FUEL car...well aleast do a burnout in one. Don't know if I'd have enough guts to make a pass.
    Enlarge my garage
    Joined: Aug 8, 2008
    Posts: 3,623

    Alliance Vendor

    My son is 7

    I want to be able to cruise with him in his
    own Corvair I pass down to him with him driving. (and picking up chicks :) )
  25. papo49merc
    Joined: Jan 26, 2010
    Posts: 122

    from La Habra

    1. Finish my 49 Merc.
    2. Finish my 41 Ford Coupe.
    3. Finsh my 51 GMC truck.
    4. Cruise the country on Route 66.
    5. Be alive when my kids are mature enough so I can hand them the keys to the Merc, Ford and GMC.
  26. lt1racing
    Joined: Jan 30, 2011
    Posts: 79


    run my 55 @ bonneville
    run in hotrod mags dragweek
    cruise route 66
    not break down doing any of those things. lol
  27. You own an Edsel...not much gayer! LOL
  28. Design engines that win
    Indianapolis 500
    Monaco Grand Prix
    24 Hours of Le Mans

    Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps
    Italian Grand Prix at Monza

    Formula SAE

    Exceed 150mph in a Pontiac Streamliner at Bonneville
    Set the piston-engined wheel-driven land speed record
    Design an engine that powers a fastest production car.

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