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Technical ***August 2018 Banger Meet - Banger Driving Weather***

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Jiminy, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Herb, I would feel like an absolute scholar if I even had one IOTA of your knowledge!!!
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  2. edfueler
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    Huge fun! Four cars out on a 5th mile circle track at a rodeo ground! It takes about four sessions of hosing to get our flivvers cleaned up. The body on that little jigger just flat-packs so it gets taken off for cleaning (and re-greasing)

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  3. edfueler
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    There were eight bangers by the last runs of the day, a 27 whippet and a 25 Dodge called it quits earlier in the day.

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  4. winduptoy
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  5. V4F
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    from middle ca.

    very nice salt car !!!!!!!!
  6. Jet96
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    from WY

    CA103C7A-6848-4891-9700-74D197AC3467.jpeg At least my roadster will have shiny stuff on the INside...Thanks to Pete1 for this! Waiting on some rear brake parts and getting ready for HRHC!
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  7. walls
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    Couple questions on a Mallory distributor, if someone would be kind enough to fill me in.
    I was told this was taken from a running engine.

    Does it matter voltage or +/- ground?
    I’m running 12v neg.

    Is this new/old, good/bad, were there different types with different advances?
    Anything I need to check before attempting to make this thing function?

    934C98A7-471C-4883-9E7A-6AD86138CB52.jpeg 8E5F37A8-5510-4F6B-8ADA-8B760937B9FD.jpeg 3711A199-2F24-4345-A658-F4175D7C2D47.jpeg

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  8. V4F
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    from middle ca.

    I believe polarity only matters on the coil . ie: pos to + --- neg to -
  9. callcoy
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    Banger New Records at Bonneville

    I didn't get back soon as promised, busy time for me right now. There were two new banger records at speed week this year, Creel & Kendall in their OHV Banger on gas stuffed in a Competition Coupe at 163.422. Lattin & Stevens Flathead Banger Blown on gas in a altered coupe at 94.22.

    Bill Lattin Pres. of BNI, ran another car also ,while overseeing the meet. They had mechanical problems on both runs with their first time out, trailered it after securing a record.

    We Banger guys are certainly in the minority with our 4 cylinder engines, others are the early Ford flatheads and the GMC's. There is one guy who slugs it out each year with his straight 8 Buick. He has held the record for some time, but this year was able to run in 3 classes up'd the record in all with a best at 210.032. If you think he has an unusal engine, his car is an early 4 dr Jaguar sedan. His camgrinder has records with GMC's, Nelson and Martinez' cars also.

    Saw Steve Nelson day before yesterday, didn't run at Speed Week will run at World of Speed in a couple of weeks with the Iron Duke engine, a new combination has maybe only one complete run so far.

    Those of you that are interested you can log on the SCTA/BNI website and view all the results of Speed Week along with hundreds of great photos, you don't have to be a member to look.
  10. Binger
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    from wyoming

    I had simulator questions earlier in this thread. Look at post #43 above for a link with info about those newer Mallory distributors

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  11. johnneilson
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    I have a similar one running on my coupe right now, neg ground.
    It should have an adjustable advance plate under the point plate. Chances are it has been adjusted.
    I typically move the condenser to the outside of the housing to extend life, no real data, but it does help keep it cooler.
    One thing, I have seen a few that never received any oil on the internal mechanism and they were very sloppy. It is too easy to add a few drops of oil on the mechanism when you have the cap off.

    Points can be found NOS on EBay, buyer beware etc.

    Also, Congratulations to Creel and Kendall on the record, I know they had some issues during the week being in impound more than once and having the pan off the motor.
    Bill and Jimmy (Lattin and Stevens) also took advantage of really good conditions by adding another record to the collection.

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  12. oval55oval
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    I have a roof 101 head with all the goodies, intake, exhaust, front mounted dizzy. If interested give me a call Don Wilson 336-260-7511
  13. JT1930
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    See ya August.

    Oval55 thanks but I’m thinking what you’ve got is about 5-6k worth. I got a deal going with a local guy who wants to trade the banger for a Flathead v8. Radiator to transmission.

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  14. Jiminy
    Joined: Oct 25, 2012
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