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Art & Inspiration Auction: New from TRJ, Rex Burnett Print Collection

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TRJ, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. TRJ
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    Alliance Vendor

    This is a 7 day auction with all proceeds benefitting the HAMB! You are bidding on #0002 of 2000.

    New from TRJ
    Rex Burnett Limited Edition Print Collection

    We are proud to announce that Rex Burnett cutaway illustrations are for the first time available in a limited edition collector’s box set exclusively from The Rodder’s Journal. Rex Burnett’s exquisite cutaway illustrations were a staple of early hot rodding. He illustrated many of the most famous and significant cars from the 1940s and 1950s. Most of Rex Burnett’s work, however, hasn’t been seen since it was published in Hot Rod and other magazines of the era. We worked with Rex’s sons John and Brian Burnett to bring you the article on their father and his work that appeared in TRJ#49. This has led to a further collaboration and the introduction of this limited edition print set. Rex passed away in 2004 and John and Brian have recently unearthed many of his original illustrations from the late 1940s and 1950s and have restored them to their highest quality. Burnett’s artful and detailed cutaways have a timeless quality that show off these cars at their very best. These illustrations capture a period in time that has become hot rodding’s golden era.

    With the help of John and Brian Burnett, we have reproduced six of Rex Burnett's famous cutaway drawings as high quality, art-style prints. They are printed on heavy paper stock using the finest offset lithography printing techniques. Each print measures 24 inches wide and 18 inches tall and comes in a hand-made, stylish box with Rex Burnett's signature stamped in chrome foil. These prints are not sold individually and are only available in the limited edition, numbered sets, each signed by Brian and John Burnett, and Steve Coonan, publisher of The Rodder's Journal.

    The printing of this set has now been completed and the last details of the exquisite packaging are being attended to. The completed Rex Burnett box sets will ship from our warehouse on December 13th.

    Reserve your set now. Only 2000 sets have been produced. They are already selling quickly and we expect that they will sell out soon. Specific numbered sets are available on a first come first serve basis.

    For more information visit

    Bill Niekamp Roadster
    One of Rex’s earliest cutaway rendering’s is of the 1950 AMBR winning roadster of Bill Niekamp. Burnett’s technical look into the roadster’s ’42 Mercury flathead powerplant and front suspension are complemented by the vast expanse of solid black body and belly pan areas. Niekamp's roadster was mounted on Essex framerails with front suspension based on a tube axle from a ’39 Ford V8-60 and custom made hairpin radius rods. After winning the prestigious AMBR trophy, Bill went on to race the car to 142.40 at El Mirage in 1952. The second owner installed a Chevy V8 and painted it Titian Red. A third owner had Larry Watson paint it candy purple, then a candy maroon front-to-rear fade job before he started a Nailhead Buick engine swap. When Jim Jacobs purchased the roadster in 1969 he began its restoration back to it’s former AMBR guise, by re-installing flathead power and painting it back to the Plymouth medium blue Niekamp had originally painted it. It is currently owned by the Petersen Museum and is on display in Bruce Meyer gallery.

    Chrisman Bros. & Duncan Coupe
    One of Rex’s more detailed cutaways is that of the Chrisman Bros. & Duncan Model A coupe. The copper painted coupe was mounted to a tube chassis built by Art and brother Lloyd in their Compton based shop in Southern California. Running Harry Duncan’s rear-mounted 258 cid Mercury V8 with Ardun overhead valve conversion it set a two-way 160.178 mph record average in Class B at Bonneville in 1953. Clever design work by the Chrisman brothers meant engine changes could be accomplished in a matter of minutes. For 1954, the team decided to replace the Ardun motor with two alternative Tony Capana built Hemi powerplants. The switch to the larger displacement engines however was the right choice and they broke both the “B” and “C” classes with 180.87 mph and 180.08 mph respectively. The coupe was raced successfully again in ’55, but failed to get into the prestigious 200 MPH Club and was sold shortly after. The coupe passed through several owners including John Geraghty and was completely changed by George Barris with Gullwing doors and a blown Olds motor. Car show promoter Bob Larivee acquired the coupe and commissioned Art to perform a full restoration. It then passed hands to Joe MacPherson and is currently in the ownership of Dana Mecum of Mecum Auctions.

    Roy Desbrow Pickup
    Chosen as one of the 75 Most Significant Deuces of all time for the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford celebration in 2007, the Roy Desbrow pickup is another of Rex’s more detailed pieces. Depicting things like brake and fuel lines, pedal assembly and shift linkage as well as detailed aftermarket speed equipment. At the time Rex penned this piece Desbrow’s pickup hadn’t received it’s fully equipped flathead powerplant, but Burnett obviously couldn’t help himself. Painted a conservative 1950 Mercury cream, Desbrow’s body modifications were anything but. Channeled 5 ½ inches and chopped a full 4 by Tom Noel; it was one little low hauler. Before moving on to start his own Muffler business alongside Frank “Duff” Livingston and campaigning the famous “Eliminator” T roadster, Roy was employed by Dave Mitchell, proprietor of Mitchell’s Muffler who also had his own hot rod pickup that still exists today. Unfortunately the current whereabouts of the Desbrow pickup are unknown.

