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Projects BChrismer's Beater '40 Ford Panel Project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by bchrismer, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. I still have most of the gallon left. I am sure I can spare some for the rear floor.
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  2. Sitting here at my computer, doing some bookkeeping for Bret Chrismer's Mustache Wax, after getting back from the post office and mailing out another order. I'm not saying the panel truck has kicked my sales in the butt, however, since I started posting photos of it with the logo on the sides, I have received a few orders. LOL

    Since getting the insurance on the panel, I have driven it pretty much everywhere I have been, with the exception of last week when a buddy of mine brought over his grandson who was wanting to see my '40s. The kid is 13 or 14 and has a passion for early Fords! Can I get an AMEN??? Anyway, while they were here, I took him for a ride in the coupe. After we got back, I explained to him that the coupe has about 300HP, and the panel truck, when new, only had a rating of 85HP, so it would be a totally different experience. He had a big grin on his face the entire time he was riding in both '40s, but I think his preference was the panel truck.

    The public reception, pretty much everywhere I have taken it, has been extremely positive. Yesterday, I had a guy strike up a conversation in the parking lot of the grocery store, and this morning, I had another guy asking me a bunch of questions when I ran out to get some milk at Braum's. I had similar reactions to the '40 MorDor, which wasn't quite as rough as the panel, but close. time to get back to the books.
  3. BlowHole.jpg (photo courtesy of Quentin)

    Yesterday was the Stray Kat Reunion, over in Dewey, OK. I never asked the "why" for the event, just assumed it was just a way for Mick and the other Stray Kats to have their buddies come over and hang out since they canceled the Stray Kat 500 for this year.

    I was excited to take the '40 panel truck over, but spent my Friday afternoon trying to resolve the 35-40mph front end wobble and didn't do the "fluid levels" check, other than checking the oil and gas gauge. When I showed up to meet Mike, Pike, and Quentin, at 5:30AM, the panel was blowing steam out of the radiator overflow tube. Being one of little patience, I bummed a towel from Mike, put on a leather glove, and took the pressurized radiator cap off resulting in a geyser of coolant and water all over the parking lot and front end of the truck. It took 2 gallons of coolant to bring it back up to level. I told them to go on without me, and I would limp the panel home and get the coupe and meet up with them there, but they insisted on waiting until I got back. Pike told me that the panel wasn't gonna make it and I should just leave it there and ride with him.

    I took off from Hoods, with a normally 20 minute ride back to the house. The whole time, I was keeping an eye on the temp gauge which was reading steady at "Normal". Unfortunately, I missed the exit and took a longer route back to the house. When I got home, I ran inside, grabbed my infrared temp gun, shot both heads and they were 168 and 178 degrees while not running, so I decided that it was just my bonehead mistake of letting the radiator get too low that caused the issue, so I tossed a pair of new water pumps in the back of the panel, grabbed a hose and hosed off the coolant that was all over the front, and headed back out to the truck stop to meet back up with them.

    Mike, Pike, and Quentin decided that since I was running a flathead and had an issue already, that they would make me the "lead" vehicle in our 4 car convoy to Dewey. Unfortunately, I don't have a rear view mirror, and the side view mirrors were difficult to see out of to keep track of where the other cars were, so I just went ripping down the highway, running between 70-80mph. One thing I learned is that the little flathead is pretty thirsty, still, requiring a gas stop in Coffeyville, KS. (I think I have a leaking power valve)

    When Pike pulled in with his '41 coupe, he was going on and on about me not showing the flathead any mercy, and how surprised he was that I was running it so hard. I reminded him that I am pushing 3.0 gears, so it wasn't working that hard.

    (photo courtesy of Travis Miller)
    When we pulled into the event, Jerry Curry had saved us some spots, but Pike and I parked in the grass up at the front.
    (Photo also courtesy of Travis Miller)

    The trip was successful, with just that one incident, and I have now ordered a couple new power valves from so I can swap the one in the carb and finish a rebuild on a backup.

    Was a fun trip, and I appreciate all the kind words that were shared about the panel truck. One of the shocking revelations was when Jim Smith told me that he's been reading this thread. He and Jason and their crew have cranked out some KILLER cars from Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, OK, and for him to be reading about my beater panel blew me away. Thanks for the kind words, Jim. It is always a pleasure to visit with you.
  4. lo-buk
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    from kcmo

    Good to see you and your truck, it is looking good.
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  5. It was good to see you yesterday and fun to see the truck in person....even if it wasn’t carrying any wax. Lol
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  6. Always good to see you and your bride! I was really shocked to see her riding shotgun and not behind the wheel of the 35. I think that is a first for me. ;-) Looking forward to seeing you two in October.
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  7. I actually was carrying wax on the trip over. Robert Waddell ordered 4 tins on Friday night and I delivered those to him. I just didn't have any "extras", but I did tell ya that my personal tin of candy cane scented wax was sitting on the passenger seat if you wanted to use some.

    Always great to see ya, Dr Dave.
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  8. Good to see you Saturday as always Bret. And, I was glad to get to check out the panel in person. The day just went by too quickly....
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  9. No doubt. I was over talking with Lisa and B-Scott when Meeker sent me a text telling me they were ready to take off. I didn't get to swing back by for a "goodbye" visit. I much prefer the 3 day SK500 deal when there is more time. LOL
  10. Sometimes I am an idiot!

    Monday morning, my daughter's car quit on her around the corner from the house. I took her the boogie van (2000 Chevy Astro) so she could get to school and I walked back to the house to take the panel truck to work on her car. The battery cables were pretty nasty, so I cleaned them but still couldn't get it to start. That's where the idiot thing comes in.

    I get to the house and decide to back into the driveway. Unfortunately while I could see clearly where the passenger rear fender was outside on the mirror, I wasn't looking at THAT mirror. Backed it into the passenger side of the wife's Ford Explorer and put a big dent into the panel's fender and scratched the piss out of her bumper cover.

    Drove the panel out to Meeker's for Hot Rod Night and took a crap ton of teasing by all the old farts out there. Meeker looked at it and said "I can bang that out", so I'll take it back out there one of these Saturday's and let him go to town with his hammer.

    In the right light, it's not that noticeable. LOL
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  11. Primered Forever
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    Primered Forever
    from Joplin,MO

    not noticeable at all..........;)
  12. Sounds like something I would do... Sorry man. :(
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  13. No worry "it'll buff".
  14. okiedokie
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    from Ok

    Did it to my 40, lot less fun with paint on it.
  15. Nostrebor
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    Looks just fine in the dark.

    Mike will fix you up. I think he secretly likes working on patina stuff where close enough is "close enough". He'll never admit that though!;)
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  16. Did you see that he bought John Riggs' '57 Ranchero?
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  17. Can't see it from here. LOL
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  18. Nostrebor
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    I did not. I have not seen Mike for a bit. He's been on a run of car buys!
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  19. 47ragtop
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  21. Yesterday was a BIG day. I finally got my notarized copies of the filed declaratory judgement, which states I am the rightful owner of the '40. I haven't had a chance to go to the license office, so I don't know if they will assess a penalty or if I will just have to pay the sales tax and title fee. Once I have that paperwork, I can apply for a YOM plate for it.
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  22. Nostrebor
    Joined: Jun 25, 2014
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    When I did the last bonded title the did not assess any penalties, and I had owned that one for almost two years. I don't know how that applies to your situation, but maybe they won't? Hopeful encouragement!
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  23. wutnxt
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    Exactly why I sold my ‘56 F-100 Panel. Couldn’t see out of it and backup cameras hadn’t been invented yet

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