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ASBESTOS in cars ????

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Junkyard Dog 32, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. As many of you know, I'm a repair welder. I've been removing these rusted out fireplace inserts up here for the last few years. Each one has had a white fiber-like insulation between the steel insert and the brick. It never occured to me that it may contain asbestos.
    Chances are, it has, and the intense way it gets blown apart while cutting with a torch has me believing I may have been exposed to some bad shit. I just did one yesterday, and today it hit me. FUCK!!!

    My question, here, is...
    Other than brake pads, is there asbestos in the antique cars we are all tearing into? Carpet? Seats? Wiring? That insulation that's adhered to the inside of the hood... etc.

    I did a search, but almost everything is home and workplace related. I'm just wondering about the cars. Should it be of concern to all of us old car guys?
    Anyone know?

    BTW... I went back to the job I was on yesterday and got a sample of the insulation from that fireplace, and will be sending it in for testing. Keep your fingers crossed.
    ...and NO I wasn't wearing a mask [​IMG]

  2. DrJ
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
    Posts: 9,431


    Some MGs have a heat shield behind the carbs with Asbestos on it, if it hasn't all blown off by now and gon in the fresh air vents that is... [​IMG]
  3. Greazer
    Joined: Jun 10, 2003
    Posts: 195


    Model-A manifold gaskets come to mind. (I remember seeing them being sold with asbestos by an online company, as recently as 6 months ago).

    JYD32, That sucks to hear about your exposure.

    (A few years ago, I was working at a petroleum refinery and there was a unintentional release of asbestos. Next thing I know, my truck is being quarrantined off by dudes in moon suites. All they did to remediate the situation was bring out a garden hose and rinse my truck down. WTF? I was expecting more of a NASA style proceedure [​IMG]).
  4. [ QUOTE ]
    JYD32, That sucks to hear about your exposure

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Well, thanks, but if the asbestos don't kill me all those years of bong resins probably will [​IMG]

    Ya know, I grew up in a house that was on the corner of a pretty busy intersection... right next to a stop sign.
    Imagine the asbestos brake dust we're all exposed to just from shit like that. We're all exposed to alot of shit in our lives, and asbestos probably isn't the worst, just that it's "big news" and because it was so widly used, is the reason it's such an issue.

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  5. 12pack
    Joined: Jun 10, 2002
    Posts: 89


    that gasket in the fire places are as far as i know are asbestos i would be real careful they still use that same gasket for kitchen exahuast conections in resturants.
  6. Not sure about cars, but I do know asbestos is some serious shit. My brother has contractors working for him that remove asbestos in buildings and all the workers he can get to do that are immigrants. Even at $25 an hour, the old guys won't touch it. Hope all goes well and it turns out not to be asbestos, but maybe horsehair or something like that. With that nasty mouse shit virus floating around and my allergy to dust, I try and wear at least one of those white cotton thingys over my nose and mouth.
  7. metalshapes
    Joined: Nov 18, 2002
    Posts: 10,632

    Tech Editor

    A buddy of mine was race prepping a '60s English car, and removing unnecesary parts to lighten it.
    He showed me a suspicious looking panel he found in the heater box...
    I guess it will not kill you as quick as not using your defrost on a foggy English morning.
  8. briggs&strattonChev
    Joined: Feb 20, 2003
    Posts: 2,231


    I sure hope that wasnt asbestos man, thats for sure

    [ QUOTE ]
    nasty mouse shit virus floating around

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I havent heard anything about that, but I wouldnt doubt that its true! Whats the story? Man, every time I pull the interior of a car thats full of mouse shit/nests (almost all the ones ive done were full) I swear that its the LAST time I ever do this again! of course it probably never will be...........I HATE mice too

  9. sodbuster
    Joined: Oct 15, 2001
    Posts: 4,936

    from Kansas

    Just be careful around old Refrig's. I tore one apart for the badge's and coughed for two days. I think that it had the A in it as insulation.
  10. Anderson
    Joined: Jan 27, 2003
    Posts: 6,309


    While I agree if it is Asbestos, it should be removed...

    you would suffer no harm from it being in the car. Asbestos is serious, in large quantaties. People who worked in asbestos factories or were exposed to the stuff on the workplace are now seeing the side effects because of years and years of inhaling the stuff. But such a minute amount amount in your car will do no damage to your health.

