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Anyone had a engine and trans shipped to them?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by cobalt333, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Anyone out there ever had a engine and trans shipped to them? wondering what the cost was...gonna have one maybe shipped from indiana to utah..thanks
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    I had a 347 stroker shipped to my house from Blueprintmotors...I still have the wood crate for the motor it came wasn't a problem.. but then again..I'm 45 min from Los Angeles..and everything gets shipped there..

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    I forgot..the shipping was included..but if I had to would probably be about $500

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  4. Deuce Lover
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    Deuce Lover
    Member 1-800-998-2100 .They are in AZ.I just shipped a Ford flathead from Hawaii to Northern Calif.Cost $395.Great service and they track it all the way.Ask for Dave.
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  5. stimpy
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    Had a pontiac engine bare block with caps (apx 300 pounds) shipped from OKC to chicago was $400 but that was thru USF holland and they are not cheap . when you ship make sure to specify a rate class ( deterimind by the item in question ) otherwise you pay out the rear , different classes have different rates .
  6. FrozenMerc
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    I had an AOD shipped from Broader Performance in Texas to Northern Minnesota. I believe he used It was alot cheaper having it delivered to a commercial address rather then a residential one, so I had it shipped to work.
  7. tfeverfred
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    Member Emeritus

    SBC from Nebraska to Houston, TX, $250.
  8. m.ralph
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    I had a 383 sbc stroker shipped from Ohio to Houston, it costs $189.
  9. mphudak
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    from Atlanta

    Just used and they were awesome. price was well under 1/2 of Shipped a hydramatic trans from MN to GA (terminal to terminal) via aaa cooper. they beat everyone else's quote and were there for every question/concern i had. 355lb crate was $170ish.

    You can get a quote from the site or you can get a hold of tom and he will walk you through it all. I screwed up on my initial self help quote and Tom got me straight and saved me $$$. I forget exactly what selection i ended up using, but if you pick the wrong type of freight it won't quote.

    800.323.5441 x6377 | f: 913.310.7535

    I initially was using freight center and engine shippers. Freight center kept changing quotes on me and engine shippers was $$$ and would not stop calling.

    Key is going terminal to terminal if possible. Pick up/Delivery can easily double the quote.
  10. ChefMike
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    I had a winsor 351 and a c4 tranny cost 375.00 New jersey to Mass
  11. woodiewagon46
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    from New York

    I had a transmission built by a company in the midwest and received a call from the trucking company and told me they were ready to deliver. They then asked if I had a fork lift ready. I told them they were delivering to a residential area and I didn't have a fork lift but would have three friends to help me carry it off the truck. Then they said the only way they would allow that is if we all had Teamsters union cards. I had to pick up my trans about 30 miles from my house at the shipping depot. Not a big deal, I got my trans.
  12. I have had trans and engines shipped many times . Had great luck with fed ex frt. and they have a lift gate . Cost always depends on wt. and distance .
  13. We had one shipped from Summit,,from Georgia to South Carolina so it wasn't too expensive. HRP
  14. txturbo
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    I had a complete flathead motor, transmission and a camaro subframe shipped on one pallet and it cost me $65. Used Fastenal.
  15. andy checchia
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    andy checchia
    from USA

    Cheaper if shipped from terminal to terminal.
  16. Mudslinger
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    I had a Indian motorcycle engine shipped truck freight to a hub in town from FL to OH around $100. Had a ford toploader shipped to me fedex I think it was around $75
  17. DouginIA
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    Had a GMC 302 shipped from Fresno CA. to Des Moines IA. from sellers home to a terminal for less than 300. I think Holland was the shipper.
  18. Kinky6
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    I was having some good shipping experience with Fastenal this year, but as of last week they started a new shipping policy for car parts. It used to be that having your item(s) strapped down on a pallet was good enough. Send them a picture and a weight estimate, and you're done.

    Now they want your stuff completely crated, weighed, and a photo of the crate before you get an estimate. This is what I was told by their Atlanta routing office.

    Later, Kinky6 :cool:
  19. Probably because they lost my 34 Ford four door seat frame earlier this year on its way from Minnesota to Alabama! It was last seen at the Fastenal hub in Indy.
    I had it fastened, and blocked to a pallet, labeled...and photographed and it disappeared.......
    I had it insured, and got reimbursed, and credited the seller but it was a bummer as he really needed it.

    Make sure you insure your freight!

  20. boo
    Joined: Jul 6, 2005
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    from stuart,fl.

    shipped a complete ford boss 429 from orlando fl to california by yellow freight about $500.00. shipped model A eng from sedona az to stuart fl about $450.
  21. barryvanhook
    Joined: Jun 17, 2011
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    from Mesa, AZ

    A couple of years ago I had a complete Chevy 383 shipped from Smeding Performance near San Antonio to Mesa, AZ ... Shipping was $200.
  22. mgtstumpy
    Joined: Jul 20, 2006
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    Used TNT locally downunder and shipped 2 x pallets from Victoria to Q'ld for $500. Engine & trans on one and OT F&R suspension units on the other. Plenty of shippers out there who ship similar from US to Australia.
  23. mr.chevrolet
    Joined: Jul 19, 2006
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    anybody use "engines direct" or a similar name?
  24. 73RR
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    If your shipper is flexible then he/you should just call around to the freight companies in his local area and ask the question. It may be that a truck is headed your way, although St.G is not exactly a metropolis...Perhaps a destination of SLC would save enough for you to make the drive with a pickup.
    In addition to the insurance (be damned sure you cover the full value), you should consider enclosing the pallet completely in a plywood box. This not only shields it from dirt/water/garbage/prying eyes, but also keeps the lift truck forks at bay.

  25. duke460
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    from Wisconsin

    I had a big block ford shipped from Miami to Milwaukee. Common carrier LTL was $225 to the house. Needed a method to get it off the truck, forklift or engine hoist. Truck with a rear lift is more expensive,
  26. nickleone
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    If you are using a regular shipping company make sure the engine has a BOX around it. The class determination will be lower. It can be corrugated wrapped around it with a top. You will save a few bucks. When you give the trucking company the dimensions you measure the whole pallet not the size of the box on the pallet.

  27. 35desoto
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    I've used Fastnall to move a MOPAR early 318 from Lewisville Texas to Ottawa Kansas and about to use them again from Ottawa to Chandler Arizona
    1st quote was $125 and the second is $175 which I think is very reasonable given the distance involved. I've askled them more than my fair share of questions and the lady is always helpful and courteous.
  28. pontman
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    Yep! Had this shipped from Ohio to Washington for less than $300.

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  29. jfreakofkorn
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    had an engine shipped from kansas before for my truck

    was about 300 for the shipping tho ...
  30. aldixie
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    Had a Flathead and C4 shipped from LA to Houston, door to door by BenD on the Hamb here, great service and $300.

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