    Dick Flint Roadster
    The famed Dick Flint Model A roadster was inked up by Rex Burnett in 1952 and remains one of hot roddings favorites. Although this roadster’s aesthetic was quite developed hot rod fare for the time, Rex was able to concentrate on its intricacies by eliminating just enough body, hood and Valley Custom crafted aluminum nose to show just what was at its soul. Flint’s roadster was not only state of the art in form, but function also. Boasting a ’40 Mercury V8 with Edelbrock 9:1 finned aluminum heads, a 3 5/16-inch bore, 4 ½-inch stroke and a Winfield cam it clocked 143.54 in 1952 at El Mirage dry lake. What’s nice about this particular cutaway is to see what belies the channeled body and full belly pan. Hartford friction type shocks, and trick exhaust and muffler arrangement are rarely seen features of this car. After being used somewhat aggressively on the street and dry lakes by long time L.A. Roadsters member Duane Kofoed, the car was completely restored to concours condition by Don Orosco and his talented Monterey, California based crew. The roadster took 1st place in the hot rod class at the 1999 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, along with the Dean Batchelor Memorial award.

    Jack Morgan Roadster
    Like the Niekamp roadster, the expansive spaces of black used in this cutaway lend themselves more in favor to the detailed areas than hinder. Rex utilized his perspective drawing board, a trick-drafting tool that allowed him to draw the cars in three-point perspective and also help to keep the scales between body, wheel/tire, and engine/trans in correct proportions. Morgan’s roadster was channeled 5 inches, sported a ’37 Ford truck grille and was powered by a ’46 Ford flathead V8. The engine was anything but conservative; including Smith & Jones finned aluminum heads, Cyclone 3x2 intake manifold and Potvin camshaft along with a Weber aluminum flywheel and Auburn clutch. Painted bright canary yellow, Jack had three similarly styled roadsters before this one, albeit painted red. The 4-inch headers were chrome plated and equipped with slip-in mufflers for street use. Jack turned a very respectable 127.65 in the roadster and was a part of the S.C.T.A. Lancers car club.

    Mal Hooper and Ray Brown, Shadoff Special Streamliner
    As detailed and thoroughly researched as the hot rod based renderings are, there is little doubt that the intricacy of penning a racecar like the Shadoff Special were more time consuming for Burnett. Built primarily by well-known hot rodder, Carl Fleischmann in his suburban backyard’s two-car garage, the Shadoff Special smashed six international records it’s first time out. The concept was designed by Mal Hooper and Dean Batchelor and consisted of a fiberglass body, a 1-inch and 1 ½-inch round tube frame with a Ray Brown built 303 cid injected Chrysler running on alcohol. The streamliner boasted many “firsts” in automotive engineering including a De Dion inspired rear suspension set up, featuring a v-shaped, tubular “track bar”, Pat Warren two-speed quickchange, Kurtis torsion bars, half shaft axles and Halibrand spot type disc brakes. Unfortunately this cutaway doesn’t show the rearend, as Burnett rendered a completely separate piece for this detail.

    Partnering with the Burnett family has been extremely rewarding in terms of publicizing and solidifying the legacy that Rex Burnett left on the hot rodding community. We are very excited to announce the launch this product, and we are confident that you will agree that this collection is our best effort in preserving hot rod art and history.

    We are proud to have the opportunity to publish this limited edition collector's set of Rex Burnett's famed cutaway illustrations from the early 1950s. Only 2000 sets have been produced. Each contains six prints including Bill Niekamp's 1929 Ford Roadster, the Chrisman Bros. and Duncan 1931 Model A Coupe, Roy Desbrow's 1932 Ford Pickup, Dick Flint's 1929 Ford Roadster, Jack Morgan's 1934 Ford Roadster, and the Shadoff Special Streamliner. Each limited edition set is signed and numbered including a certificate of authenticity.

    Printing is now complete, and while each set is in the process of packaging, they are available to order. The completed Rex Burnett box sets will ship from our warehouse on December 13th.

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  2. lowsquire
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    from Austin, TX

    Nice indeed!

    I'll kick it off at $50.00
  3. Hardy
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    I'll go $75.00
  4. Toner283
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    $125.00 & a bump for a sticky.

  5. banzaitoyota
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  6. realsteel1934
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    from usa

  7. these are super nice. the format is huge. truely a nice piece.
  8. Dick Whittington
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    Dick Whittington

    gotta $225 bid, wouldyabid 2 1/2, 225 now 2 1/2 gettomon 250, it's only money, it'l grow back tomorrow.
  9. They come is a nicely lettered specially made box also. Nothing but top shelf from TRJ!
  10. Doll Kustom
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    Doll Kustom

    wow. what a talented draftsman / artist..... high quality work!!!! (wish i wasn't on a teacher's salary right now)
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    John ( Rex's Son ) is a great guy! Help me out a few times!
  12. Kail
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    from Austin, TX

    I got a set for Christmas, and I was speechless. They are stunning.
  13. HotRodHon
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    I'll go two fiddy if the bidding is still going on?
    Said 7 day auction on 11/17 but still has a sticky, and hasen't named a winner or said closed.

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2011

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