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Projects BACK TO MY ROOTS-261 CHEVROLET 6 Powered Model A Stock Car

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Robert J. Palmer, May 22, 2015.

  1. Robert,
    You and your dad need a Youtube channel!!!!!

    Hope you all are well!

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  2. Thanks Tony, but I tried that movie star stuff. The fame, the fortune, being viewed as nothing more then eye candy for the ladies, not my style.


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  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have a future as an actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. While I was at work my dad decided he didn't like the fuel line bracket he built and built a new one.




    You may have noticed the switch to a stock tin rocker cover. I bought two N.O.S. Offy breathers and couldn't bring myself to drill holes in the Simplex aluminum cover.

    upload_2020-4-22_18-0-24.png upload_2020-4-22_18-1-59.png upload_2020-4-22_18-3-31.png upload_2020-4-22_18-4-46.png upload_2020-4-22_18-6-4.png upload_2020-4-22_18-7-35.png upload_2020-4-22_18-8-40.png
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  5. alanp561
    Joined: Oct 1, 2017
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    If I send you a self addressed stamped envelope, will you send me your autograph? Just put it on any old piece of paper that's handy, blank check, whatever;)
  6. Robert great job.
    why the rubber fuel line? perfect place for a "last forever" steel line.
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  7. It's cloth braided Areoquip, the stainless steel Areoquip it looks out of place on a vintage car.

    upload_2020-4-23_9-21-1.png upload_2020-4-23_9-21-52.png
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  8. Sure we'll trade send me your autograph on a few one hundred dollar bills frist.:D
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  10. My dad says "Made sure they know it's single wire cloth braided" he is a stickler for details.
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  11. Dad goes wild with fab when I am at work he built this fuel pump/filter mount.
    I don't have any photos of the finished product with the N.O.S. S-W Fuel pump or A.C. filter

    upload_2020-5-3_17-9-49.png upload_2020-5-3_17-11-7.png upload_2020-5-3_17-12-18.png upload_2020-5-3_17-13-36.png upload_2020-5-3_17-16-57.png
  12. I put a little time in on the body, removed the rear window brace/regulator mounts.

    Almost 10 LBS each! Saved 20 LBS

    upload_2020-5-3_19-37-31.png upload_2020-5-3_19-40-22.png upload_2020-5-3_19-41-43.png
  13. More purple boxes arrived today.
    upload_2020-5-7_18-2-45.png upload_2020-5-7_18-4-22.png

    Battery Shut off switch and Fuel Cell Flip Over (Check Ball) Valve
  14. what do you do with all the stickers?:D
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  15. I was very unhappy, the sticker that came with order was crumpled!:mad::D

    upload_2020-5-8_16-50-46.png upload_2020-5-8_16-52-12.png
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  16. I know I said I was going to build an oil pan kick out, however after pricing steel it was cheaper to buy two S.B.C. clamier pan kits and modify them.

    My dad is a mad man! Came home from work and found he had already started to cut the pan and cut one of the pan kit in half he is very excited about this project!
    upload_2020-5-8_16-57-59.png upload_2020-5-8_16-59-2.png upload_2020-5-8_17-3-7.png upload_2020-5-8_17-4-19.png upload_2020-5-8_17-5-26.png upload_2020-5-8_17-6-48.png upload_2020-5-8_17-8-4.png

    I don't plan to do much with the car this weekend, spending time with my Mom!
    Remember to call your mothers this Sunday!
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  17. I started to tack the oil pan kick today

    upload_2020-5-11_19-36-48.png upload_2020-5-11_19-38-2.png upload_2020-5-11_19-39-10.png upload_2020-5-11_19-41-0.png upload_2020-5-11_19-43-5.png

    This is the second oil pan kick the pain is to cut the marked X area out and weld the second kick to the first and then to the pan.
    upload_2020-5-11_19-44-14.png upload_2020-5-11_19-46-8.png
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  18. Finished welding the corner of the pan.

    upload_2020-5-13_17-22-7.png upload_2020-5-13_17-24-4.png upload_2020-5-13_17-25-16.png upload_2020-5-13_17-26-31.png upload_2020-5-13_17-28-52.png upload_2020-5-13_17-30-44.png
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  19. I told a friend of mine I was getting ready to build headers.

