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Anyone want to give me some pointers on door panels?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by theloosecannon707, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    So im going to be building interior door panels for my 34 chevy, and i need a hand. I have some ideas, but i was wondering from someone whos done it before if there are any tricks or good ways to go about it. let me know!

    PS dont worry were not runnin the swampers, but it would be bad ass if we did! "...east bound n down load it up and truck it, we gonna do what they say cant be done..." hahaha

  2. Are you talking about panels that will be upolstered? If yes, I used "doorskin" from the home center to make mine in my '54 ( pics in my albums).

    *edit* Here are some pics...

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  3. terd ferguson
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    terd ferguson

    In my '53 bel air, I used 1/4" luan plywood. If you have a lot of bends, you may want to use 1/8". I used the old beat up cardboard panels as a pattern and traced the shape onto the plywood. I also traced all the stainless trim holes and window rollers/door handles holes and drilled them. Then I glued some 1/4" foam to the plywood, you could use thicker foam if you want. Trim off all the edges on the foam and cut the holes out. Then I got the vinyl of my choice and stapled it over the foam and plywood. I like to start on the top in the center. Then the bottom in the center, stretching as I work towards the edges. Then the sides the same way.

    For not being a pro, I think they turned out really nice, but nothing really fancy like I've seen some guys make.

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  4. I used "water board" from my local upholsterer. It is similar to what the cars came with originally. Kind of a cross between cardboard and masonite. Cuts easily with an Xacto knife and will take a fair amount of shaping, bending and sands easily.

  5. langy
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    Member Emeritus

    1/8" ply gives you a nice thin edge.
  6. 1/4 " plywood kinda thick for door panels..especially if you have garnish molding....1/8 " is ideal....
  7. Streetwerkz
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    I like the swampers!!
    16 ga aluminum, or 1/8 abs plastic, neither one suck when wet
  8. PegLegStrick
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    Check out the social group "Upholstery, pictures, inspiration, how to, history." Tons of info there, lots of knowledge with upholstery & they dont mind sharing info.
  9. 51 mercules
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    51 mercules

    I would use 1/8 Luan plywood.It bends better one direction than the other.Figure out which way your doors curve.Use cardboard or chipboard for making your patterns.Than transfer your patterns to the plywood and test fit.Drill your holes (1/8 in)through the plywood into the door.Install your clips (808 clips) into the plywood.Use closed cell foam .Sand the foam so it's not so shiny.Cut to fit door panel,glue the plywood and the foam.Let it get a litty tacky and apply foam to plywood and clips.Sand down the bumps where the clips are, to even out the foam.Cut out or sew your material to fit your panels.Leave enough material to wrap around the panel board and staple.Make sure your staples are the right length so they don't poke through the material.
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    I also use this same product..but use electric sheet metal much easier.
  11. zzford
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    If you don't have the old door panels for patterns, use clear plastic, like visquine. Tape it to the door, use a magic marker to mark the holes and cuts to be made. Transfer the pattern to your door panel material and go to town.
  12. awesome! thanks guys, all this helps a shit ton. I'll post pics when i get em made!
  13. Rox
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    Im doin door panels on an international truck. I cant find a single hardware store that carries or can order me some luan. I looked online and i couldnt find any site that will ship the size sheets i need. Suggestions for getting luan in the midwest?
  14. burl
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    from Minnesota

    Pretty sure menards has what you need
  15. Road Oiler
    Joined: May 31, 2010
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    Road Oiler

    I'd bet Home Desperate carries something similar.
  16. NVScouter
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    Have you called a local upholserer and asked if they will sell you a few sheets?

    The custom upholsterers here have been great to BS with. They havent frowned on me doing my own thing as long as I dont waste thier time. Being up front about me doing my own and learning not feeling them out about how they would do it is the respectful thing.
  17. NVScouter
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    Another vote for keep the swampers! Just do some burn outs they will flatten fast with that compound.
  18. czuch
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    from vail az

    I'm doing mine in aluminium diamond plate. They were throwing away 5 truck tool boxes away at work and I got em and cut em up. I was amazed when I saw how much the stuff is.
    Anyway; card board first, then go for the gusto.

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