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Projects BACK TO MY ROOTS-261 CHEVROLET 6 Powered Model A Stock Car

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Robert J. Palmer, May 22, 2015.

  1. I have been working in the garage and on the garage at the same time.
    My dad and I have been putting tin on the walls and window sills. My friend Tim is machining parts I need to get the front and rear end under the frame.

    Place a piece of plywood on a Model A frame, now place on the frame on jackstands you have an excellent table.

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  3. I built some shelves as well, 3/16 aluminum and vintage Howards rods for one, and Brooks rods out of a friend of a friends Super mod pulling tractor.
    I have also been on the hunt for parts. I found a fourth S.R.E. for the right front as well as two copper bass radiators. I will have the radiators checked soon.
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  4. 56 Dodge Pickup
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    56 Dodge Pickup
    1. H.A.M.B. Chapel

    Man you’ve been busy it’s looking really nice
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  5. wheeldog57
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    Very nice Robert, don't stick your tongue on the walls this winter. . .
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  6. wear ear protection when grinding;):)
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. loudbang
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    Those ROD shelf brackets are AWESOME :)
  9. Thank-You I built a bookshelf as well.
    IMG_2503.JPG IMG_2504.JPG IMG_2505.JPG IMG_2506.JPG IMG_2507.JPG

    The rods act as book ends. The small end of the rod mounts to the wall, the big end is the bottom where the books sit. The red line is the mark were I cut the extra material.

    Note- The oil that burned out (in the bearing surface) as I welded. This was after cleaning the them and soaking them in thinner for hours. Luckily it did not effect my welds.

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  10. I built some material storage racks as too.
    IMG_2390.JPG IMG_2391.JPG IMG_2392.JPG

    I do my best work under the welding helmet
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  11. Tim has my machine work finished, and will be dropping it off sometime this week.
    He machined my rear spindles so soon it will be quick change assembly time. He also drilled my flywheel for the Ford pressure plate.

    I may have to take back some of what I have said about FaceBook. My mom found me an old chrome pitman arm for my steering box.
  12. Jiminy
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    How badass is your Mom?? GO MOM!!!
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  13. Cosmo49
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    I see you have a BUCK Folding Hunter, one of the first true locking blades. I bought mine brand new in '73.
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  14. Yup, when I bought my 1953 Chevy she knew I wanted whitewalls. While dad and I were setting up at the Fitchburg Mass swapmeet, she took a walk around about ten minutes later she came back and said "I just gave a guy a deposit on some whitewalls on wheels go take a look."
    They were almost new G-78 14" on Chevy car wheels already painted red for $100.00.

    Best Mom ever!
  15. Look what came today....


    Rule 1
    Showcase and preserve the history of our sport through the competitive racing of original reproduction and replicas of the racecars of yesterday.
    If it is your intent to invest in the latest and greatest parts and technology to be the big fish in a small pound, this is not the class/series for you. If it is your goal to dominate the field every time you pull onto the track and win by a lap, this is not the place for you. There are plenty of tracks that will always welcome new 602 sportsman and modified drivers with open arms.

    However reading the chassis/engine rules I felt a cowboy hat on my head! upload_2019-12-13_17-3-7.png
  16. Put a little time in on the body, and my friend finished up my flywheel and rear spindles. He also milled my castle nuts so a socket will fit inside to bolt on front spindle.
    100_0036.JPG 100_0037.JPG 100_0038.JPG 100_0039.JPG 100_0040.JPG 100_0045.JPG 100_0046.JPG 100_0042.JPG 100_0041.JPG 100_0047.JPG 100_0048.JPG 100_0043.JPG 100_0044.JPG
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  17. This also gave me a chance to see Tim's A roadster project . 347 Caddy Flathead, deuce Rails 40 Ford front crossmember Columbia two speed, with a vintage commercially built coil spring conversion for 40 Fords.

    -The Coils fit in the crossmember with brackets
    -The coils sit on a "swing arm" that bolts in place of the stock spring
    -The "swing arms" then attach to the stock Ford wishbone using stock shackles.