    It's like the current BS "mold" scare people are having to pay thousands of dollars to have removed from their houses. The mold is nearly harmless. It's shit too because if it is officially found by say a company hired to look for it...the home owner CAN NOT remove it themselves. They HAVE to ave "professionals" do it.
  11. Hanta Virus is what it's called. Deer mice carry it and it is NASTY. It causes fluid build up in your lungs and will kill you dead within a very very very (did I say VERY) short time. There have been a few farmers from around Fordnutz' neck of the woods who have died from it. WEAR A MASK!!!!!
  12. Hell my entire high school was filled to the brim with the stuff and then they decide to rip it all out so the give the wokers NASA suits while they rip it out but they keep class in session the whole and don't even give us masks or anything, then afther they rip it out they throw it into the fron yard of the school for 3 months!!! This was 2 years ago by the way!
  13. Kustm52
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
    Posts: 1,982


    K and R, I hate to tell you, bu the mold issue is not bullshit....when you hold your three year old who is struggling to breathe and watch her hooked up to a nebulizer every three hours, you will understand. After moving out of our just remodeled 140 yr old house all my childs symptoms disappeared. Tests on the hvac filter revealed over 30 different species of spores present...the list of health problems they can cause will scare you. Nothing is more important than your kids health...sorry to go on a should hear the rest of the story [​IMG].

  14. LIMEY
    Joined: Nov 5, 2002
    Posts: 1,987


    That stuff was used in everything over here, we even had it with peanut butter on as kids! (joke) but all joking aside it was kinda sad how feeble the attempts were to let everyone know the stuff is lethal, i think the word asbestosis is commonly known & we all know how terrible the death can be.
    When i first started in the motor trade only 23 yrs ago they were still blowing out brakes & clutch assy's with a damn air line, only the larger main dealers had the safer cleaning & extraction systems, its ironic now most of the friction material is asbestos free they all use the equipment.
    Be careful with old toasters too!!!
    Its illegal over here to just dispose of the stuff, the local authority will not take it unless its double wrapped & sealed, a buddy of mine who works the same authority as an electrician was being paid £1000 a week ten yrs ago to remove the stuff from ducting shafts in buildings, dressed like something out of a 50's B movie.
    Just remember you can't see it or smell it & the simptoms may not arise until years later!!
  15. I know of the Hanta virus, and many homes up here have been torn down or gutted and remodeled due to mold. There's a disease, only known in this area (as yet, unexplained) known as Namakagon disease. I think it's a mold thing, myself.

    Like I said, the fact that asbestos is/was so widly used, is likely the reason for the "scare". But if it's in the cars we drive and work on, everyday, that's a different story..

    The bong resin thing was meant as a joke, but I know as a repair welder, I've breathed ALOT of nasty shit into my lungs. Mouse shit, dead bird remains, granny's pantys... who knows what's gonna kill ya? But, if every time you slam the door on your classic car, you toss a load of shit into the air, that should be a concern. That's why I asked.
    What's under the package tray? How about the padding in the dash? Know what I mean?
    Asbestos materials weren't banned (in the Good ol' U.S.A.) until '77. I don't know of any "traditional" factory cars that were built in '78.
    Except, of course, the AMC Gremlin [​IMG]

    Tits and Ass,
  16. InPrimer
    Joined: Mar 10, 2003
    Posts: 778


    Joe, Im no expert on asbestos but I worked with it for a long time. To reassure you, it takes some exposure before it affects you, its not Aids, one exposure and thats it.We have been surrounded by asbestos for well over 100 years,it was mandatory in schools because it's such a good fire retardant.I don't know if you work for a company, but if you do they are responsible to research what you are working with. At least you should contact the state or the Feds to see what your rights are and they should(employer) pays the cost. I am not trying to open up a can of legal worms here, but YOU HAVE A RIGHT to work in a safe environment. If you are self employed, I suggest that you contact the proper agency and they would provide you with some guidedance how to propery remove or encapsulate it. PS if its asbestoe there, its quite a procedure to remove and dispose it. Lots of steps and procedures... GOOD LUCK
  17. I am self employed, and my one and only employee.
    I have no health benefits and even if I could sue myself... I'd have to take out a loan to hire a lawyer and then I'd have to sell my house to pay me...
    ...That, and the job is already done and the caretaker disposed of the scrap.

