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History Any Stories About Hot Rods Appearing In Your Rear Mirror?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by LOU WELLS, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. About 1958, I'm cruising down Western ave. in L.A. in my '40 coupe. This guy in a '47 sedan wants to race so we both punch it and away we go. Didn't see him beside me so looked in my rear view mirror just in time to see his car on its nose with the rear end flying across the road. He also hit a car in the opposite lane. Otherwise, I'm usually the guy in someone's rear view.
  2. [​IMG]
    Coming home from Louisville a couple years back
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  3. 6sally6
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    No photo (but my pal has a couple-a good 'uns!
    I HAVE seen several cars pull up beside me (or just ahead) and sneak their windows down just slightly (and look sideways) to here my snotty idling SBF bubbling at a traffic light!
    Who knows....maybe if they lowered their window down further their eyes might start watering while we waited in traffic !?!
    Jus say'in;)
  4. fastcar1953
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    Never the rear view. I don't drive that slow . I have showed up in plenty others rear view though. IMG_2284.JPG
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  5. jnaki
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    You see the nicest old hot rods in your own rear view mirror. Back when we were involved in shooting feature hot rods and custom motorcycles for various magazines, I thought that would be a cool way to showcase the subject, too. Despite the fact that I was driving, I took the 35mm Pentax film camera with a standard 50mm 1.4 lens on infinity focus.

    I held it up inside of the car and just did a point and shoot. It took several tries, but a few days later when I developed the 35mm film, I found another outlet for photos in stories of the hot rods and custom motorcycles.

    Hot rods following us to a photo shoot location was always exciting. But to see a custom motorcycle turn a corner and stay upright was really something. Some of the magazines thought it was a clever way to expand the 35mm photo array. But, at the time, the editors wanted clear shots of the hot rod or custom motorcycle and were not interested in showcasing a different look to the artistic photos.


    These days, a small but powerful digital camera is still point and shoot with some variations in long range photos. It just allows a better, larger screen as to show what is in the actual photo. Phone photos are for some people, but the actual digital camera is still old school and the way to get quality photos moving or parked in front.

    These days, when people are worried about others showing interest in their old hot rods and trucks, one had to be able to take a good photo with clarity and continue moving down the street. With digital cameras, it is still possible to take a great photo in the rear view mirror.

    The small digital camera shooting from a moving car is still a good way to capture a cool car on the road. But, one has to make adjustments for a shout or two of “watch out for traffic…as well as other choice words” coming from the other seat inside of our car.
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