    We don't know who produced it.
    100_0024.JPG 100_0027.JPG 100_0029.JPG 100_0028.JPG 100_0025.JPG 100_0026.JPG 100_0023.JPG 100_0022.JPG 100_0019.JPG 100_0031.JPG 100_0021.JPG 100_0033.JPG 100_0035.JPG
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  18. 100_0008.JPG
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  19. I have put a few minutes in on the body. Please forgive the deer in the headlights with it's pants down look.
    100_0057.JPG 100_0059.JPG 100_0060.JPG 100_0061.JPG 100_0062.JPG 100_0063.JPG
    I am going to bead blast and T.I.G. these sometime late this week.
    100_0064.JPG 100_0066.JPG
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  20. My dad suggested using the last two aluminum rods I had for as steering box mounts, Tim machined the big end to fit.
    100_0072.JPG 100_0073.JPG 100_0074.JPG 100_0075.JPG 100_0076.JPG 100_0076.JPG 100_0077.JPG
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  21. I repaired (T.I.G.) the tear this week. In typical fashion I had it looking pretty good and thought "I can fill that low spot."
    It was full of rust and blew a hole I had to fill in.
    100_0064.JPG 100_0085.JPG 100_0086.JPG 100_0087.JPG 100_0088.JPG 100_0089.JPG 100_0095.JPG 100_0096.JPG 100_0097.JPG
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  22. wheeldog57
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    Excellent repairs there bud! Nice to see progress on this, I should be in the garage too. . .
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  23. Staying late at work tonight to use some of the heavy tools.
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  24. Here was tonight's project.
    These spindles won't fit it my friend Tim's lathe. One of the machinist at work did these for me.
    The need to be finished.
    100_0080.JPG 100_0081.JPG 100_0082.JPG 100_0098.JPG 100_0099.JPG 100_0100.JPG 100_0101.JPG
  25. Opened up the axle tubes so the floater axles will fit and clear the frame off and rearranged the shop today.
    100_0110.JPG 100_0111.JPG 100_0113.JPG 100_0134.JPG
  26. I haven't been is the shop much, my father has been having some trouble, and I have been helping him and mom.
    (He can't close his hands and they swollen. He can't lift his hands above his chest). He was hell bent he was going to be in the shop with me today, and he fully intends to be at Fitchburg!!!

    I have done some shop projects, I built a stand for my vice. All from the scrap dumpster!
    100_0144.JPG 100_0145.JPG 100_0147.JPG 100_0148.JPG 100_0151.JPG 100_0169.JPG 100_0170.JPG 100_0172.JPG

    There has been a rule change this year. All cars are limited to a single carburetor, I will post photos next week of my intake/carburetor set up.

    I have also been talking to Ron Iskenderian he is working out a cam grind.
  27. Cosmo49
    Joined: Jan 15, 2007
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    Absolutely master craftsman quality welds on that vice stand. That said, I don't 'get' vice stands, I mean the stability. It seems like I am forever blocking my table from moving with my foot when wrestling with something like an off topic Mcpherson Strut or something.
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  28. Thanks-You, sir.

    I just got off the phone with Ron Iskenderian he came up with a grind for me and the order has been placed.

    I talked with him about 20 minutes or so, it was cool hearing about the adventures of a young Ed Iskenderian.
    What a history lesson!
  29. I was thinking about building an intake, I may at some point. However a fellow H.A.M.B. member contacted me he was selling a brand new Clifford for a very good price. Plus this is a brand new car and we only get 12 laps per race. It is going to be a fair amount of work getting the chassis dialed in, I don't won't to be trying to dial in the engine at the same time.

    I will be running a 500 CFM Rochester 2BBl modified by JET performance for oval track racing.
    It runs Holley jets, worked power valves, etc... Very common street stock carburetor.
    I will need to drill the adapter to work on the Clifford intake.

    I also ended up with a set of adjustable dirt late model headers doing some scraping, dirt late models are am odd duck here in New York state. So I am going to use the collectors to build my headers.
    100_0178.JPG 100_0181.JPG 100_0182.JPG 100_0183.JPG 100_0184.JPG
    This is what the headers looked like together-
    upload_2020-2-15_12-12-48.png upload_2020-2-15_12-15-25.png 100_0153.JPG 100_0154.JPG
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