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Ardun head clearance with 4-71

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rat bastad, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Any one here seen an Ardun conversion with a 4-71?

    Will an unpruned 4-71 clear a set of Ardun heads or will the blower need to be pruned?


  2. Ask Aussie Steve" He has a bunch of Ardun Info
  3. Is there something you're not letting on about Frank?.......
  4. banjorear
    Joined: Jul 30, 2004
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    I think the biggest issue is getting it to fit an intake unpruned. But then again, what the hell do I know...

    I can only dream of an blown Ardun set-up.

  5. The 671 will fit the ardun, but the stock GMC flange was pruned off, of the case. The blower was setup by BDS, and I'am not sure if the case flange needed to be pruned off, for clearence reasons. The early 371,471, and 671 cases had the mounting flange that ran the full lenth of the case, where the late model ones, only had two small ears. If you want to see a picture of an Ardun with a 671, i can post a picture tomorrow...Ed
  6. Hey post that pic if ya got it !!

    BUMP !!

  7. Is there any certain area or side of the engine that you want to see? Keith Tardel, built this engine, and I will be at his shop tomorrow, and i can get any picture you want...Ed
  8. Ed Id like to see the clearance b/w the valve cover and the intake manifold or lower edge of the blower to the side of the valve cover.

    Me thinks its gonna be tight !!

    Id apprciate pix...anyone else?

    Bump ....

  9. Rat, I'll have pictures of both sides of the engine, tomorrow afternoon....Ed
  10. Nice one Ed !!

    Look forward to seeing them, esp since difference b/w the 4-71 and the 6-71 is primaily just the length !!

    Anyone else can jump in too ya know...althoguh I expect the numbers of Hambers playin with Ardun shit may be retty low.

    Thanx !!

  11. blown49
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    This one taken at the Cavalcade of Customs in Cincinnati last month. I am not sure if this is a 4-71 or a 3-71 though.

  12. Kevin Lee
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    Kevin Lee
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    Staff Member

    Man, what a horrible predicament to be in. "How can I fit my 4-71 on the same motor with Ardun heads?" Haha.

    Looks like either will fit. The question is, which way would look nicer - and I think a pruned 4-71 wins hands down in this case.
  13. alchemy
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    The newest Hop Up has pics of Rick Schnell's Model A with a blown Ardun. Don't remember if it showed the clearances very well, but worth a look.

    If you had heads with front water outlets I bet you'd have all kinds of room.

    I heard Orosco is gonna make new manifolds, but don't know if they are for a non-pruned case.
  14. Rat, here is a picture of the valve cover, and manifold area. I have a picture of the left side also, but not sure how to post more than one picture at a time. If you want to see the rest of the pictures, let me know. There is quite a bit of room, between the manifold, and valve covers....Ed
  15. Rat, here is alittle more of the right side....Ed
  16. Hey Rat,

    I'm pretty sure all would be fine as far as 'clearing the heads', as you would require a purpose made intake manifold.....the bigest issue would be getting one....:rolleyes:



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  17. Doc.
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    Dadgum that's sexy. Ya got any pics of the left side up higher. I'd like to see how you handled the linkage with the side pull butterflies on the Hilborn.

  18. Thanx for the input guys - I thought itd be OK and yeah Ive seen the blower intakes from the Rod Shop.

    Ironically the cheapest intake they make is for the 4-71 on an Ardun go figure hehe.

    Well .....guess its gonna be put up or shut up.

    Drewfus, that Ardun is Lynchy's right?

  19. yep, tis Mr Lynch's....

    Does the above comment suggest you're aiming to build a new donk, or recycle what you've got..?


  20. Depends....

    Might be an all new donk or might mod the one I have...may even sell the current one??

    We'll see


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