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Technical aod in a 46 sedan

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Glen Conway, Jan 13, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

  1. I have a 351w in my 46 sedan. How difficult would it be to replace the fmx with an aod?
  2. Not quite a bolt in, but close. You will likely have to move the trans mount rearward. The yoke may (or may not) have a different spline, but the driveshaft length "should" be close, but if anything, the AOD is a bit longer. You will have to add a Throttle Valve cable for the AOD, the Lokar kit works well. I think you will also have to replace the flexplate, the bolt pattern is the same, but the offset is different with the AOD, due to the deeper torque converter needed for the OD lock-up.
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  3. chevyfordman
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    You definitely have to get a different flexplate, also the AOD has a second shaft which means the output bypasses the torque converter so if you have a high rear end ratio, the engine will lug. When you hook up a pressure control cable to the carburetor, it must be adjusted with a pressure gauge hooked up to the middle port on the right hand side of the trans. If you don't use a gauge to set pressure, the trans can be burned up pretty fast. I have an AOD in my 32 and with a 3:50 rear ratio, my engine is turning about 1700rpms.
  4. I have everything but am not sure it will fit between the wishbone. I still have the oem axle and steering.
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  5. Will it fit between the wishbone? I have all the parts just didn't want to get into splitting the bones.
  7. Gears won't be a problem. I have a 9" with Yukon traklock with Motive 3:70 gears.
  8. Thanks, I have all the parts just wasn't sure it will fit with oem wishbone & the floor pan. I have 3:70 gears.
  9. I have everything Just wondering about the wishbone & floor. TCI sells a constant pressure valve body that will save the trans if cable isn't adjusted exactly correct or fails. Thanks for the info.
  10. Thanks fort the reply. I have all the parts needed. Going to install a TCI constant pressure valve body for ins against cable incorrectly adjusted or failure. $245 is cheaper than a tranny rebuild.
  11. TCI makes a constant pressure valve body to protect against cable adjustment. $245.
  12. The TCI constant pressure valve body is good, but you still have to have a TV cable and set it correctly. It just gives a bit more margin for error. Whether or not it will fit, I am not sure, that may be a case of having to hoist it up there and check it out yourself. The AOD is wider at the end due to the overdrive section and short tail housing, it also has a much longer pan, so I could see were it would have clearance issues with the wishbones, but I have never actually done that conversion on a '46.


  13. bdynpnt
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    I replaced the fordomatic in my parklane with an aod .after adding the adapter to the YBlock it was the same overall length as the original tranny and a hundred pounds for adjusting the tv cable I did it like Ford did .at idle the cable is neutral no slack no tension .that worked much better than lokars spacer and gauge .as for room I had plenty no massaging anywhere .i did make a new trans mountm bracket though .over 5000 miles and very consistent shifts

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  14. mgtstumpy
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    Here's a kit to install a 700R into your style frame with wider trans pan. An AOD may be similar however whether or not it can be installed whilst retaining OEM wishbone is another question. I'd suggest that there will be some fabrication involved




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