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History Barn find race cars

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Groucho, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. A couple of those cars made it across the B/J stage after restoration
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  3. redroaddog
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    what he said.........
  4. quick85
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    Hey guys, this topic really caught my eye. Here's a '55 that appeared about a mile from my home in Homer Glen, Illinois back in March 2007 and left to sit outside for about a year. It had a flip 'glass front end, but I can't remember if the decklid was 'glass or steel. I believe the roll bar was a simple four point. It rolled on Parnelli Jones US 10" slots and Cragar SS'. The paint consisted of just about every late '60's trick. What you can't make out is the miniature devil holding a pitchfork on the door. Through that year or so that it sat a couple of "Hey, ya wanna sell it" notes appeared. I often wonder if it had, in fact, been sold. It was in a spot where it easily could have been rolled away. While I only went to US 30 a couple of time, I hit Union Grove (Great Lakes Dragway) and Oswego a lot and had never seen this car.Every once in a while during these past six years I've wondered where it is now...I had 4 jpeg photos I tried to post but only this thumbnail was accepted. Sorry.

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  5. quick85
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    Well, the site let me slip one more shot in. I had wanted to get the rear view in. Oh well.

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  6. Pistnbroke
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    Quick 85 that 55 ended up in Joliet at Bills Speed Shop down off Larkin south of 80.
  7. cheesegrater
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    from california

    Most of those cars are what I call "Round To It" because thats when their going to build it
  8. The37Kid
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    What a great collection of cars. I had The U.S.Mule II shown at around the ten minute mark for over ten years, it is in the North west now being restored. I'l like to know were that green Bugatti GP car is. Bob
  9. This Daytona Coupe (Chassis #CSX2287) was locked away in a rental storage unit for over 30 years. The owner of the car and unit, Donna O'hara committed suicide resulting in a lengthy court battle between Donnas parents and the person that the unit was left to.
    This car was the prototype for the Daytona's and was the first one built, It has an extensive racing history competing at Daytona, Spa, Oulton Park TT, the automotive Tour DE France and many more . To end the Daytona's racing life it was taken to Bonneville Salt Flats, in November 1965. Driven by Craig Breedlove, Tom Greatorex, and Bobby Tatroe(sp?) The car collected as many as 25 records on the salt before being sold off.
    After it's racing career Phil Spector Is believed to have owned this car for a period of time, driving it on the streets of L.A. where he reputedly earned an inordinate number of speeding tickets!
    Just how it went from Phil to Donna I don't know, nor if there were any owners in between them.
    For a 'quick fix' stop gap car built to fill in until the GT40 series could début the Daytona Coupe was an incredibly successful car in 1964. For some reason I can not fathom I fell in love with these cars, all 6 of them. I somehow doubt I will ever own one.......unless someone wants to lend me 6-7,000,000?

  10. Hope to see a few of these back at the track!
  11. That's my Henry J at 2:20, only its sitting in my garage in the pic, partially finished. It looked a lot sadder when I found it, its now just a few weeks away from making its first pass.
  12. 55 Ford Gasser
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    55 Ford Gasser

    Sad, sad, sad. Used a whole box of tissues.
    I found Ollie Deans 57 chevy wagon 4 years ago sitting un-covered for 7 years in a back yard. Unfortunately it had been sand blasted, then primed. Luckily before sand blasting lots of photos of the 70's paint job were taken. Body still in pretty good condition. I sold it and it's being picked up this weekend. New owner is planning on restoration with original paint job.
    I'm hoping to get started on my "55 Ford gasser shelf find" soon. Getting everything together now. Had hoped to have it going this summer, but foot operation has me unable to do anything.
  13. any current pics? When this was for sale, i really wanted it....bad
  14. Shouldn't have bought that other "Vagrant"!

    Now go finish your coupe ... Hahaha!
  15. That was a few years back, but man i wanted that
  16. 000_1828.JPG 000_1829.JPG 000_1827.JPG
    I used to drive by that '55 on my way to work for years. One day I saw the guy working on a tractor so I stopped and asked about it. $1000 would buy it. I kick myself for not buying it because at the time I thought it was to far gone. Lots of rust through in the floors and trunk. The driver door was steel the passenger side fiberglass as was the deck lid and tilt nose. Heard a few weeks after I talked to the man it was in the local papers as being stolen from the property. Here's a couple pic's I took of it 000_1826.JPG 000_1826.JPG
  17. greybeard360
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    We found a 64 Dodge 440 in the bone yard. It had been raced at some point in time, rear inner wheel tubs cut out with a hammer and chissel, front fender aprons cut out for fenderwell headers (same method of removal) not rear end, only the spindles left up front. I think it cleaned up pretty good !

    FIrst photo is when we got it to my shop, they loaded it with a fork lift and sat it on wood blocks. We named it that day too.

    Second photo is on a pass at the Motorplex. 9.52 @ 140 Submarine001.jpg YellowSubmarine.jpg

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