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Hot Rods Back again with a new toy…

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rustydusty, Jun 5, 2023.

  1. Well, only having one bay available in my two car shop, I only allow myself to have one car at a time. Last December I traded my current car at time, (1963 T bird) for a couple of motorcycles I used to own. Had a senior moment where I thought I would get back into bikes for awhile. It only took a couple of rides to realize that I didn’t have the balance for it anymore (two back surgeries and 10 fused vertebrae) and needed to get another hot rod. Sold the ‘75 Harley Sportster and used the money to buy a sailboat for my boys, and this past weekend, traded my custom 1960 BSA bobber for a 1940 Oldsmobile hot rod project. The Olds has a sbc 350, a th350 and a Chevy 12 bolt rear. It’s a project, needing an exhaust system from the manifolds back, all new brakes, and I will probably install a new wiring harness. The ‘63 T bird was not working for me. It’s a “luxury sports car” and wasn’t suitable for turning into a hot rod. I have no regrets about letting it go…
    I will try to keep you all updated … 4238B8D4-FF74-4E32-B16D-D0B11B4EC361.jpeg
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  2. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    I sold my clean white '63 T-Bird and regret it. But there are others here. (Not T-Birds)
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  3. My T bird was in good shape, but I felt it was too heavy to make a proper hot rod. Plus it was really tight in the engine bay. I guess you would have to pull the engine in order to get the exhaust manifolds off. It did ride really well, and was comfortable for a long cruise… but I do prefer working on a small block Chevy. The guy I got the Olds from, bought it from the widow of the deceased owner, so I don’t have a build history. He told me the engine was from the ‘80s, but I don’t think they used an intake mounted oil fill then. It does have tapped holes in the heads for mounting accessories, but any of that might have been changed over the years. I will try to get a look at the A75B99BA-AB0E-495A-8D76-EC5259F2FDEC.jpeg 64A52022-F039-46F0-9AE0-765DC016432F.jpeg serial number and let you know.
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  4. I will try to follow along. This body style will take some skill, but has great potential, should be a fun journey.
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  5. I was just out wire brushing and vacuuming off the carb and intake when, as I thought, it has an aluminum intake. The previous owner told me it was stock, which should have been cast iron. There is no name brand on it so does anybody recognize it? 309BAED5-31E4-4AEB-8012-48C0B764500C.jpeg 310F693F-CBBD-405F-B963-365A02455982.jpeg
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  6. Gm produced factory aluminum intakes
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  7. Holy shit! I got a Corvette engine! all kidding aside, would this be a “performance “ engine? I seem to remember some trucks getting aluminum intakes…
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  8. BJR
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    Is that a 2 door or 4 door, can't tell from the picture.
  9. Looks like a solid 4 door.
  10. clem
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    ^^^^^^^ looks like a 4 door.
    Nice to see something that is refreshingly different !
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  11. Squablow
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    Intake does strongly resemble the 64-65 factory GM/Winters aluminum intake, casting number 3844461 which was for hipo 327 and is a pretty rare and valuable piece, although it looks like yours might have been smoothed off. Still an interesting piece though.
  12. It is a 4 door, and it’s straight and pretty much rust free. The manifold does have a casting no. under the rear float bowl of the Holley. Maybe i can make a “rubbing” of it as I can’t get my fat head back there to see it…
    Eventually I’ll pull the carb to rebuild it anyway…
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  13. Aren't ALL SBC's from a Corvette, or was I lied to?
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  14. One thing I can appreciate about this 4 door is that the rear doors open “suicide” style…
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  15. A little bling…
    Had the chrome left from some earlier small blocks that were changed to “finned aluminum etc…
    Makes it faster!

    Attached Files:

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  16. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    So cool that you decided to obtain this cool Old's.
    Here is a bit of inspiration for you.
    I always thought these had one of the best " Faces" / Grille's of any of the older cars from that time period.
    Thanks from Dennis, for posting the photo's !

    red 41 olds fender and nose.jpg red 41 olds nose and grille.jpg
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  17. I like having something different, but finding parts for a “vintage” Olds is a lot more difficult than a Ford or Chevy…
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  18. tubman
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    Can you read the numbers stamped on the part of the block the sticks out in front of the right side head? They are pretty definitive and might be able to tell you exactly what you have. There should be two sets of numbers; the smaller ones being the VIN derivative (if the engine originally came in a vehicle), and the larger ones the engine build code that should tell you the factory that assembled the engine, the date it was assembled and the specific application (possibly a Corvette:) or maybe a truck:().
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  19. 6sally6
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    Since it IS must be for a SBF ! Right?!
    Not to beat-to-death the T-bird issue............I always thought about one of those big boats with a killer 427 and a 4 speed adapted into it ! Gotta luv a 'snotty' sounding FE when it fires up !!!...OK I'm done.

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