    Like I said, it just never dawned on me... until now. So I searched the net and found that, as you said, it's been around since the 1800's
    That's what made me think of all of our cars.

  18. FEDER
    Joined: Jan 5, 2003
    Posts: 1,269


    Joe Most anything after about 1980 will be asbestos free.
    I have been a shipyard burner-welder since 1969 and have been exposed to ALOT of asbestos.Used to work on the old boiler powered ships and the were literaly loaded with the stuff.W e NEVER were told or warned about it until the early 80s. As far as cars go the things it was used for was
    brakes-clutches - gaskets and heat insulation in the engine compartment.I dont think you would find it in the interior.
    Asbestos is non biodegradable meaning it wont deteriorate and merely go away.The fibers will last a thousand years.
    When these tiny fibers get into your lungs they lodge themselves in the lung tissue.Your body tries to flush it out or disolve it but cant.So the only thing it can do is encapsulate it scar tissue. After the scar tissue forms it just keeps growing and that takes up lung capasity in turn shortening youre intake of air.Its like a constant asthema attack.My breathing gets worse with age they say it takes about 20 yrs to feel the effects.Fucked thing is they knew about it forever and did nothing. THANKS UNCLE SAM---Feder
    Oh but I still think it was the best brake & clutch matl didnt chatter like this new stuff.
  19. That's not cool... [​IMG]
  20. tommy
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    Member Emeritus

    I've spent many a day cutting old steam pipe asbestos insulation 40 years ago, while smoking 3 packs a day.(quit 18 years ago) Then spent the rest of my life in a brake shop where the S.O.P. was to blow the dust into the atmosphere. I guess I'm lucky I have no health problems. There must be some idividual susceptibility to these problems but who knows what level for each individual that would be. I hope to be shot by a jealous husband when I reach my eightys. [​IMG] but I kinda fuckin' doubt it.
  21. delaware george
    Joined: Dec 5, 2002
    Posts: 1,245

    delaware george
    from camden, de

    my grandfather was an iron worker who got asbestosis...he lived to be real old and wasn't sick....just had this weird black line around his chast in an x-ray
  22. Rocknrod
    Joined: Jan 2, 2003
    Posts: 648

    from NC, USA

    Any exposure is enough to trigger cancer in your lungs. Its a fiber alot like fiberglass that when it hits the surface of your skin/lungs it twists into it when you move. In this case breath. My grand-dad worked in the shipyards during WWII and then later as a ball gunner in the b17's. He died of cancer in august of 97 from cancer of the lungs. He went up to boston for treatment 3 months prier to that, and they removed a heck of alot of the lung tissue. He was in his mid 70's and before getting ill after the loss of his wife and my grandmother... he was the strongest person I knew. Watching the transformation from a person capable of clearing out trees and splitting fire wood for hours on end to a bed ridden man was one of the hardest things I have had to cope with in my life.

    His statement about asbestos in the shipyards... was that when the sun was just right everywhere around you was a rainbow of color where the dust was reflecting the light. Then the aircraft were filtered using asbestos... On top of the fact that after the military he opened an Airconditioning fabrication company his exposure was heavy... but it can happen to anyone that works repetedly in an environment that has particles that work into the linings of your lungs.

    He died by drowning, fluid buildup in the lung cavity slowly suffocated to death.

    Moral of the story, wear protection while working around this stuff! Dont let yourself become an example to your son, or grandson as to why you need to protect yourself. Although in his case there was no such beast to use!

  23. Bruce Lancaster
    Joined: Oct 9, 2001
    Posts: 21,205

    Bruce Lancaster

    Also, asbestos and smoking together RADICALLY increase the cancer risk over either alone.


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