    He said he had some exhaust in his basement from one of the long defunct Ford dealers.

    upload_2020-5-15_19-40-36.png upload_2020-5-15_19-41-32.png
  20. patmanta
    Joined: May 10, 2011
    Posts: 3,552

    from Woburn, MA

    Wow, that's probably all the bends you need!

    NICE! That's like picking up, what, 2 or 3 estra HP free?

    Also, btw, IIRC those are the same all 4 years and my buddy's Tudor needs them if you're planning to unload them, FYI, since there's no Fitchburg this year.

    NICE! I'm happy to see my sticker got a place of honor on your door!
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  21. That is way too much interweb slag for me to follow-
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  22. patmanta
    Joined: May 10, 2011
    Posts: 3,552

    from Woburn, MA


    revised for old eyes:
    Also, by the way, if I remember correctly, those are the same all 4 years and my buddy's Tudor needs a set if you're planning to unload them, just to put a bug in your ear, since there's no Fitchburg this year.
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  23. It has been a little while my front bolt on spindles on supports are finished, I will post more latter.

    upload_2020-5-27_18-54-52.png upload_2020-5-27_18-56-59.png upload_2020-5-27_18-57-49.png upload_2020-5-27_18-58-53.png upload_2020-5-27_19-1-15.png upload_2020-5-27_19-2-41.png
  24. My spring pivot and I have been working on my run in stand too

    upload_2020-5-28_18-24-32.png upload_2020-5-28_18-26-0.png upload_2020-5-28_18-30-0.png upload_2020-5-28_18-31-56.png upload_2020-5-28_18-33-8.png upload_2020-5-28_18-34-18.png upload_2020-5-28_18-35-12.png upload_2020-5-28_18-37-24.png upload_2020-5-28_18-38-28.png
  25. My club finally got on the track Saturday night Click link below-

    Mohawk Valley Vintage

    Look for more progress on the build soon.
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  26. My header flanges from Davies Speed Equipment arrived today.

    They are .375 inch stainless steel, I knew I was saving this pool ladder for a reason!

    Note the rust is a stain from the rack I had it hanging on, it comes right off with a 3M pad.
    upload_2020-6-9_17-46-24.png upload_2020-6-9_17-48-27.png upload_2020-6-9_17-50-1.png

    I am thinking Charlie Jarzombek Bug style on the exhaust-

    And yes you did already see this post @tb33anda3rd I accidentally deleted the first one.
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  27. My spindles are finished for added safety the bolt ons were often welded to the stock Fords.
    I don't have enough self-control not to T.I.G. weld everything.

    upload_2020-6-10_18-2-56.png upload_2020-6-10_18-4-35.png upload_2020-6-10_18-5-54.png
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  28. I built swadges a few years ago, I gave them a try today. I pretty happy with the result.

    upload_2020-6-13_12-8-2.png upload_2020-6-13_12-8-52.png upload_2020-6-13_12-9-43.png upload_2020-6-13_12-10-55.png upload_2020-6-13_12-11-42.png upload_2020-6-13_12-12-26.png upload_2020-6-13_12-13-9.png upload_2020-6-13_12-14-9.png upload_2020-6-13_12-14-59.png upload_2020-6-13_12-15-46.png upload_2020-6-13_12-17-13.png
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  29. Not a component for the race car, last week I got fitted and ordered a major piece needed for racing last week and picked it up at Fonda tonight.

    upload_2020-6-14_0-19-54.png upload_2020-6-14_0-20-51.png upload_2020-6-14_0-21-40.png upload_2020-6-14_0-22-43.png

    Yes, I will remove the warning before racing I don't want to scratch the shield between then and now.
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  30. More parts came this week, the plan is to get rolling on the front end.

    upload_2020-6-23_16-45-23.png upload_2020-6-23_16-46-45.png upload_2020-6-23_16-48-5.png upload_2020-6-23_16-49-0.png upload_2020-6-23_16-50-0.png
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