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Any Pontiac guys? Thinking Pontiac 428 in Model A

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by GetSome, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Pontiac Slim
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    Pontiac Slim
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    Thanks...The coupe ain't all that much. Been 27yrs on the road (off a couple of times) and been a fun car. Only used once this year and last and not by me due to major health issues.
    The car waz built for a reason.... web site on it almost done....
    Pontiac Slim

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  2. I just cant believe more Pontiacs haven't been installed into Hot rods. Now you can buy a fully balanced stroker kit for a 400 with H-Beam rods, new crank, forged pistons and all good quality parts fully balanced for $1600. Even a stock built 400 would be scary fast in lightweight car. Figure my low buck 400 built stock in 1991 for $999 doing 12.5s with non ported heads in a 3810 lb car on pump gas would be 11.5s in a 2800 lb car all things being equal. And most Hot rods are way lighter than that!!!
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  3. brut4s
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    Old thread, but anymore Pontiac builds?
  4. wheeltramp brian
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    wheeltramp brian

  5. wheeltramp brian
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    wheeltramp brian

  6. treb11
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    I've got an extra 400 block, a tri power intake and a '62 T-10 that I have dreams of dropping in a 32 coupe. Popular Hot Rodding built one like that in the '70s.

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  7. 31 B'ville
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    31 B'ville
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    1. All Things Pontiac

    How about a Pontiac in a Pontiac?[​IMG] 1931 with a '69 428 Pontiac

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