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Projects BACK TO MY ROOTS-261 CHEVROLET 6 Powered Model A Stock Car

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Robert J. Palmer, May 22, 2015.

  1. Gofannon
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    :eek: :eek:
    :eek: :eek:
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  2. The tach and sending unit I will be using-
    IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0542.JPG
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  4. Rhinebeck scores!
    Ansen pedals and brand new bearings for the floater hubs.
    I need to repair the brake pedal.
    IMG_0622.JPG IMG_0623.JPG IMG_0624.JPG IMG_0625.JPG IMG_0628.JPG
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  5. A couple more parts finds-
    Brand new front spring and a four spoke Schoerder wheel.
    Build photos are coming, I promise!
  6. gimpyshotrods
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    I think you mean 110 (likely 120, if your higher current is 240) volts, 20 amps, and 240 volts.

    110 watts, at 20 amps, would be 5.5 volts.

    Volts x Amps = Watts.

    110 watts, at 20 amps is 2200 watts.
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  7. You are correct, sir. misspoke (mistyped?)
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  8. Things have been going slowly on the shop, my cousin's grandfather (my great uncle) had a stroke. He is recovering and work on the shop is going to start again this afternoon.

    I have been working on a few small pieces. I will post photos soon.
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  9. Repair complete-
    IMG_0772.JPG IMG_0773.JPG IMG_0774.JPG IMG_0777.JPG IMG_0779.JPG
    ^^^^^Just because you have access to a welder does not mean you should use it!!!!!^^^^

    IMG_0800.JPG IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0803.JPG IMG_0821.JPG IMG_0822.JPG IMG_0823.JPG

    I already had two 52 and up style master cylinders, the next project is to build an adopter to the Ansen bracket (set up for 39-48 style master cylinders)
  10. A big thank you to my dad Willard who took the front and rear out of the chassis for me. I am working 50 hours week not much time for race car building.

    I always joked he and mom had me just so he had someone to help him with his work.
    I guess the shoe is on the other hand!:D

    Next to get the body in the shop next to the chassis I will be building.
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  11. I went to Fonda Speedway last night to see the Fonda Speedway Museum and the Mohawk Valley Vintage Racing Club.
    IMG_0833.JPG IMG_0837.JPG IMG_0838.JPG IMG_0840.JPG IMG_0841.JPG IMG_0842.JPG IMG_0849.JPG IMG_0848.JPG IMG_0847.JPG IMG_0846.JPG IMG_0839.JPG IMG_0832.JPG IMG_0834.JPG IMG_0835.JPG

    I came home fried up to vintage race....
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  12. Not much to report on the racecar build.

    However we have been pushing along on the shop, because I am less then ten feet from the house I need two layers of 5/8 sheetrock on the inside wall on the house side.

    A Model A frame on early Ford rearend jackstands make a great table sheetrock.
    IMG_0939.JPG IMG_0940.JPG IMG_0942.JPG IMG_0943.JPG
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  13. alanp561
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    After reading the "Just because you have access to a welder does not mean you should use it!!!!!" line and seeing your first TIG pass, I'd like to offer a suggestion. Tack a small tab of steel at both ends of your weld joint to start your weld and for run off. Your weld will be solid and you can use a cut off wheel to remove the tabs. A weld crater at the end of a joint can easily cause a crack.
  14. A little update I am getting the body ready to move the body in the shop. Removed all the wood.
    IMG_1063.JPG IMG_1064.JPG IMG_1067.JPG IMG_1066.JPG IMG_1061.JPG IMG_1062.JPG
  15. My electrician is going to finish up this week than I can get building.
  16. I attended Central New York Stock Car H.O.F. at Mid-State Speedway in Morris N.Y. on Sunday and this little 32 Chevy Coupe really inspired me!

    Only period correct hubs, gauges, ignition, copper brass radiator and speed equipment. I will not be using rain gutter exhaust either. The rain gutters are a nod to the original car that ran in the 50's
    IMG_1246.JPG IMG_1244.JPG IMG_1249.JPG IMG_1250.JPG IMG_1252.JPG IMG_1254.JPG IMG_1332.JPG IMG_1253.JPG IMG_1260.JPG IMG_1335.JPG

    Central New York Stock Car H.O.F. at Mid-State Speedway in Morris N.Y. thread-
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  17. patmanta
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    from Woburn, MA

    I wonder if that rain gutter is copper. It looks like the good old stuff.

    What's the story with the hand lever clutch? I haven't seen that before (I've seen hand brakes though).
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  18. The brake and clutch pedals have been reversed. This was a fairly common practice on center steering stock cars.
    I have seen some center steer cars with the brake to the right of the gas pedal

    The pedal is set up with a hand brake lever for low speed.
    In a center steer car you can not get your right leg over the transmission hump/stick to depress the clutch.
    Left leg is use the clutch
    Left hand for the brake
    Right hand on the steering wheel
    Right foot to work the throttle, race cars don't like to idle for some reason.:D

    At speed the left foot is used for the brake.

    This is a clone of Kerzon "Moose" Carye 34 Ford Owned by Dick and Jeff Ackerman.
    Note the master cylinder on the right side
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  19. This video shows the hand brake set up being used at low speed then changes to foot braking at high speed. -
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  20. what track is that?
  21. Ted we should do that at your place!;)
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  22. I don't know it is something I found on YouTube.

    I do know my alerts have been going nuts for the last 15 minutes because @ct1932ford kept hitting the like button on this thread.;):D
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  23. Blues4U
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    from So Cal

    Hmmmm, is he even braking at high speed at all?
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  24. Holy shit that was awesome. I am not sure if I want to do it but it looks like a crap ton of fun. Now I know why you like those cars so much. I have seen em run on asphalt and dirt from the stands but never that view point.
  25. 64 DODGE 440
    Joined: Sep 2, 2006
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    64 DODGE 440
    from so cal

    I have always felt that dirt track would be a barrel of fun. Started building a 6cyl hobby stocker back in the mid '70s and the local track I wanted to race at got sold for a big housing development. That ended that dream. Still sounds like it would be fun, but I don't have the resources or room to build another project along with the HA/GR project that has taken far too long.
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  26. HAMB score thanks @dads32

    N.O.S. MAG-SPARK coil and 2 N.O.S condensers.

    upload_2018-10-22_16-30-52.png upload_2018-10-22_16-33-25.png upload_2018-10-22_16-39-36.png upload_2018-10-22_16-42-46.png upload_2018-10-22_16-46-16.png upload_2018-10-22_16-47-58.png upload_2018-10-22_16-50-5.png upload_2018-10-22_16-51-54.png

    I already had a MAG-SPARK (Mallory ZCM 180) for a BlueFlame
    upload_2018-10-22_16-56-58.png upload_2018-10-22_16-59-42.png

    Also had a N.O.S. brown cap
    upload_2018-10-22_17-2-3.png upload_2018-10-22_17-3-43.png upload_2018-10-22_17-5-50.png
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