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Anybody here from Nashville, TN area?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Yeah-low, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. hollywud
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    Personally...Those pictures Bring me back to a Wonderful Nostalgic state....BUT....I wanna see more Naked Asian Girls....Call me Ol Fasioned
  2. k9racer
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    .......................Cool sparkey your folks yard looks just like mine does now.Were your neighbors crankey? Boy mine are.You could tell you were a Ford man by the 55 chevy having another chev stacked on top.See you later.....................................Bobby.......................................................
  3. This is a really cool post I just found. I live in Franklin, KY....... thats almost in the middle of Nashville and Bowling Green (but closer to BG). I think I got the same pics that Butch has from Beech Bend in 1973....... found em on the net somewhere...........haven't found any more lately. I'm sure somebody's got some. BTW..... I'm a Poor Boy too........
  4. Sorry to interrupt but surely one of you Mid-Tenn guys has one of these you would be willing to part with.

    Shoot me a PM if'n you can help.

    Thanks, JH

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  5. k9racer
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    yeah Lenord Brown of cowin{mont eagle area} had one at a swapmeet a while back..hope this helps...........
  6. Yeah-low
    Joined: Feb 18, 2005
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    from Ten-uh-say

    That's pretty cool! And it's not an interruptuion at all. Feel free to pop in and ask us anything about Mid Tenn. Be glad to look around here, but I doubt there is anything like that in my county.

  7. BAD A
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    BAD A

    I know its and old thread. But the track, was called, the super dragway. Set just off I 40. I raced there, a couple of times. Late 60s and early 70s. It was a narrow track. with trees growing between the lanes, maybe a 2' wide strip of them dead between the lanes. plus there were trees lining both sides, of the track. Maybe 1' off the edge of each lane. The return road was gravel. And you had to drive, thru a creek, to get back to the pits.
  8. BAD A
    Joined: Oct 17, 2006
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    BAD A

    Most of the tracks we raced at in the 60s and 70s are gone now. It's a shame! But, to be honest, many were accidents waiting to happen, short shut off areas, little safety provisions, etc. But that is how drag racing started in the south.

    Some that my feeble memory remembers:
    Cumberland Raceway-Nashville
    Old Hickory Raceway-Old Hickory, TN
    Riverside Raceway-Nashville
    Super Dragway-Fairview, TN
    Smithville Dragway-Smithville, TN
    Buffalo Valley Raceway- Carthage, TN
    Rockwood Dragway-Rockwood, TN
    Maryville Dragway-Knoxville, TN
    Lakeland Dragway-Memphis
    City Raceway-Jackson, TN
    Optimist Dragway-Chattanooga
    Airport Dragway-Columbia, TN
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    May be an old interesting post, but I'm old too. Let me mention one other small, primitive drag strip effort in the Nashville area.I currently live in Dickson, 40 mi West of Nashville, and we locally crafted a strip preceding The Super near Dickson in 1962. Named "Pine Knob" it was located just 1/8 mi off highway 70 between Montgomery Bell Park and Dickson. It was a low budget affair put together by some local enthusiasts with the help of a few generous local businesses. PK ran full 1/4 mi but was not paved for the first 2 years. The surface was hard Benton county chert but a 150 ft concrete pad was provided at the start line.PK's death was caused by youthful management, lack of things needed to become a serious race track, and the development of The Super only 10 miles away coinciding with opening of I 40 which made much easier access. I think 64 was the last year they operated. The strip itself still exists at the edge of a subdivision and is all grown up. I was the "classifier" there in 62 and 63 but was gone to basic training in 64. Learned a lot and had a hell of a lot of fun. We got a lot of poor racer cars out of Nashville and all around---anybody remember Mister Milton of Milton Thomas garage- quite a colorful and dedicated racing family--when Mr Milton came the whole family came, usually with a picnic lunch.Mr Milton was black and we racers didn't give a damn about civil rights troubles he was a racer just like we was.

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