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Anybody goin to the Lambrecht Chevrolet auction?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by clean cut creations, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Some of you guys are pretty bitter at the auction company and Yvette VanDerBrink, for some unknown reason. She did her JOB, and that is to sell the contents for the maximum amount possible for the seller. What people do with their money is THEIR business. Do I care that the '58 Cameo sold for three times a restored '58 Cameo would? NO! Because no one put a gun to the buyers' heads. They bid the vehicles up to what they were willing to pay. This is an important part of capitalism, gang! Every one of these is going to someone that really wanted that particular vehicle, for whatever reason drove them to want/buy it/them. The auction house made probably 20%, plus a set fee. The Lambrechts are free of over 400 vehicles and assorted stuff that was collecting dust and rust, have a duffle bag full of cash, plus they have a field cleared out of vehicles and overgrowth. This is a win-win all around.

    Geez, be happy for people for a change.
  2. metalshapes
    Joined: Nov 18, 2002
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    Tech Editor

    You guys had a couple of months to work yourselfs up to the inevitable anticlimax.

    The very least you can do is give some of us a couple of hours for some opposing views.

    Until this steaming pile of horse shit gets shut down...
  3. tfeverfred
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  4. towithome
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    from oregun

  5. scrubby2009
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    Lots of cynics on this thread for sure. We all bring a different perspective to this hobby for sure. For myself, I was pretty happy to see that the '51 Chevy 4-door got sold for $600 to somebody. I like to think the parts will help some guy out on his project. From the photos I saw, it looked is if there were many parts that I'd love to have for my '51 Fleetline, and $600 for a parts car THAT complete is reasonable even for a fulltime college student and married father like myself.

    Sure, there was some detachment from reality in some of the prices paid, but I love unmolested shit. I've owned several mid '60's Chevy trucks and a couple of things came to mind... how nice would it be to repair/restore one where the wiring harness was UNHACKED for a goddam change? That would be cool... just sayin. With the availability of body and flloorpan parts being stamped out nowdays it would be pretty easy to have a solid little low/no miles truck. I don't begrudge any of the buyers for what they wanted and what they paid to get it. Remember that crazy guy a few years ago that bought some 1-of-2 Hemi-Cuda convertible with no miles on it and started driving the crap out of it? I love that guy. If I had money I would do the same. Find something old and original and start driving it and see what breaks first!

    FYI, my Fleetline got a rebuilt 216 in '74 and then was shortly thereafter parked. Bought it this summer for the price of a running motor, welded some floors in it and bought a new 6-volt battery so I could just drive the f*#k out of something old every day. Forgot how much FUN it is to drop a 3-2 downshift at 45mph with a glasspack on a "6" comin' off the freeway. Got over 400 miles now on what looks to be a vintage water pump, fanbelt, generator, voltage regulator. I keep a new NAPA fanbelt and a 9/16 end wrench in the trunk, for when it does let loose. But the old belt has a 7 digit part number on starting with 3....

    Ricky Ricardo.. I think the BelAir went for $5500.
  6. Her family has had a salvage yard for decades and sold off a ton of stuff that would have been crushed.
  7. lewk
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    from Mt

    I'm really hoping someone puts up a high quality gallery of some or all of these cars with some good detail shots. This is rusty car porn for me.
  8. ssffnomad
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    GM had a empty Trailer there, what did they buy ?
  9. scrubby2009
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  10. slammed
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    I totally agree on manipulated masses.-NSRA-cough- After this thread was running it became more of a play-by-play parrot repeating updates. Free copy for a auction company (non HAMB) and an old dealership owner(non HAMB as well).
  11. Alex, you know me. We agree 99% of the time. But I think you are wrong here. This was an event that car guys will talk about for decades! We only get one of these every so often. Does it pertain to you and I that much? No. But it IS a huge social event that will go down in history like the Hartung sale. Celebrate it for what it is, not the thorn in your Moderator side.
  12. metalshapes
    Joined: Nov 18, 2002
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    Tech Editor

    Its OK T.

    Friends can disagree with eachother.

    No harm done...;)
  13. And I promise to not break your car next year at the HAMB Drags.............lil Bro is moving to Tulsa, we will be there!:eek::p;)
  14. metalshapes
    Joined: Nov 18, 2002
    Posts: 10,698

    Tech Editor

  15. lewk
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    from Mt

    Thanks for the tip but I've been through those and I watched a lot of day two as it happened via proxibid. I'm hoping for the man on the ground with decent camera and a photobucket account. I'm a sucker for early sixty's rusty crap.
  16. chris' 38
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    chris' 38

    He's not flipping the plastic Chevy sign, it's like the three at the auction that sold for big bucks
  17. Mk1ofMnM
    Joined: Feb 17, 2013
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    I don't see why so many are bent out of shape over the prices paid.
    I took my 10 year old daughter & made a day of it on Saturday. We took our own food, spent $20 to park, we had a blast looking through all of the cars, & she got to see herself on TV when we got home.
    Who cares what people paid for the cars?
    Joined: Aug 2, 2013
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    from canada

    You know what intrigues me the most about this? Where are all the truly collectible vehicles? If they never sold any trade ins or overstock, what happened to the Vettes, camaros and others? Kinda makes you think.

    Although the prices are ridiculous, it's still better than just bringing in a crusher and destroying them all. Imagine how crazy this thread would get:)
  19. farm country...camaros and chevelles were not usually stocked very deep...never knew that type of dealer to stock family sedans and trucks, that's another evidenced by the sale.
  20. 1964countrysedan
    Joined: Apr 14, 2011
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    from Texas

    I am convinced that all of us old ladies are going to want to continue to gossip, groan, prognosticate and persecute long after this thread is closed.
    We are like the ladies church group that is "concerned" about the young sexy single mother that just moved in!

    There is now a social group for auction winnings, whinings and what-ifs.
    No sign up required.
  21. ronzmtrwrx
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    My thoughts

    Attached Files:

  22. phat rat
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    phat rat

    If you really think it's worth only $20 crushed you're the one who needs educating. The days of $100 cars are long gone. I scrapped a 66 Buick 225 last fall and without motor, trans and a few other thing it still brought over $450 across the scales
  23. alchemy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2002
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    It was a bare shell with no doors or floors, only the deck lid. I wanted the deck lid, but it wasn't worth the $400 starting price. Honestly only $20 in scrap steel.

    Presently I know of a much solider coupe on a frame, with a complete fordor donor to make a complete car, and the pair could probably be had for $400.
  24. 64Cyclone
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    Looks like o****e had a pocket full of cash.
  25. stangman05gt
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    from illinois

    i seen the old blue chevy apache only sold for 140,000.00:)
  26. x2.
  27. I think that stands for onsite. I doubt one guy purchased all of that stuff.
  28. Nope. Ebay uses that same five-character code for hiding the ID of bidders, and can be any number/letter combo - z***r, v***8, o***t, like that. Besides, "onsite" is six characters.

    And yes, one guy spent well over a quarter-million dollars.
  29. You mean the '58 Cameo.
  30. pwschuh
    Joined: Oct 27, 2008
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    Commenting on the irrationality or stupidity of the buyers does not constitute getting "bent out of shape." When you see someone doing something that cannot be explained by rational thought, it is worth a comment.

    The Lambrecht family wins here. The auction company wins here. The local vendors and restaurants and hotels win here. Many of these buyers have lost. When they come down off of the high associated with the hype, inspect their purchase, and realize what they've done (if they have any sense at all) they will regret what they have done. If they actually have no sense, and that's the reason for their purchase, then they will be happy too.
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